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December 19, 2003

counting turkeys

Last night I had several dreams about turkeys: turkeys with one leg, turkeys hanging out with pheasants and peahens, flocks of turkeys at the Dairy Queen, catching turkeys, slaughtering turkeys, cooking turkeys, worrying about turkeys. Swoon.com says they have various meanings in dreams depending on the context, and considering I dreamt of every aspect of turkeys possible, either it portends everything or it was just a silly dream about turkeys. Or maybe it was the chicken breast I ate too late last night.

But the fowl dreams reminded me of something this morning...the National Audubon Society's Annual Christmas Bird Count is this Sunday, and since I won't be in NYC, I'm available to do it. Started in 1899, these surveys are held all over the country and the results are used to better understand bird populations and dynamics. It's kinda fun to get up insanely early in the morning and look for birds. Why do it in the winter? There are no leaves on the branches, so they are easier to see.

My arms were quivering last night after a hard tricep/bicep/forearm workout. Mr. Scale said I was 170!!! I haven't been that big since maybe college. Raaagh...I'm huge!

Posted by jimbo at December 19, 2003 10:42 AM


most muscular pics ;)

Posted by: sam at December 24, 2003 8:03 PM