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December 11, 2003

goodbye world

Yesterday I brought my new computer into work to get it souped up with the lovely Macromedia and Creative suites, MS Office, an FTP program, and a bunch of other stuff. I now have full Web and graphic capabilities on my new PC at home.


So, I won't be seeing anyone for the next four months or so. I will be busy conquering other cultures. This weekend I'll try to hook up my pornocam, printer and Temple of Elemental Evil as well. Anyhow, the new computer rocks, the animation is smooth and fast, and it's quiet as a mouse. Now for a new chair. My ass is demanding it.

Oh, and I need to say I'm very thankful none of my job interviews in the House or Senate offices in the late summer came up with any results. With the upcoming presidential elections, I find that I'm really generally clueless about a lot of issues, and I find the whole political process rather uninteresting. Yeah, I know I live in DC, and I know it's important, but let's just say I'm happy that other people are in that line of work, not me. I'll just maintain my righteous opinions thank you.

I've been a workout fiend lately...and the legs are really showing results. Ya know we got some disco display requirements in NYC soon, and of course MAL in January. Must work on abs more, and my damn titties never respond to anything!. This morning I noticed some mild vascularity on my shoulders! While I'm not lifting that much more weight, I guess the frequency is helping out. Now all I need to do better is get more sleep, and continue eating as much as possible. It doesn't hurt to be working out in the university fitness center with near-perfect 19 year-old bodies all around me for inspiration.

Speakin' of that, the other evening when I was changing in the locker room at the U, two guys straight out of some Eastern European gay porno movie were changing clothes across from me. After a while I figgered out they were Russian, and Muscovites at that. Their anunciation was clear as a bell to my ears, as I learned a 'dirty'-sounding street form of Russian while I was in Kazakstan. While I've forgotten quite a lot of the language, I was able to pick out a few phrases. They said 'fuck' a lot (fuck this, fuck that, fuck over there) and one guy was talking about his stanky shoes. Of course neither of them had any body fat in typical Russian tradition, and were shredded as hell. Hairless too...Kazakstan was my sexual purgatory. I think I was born after my time...like 10,000 years too late I think. I need to get my cro-mag-non on ya know?

Posted by jimbo at December 11, 2003 9:53 AM


pushups... lots and lots of pushups....
sets of 25 - do at least 8 sets a day
your chest will thank you

Posted by: Andy at December 12, 2003 10:08 AM

yes pushups... and I recommend as much sex as possible with smooth, shredded, HOT Russian boys! And while we're at it... I'll take two, please.

Posted by: Todd at December 12, 2003 11:14 AM

OK Toddo, if you insist. I'll do as the Toddo orders.

Posted by: jimbo at December 12, 2003 11:38 AM