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December 31, 2003

happy new year!

OK folks, just one more holiday and you can relax for real. You can make it, you really can.

My brain's a little fuzzy today, my throat's a little raw, I'm a little tired, as I think I'm a little sick. Great, just in time for the main hedonist holiday of the year. My gurl Seamus got us tix for the VIP lounge right behind the DJ booth tonight at Nation. It should be fun. However, grampaw is keeping an open mind tonight as to my options should this cold-thingy get worse: a.) just drop off Seamus at the club and call it a night; b.) go to club, say "wooo-hooo!" when the clock strikes 12, then immediately leave; c.) stay a little longer and only drink orange juice; d.) get totally cracked out of my gourd and dance until 4am.

It'll all depend on how I feel, how crowded it is, and how obnoxious the people are and all that. We shall see. I'm gonna nap the afternoon away and play Civ of course.

As for the Year In Review...I'm not feeling too deep right now, but I had a good year. I handled unemployment and hating my last job pretty well, and I have a good job now. Life is good. Let's hope for no new surprises next year. I wanna coast for a while.

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December 30, 2003

corrections from the old skool

OK, we all love Kazaa and Napster, but some things about what the chilluns is sayin unnerves me. Prince DID NOT sing "Oh Sheila," Sheila E. DID NOT sing "U Got The Look," The Bangles DID NOT sing "Our Lips Are Sealed," and Duran Duran DID NOT sing "Relax." And please do not confuse Tori Amos with either Wendy and Lisa or Kate Bush. Just ask me for clarification next time yer labelin' yer illegally downloaded 80's tunes. Thank you, chilluns.

500 bonus points if you do get the correct artists to the above songs. Like I always say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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hot 1-on-1 hobbit-on-hobbit action

Are you a big geek? I mean a really big geek? Then check this out. 1-on-1 hobbit-on-hobbit slash-art. 'Slash' is a genre either in graphics or writing where a popular storyline is eroticised, in this case it's the characters from LOTR. My girl My'ra is an accomplished slash fiction writer. I don't get off on slash fiction or graphics in particular, but it's interesting.

Since I'm on the porn art theme, Jocko reminds me about the everfun artwork of Rob Clarke. Tom of Finland vs. Don Bluth, he's a whole lotta fun.

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December 29, 2003

i am a total freak

While most of the university is on break, I have to work today and tomorrow as I hadn't observed certain holidays during the year. I am the only one in this office. Guess how much work is getting done today? Actually, quite a lot. I'm going to organize my office once and or all while there are no distractions or Web site postings to do.

Last night history was rewritten during a marathon CivIII: Conquests session as President Montezuma of the Mighty Aztec Democracy invaded Madrid, the Capital of Spain and sent that bitch Isabella running off to a desert isle in the Atlantic. I gave her some smallpox-soaked blankets for warmth as a housewarming gift. I'd be proud except for the fact that I was doing all that until 5am this morning.

Did I mention that there is one guy here at work down the hall from me, and he is a total Civ freak too? Online gaming anyone?

Speaking of freaks, it's time for me to come out of my shell. I've been a total recluse for the past month or so. I think I've been adjusting to the job and hiding from the Spirit of Christmas. After a week of solitude, I think I'm ready to get out and do stuff again. I got free tix to Nation on New Year's! It should be fun, but I'm leery of the crowds. I'll be sure to drive down there as there are always problems getting taxis in DC on that evening.

Oh, but I did come out of my shell on Christmas Eve. Me and Mattie the Christmas Jew went up to Baltimore for a party at a teammate's (Dark Santa in the pic) home. The crowd was mostly the bear type, but the food was good and the cocktails were strong.

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December 28, 2003

33, and recently "it"

I get up in the morning and start the grooming regimen in front of the mirror. First, check the ears and nose. One of the hallmarks of passing into your 30's as a guy is the migration of hair to various strange places. In my case, if I don't run the clipper at the zero setting over the ears and get up in those nostrils with the little scissors at least once a week, errant and long hairs are sure to show themselves. The scruff is growing in nicely for the return of the beard, and I notice a few more grey hairs coming out of the temples, nape and chin. While my skin is dry in the winter, what few wrinkles I do have coming in complements the overall look.


Bradford bemoans no longer being the "it" boy. I think the concept of what is "it" is relative, as I feel I am now coming into my definition of "it". When I was first coming out, the guys I was with were all somewhere in their 30's, and my tastes haven't changed since. Now I'm gaining the attributes that I've always found desireable: a mature appearance (I won't say that about my persona, however), more grounded on what I want in a relationship, and a tested determination of my career path.

I've yet to feel uneasy about being in my 30's. While I've spent more than enough time in the clubs, I've never identified with being a club kid. Skinny, broke and without direction was never my style. So there have been no regrets, like that of many bar- and club-goers in the gay community, of getting further away from the concept of what is the perception of perfection amongst many gay men. The A&F soft-porn catalog bores me. To me, perfect is having your career and life goals on track, having your finances and home in order (not quite there yet), and knowing what you want in your relationship with a man.

So here's to being 33, and recently "it". Except for my lower back, which is throbbing this weekend. I do wish my lower back was that of a supple twink's. But that's about it.

Last night Gurl and I went out to Apex to celebrate. It didn't look too hoppin' from the outside, so we went to nearby Omega for a few. Luckily, it was Kylie night, with Kylie videos on the big screen. That was lovely. However, Gurl kept pointing out unpretty things all the time, like nonstop muskrat lovemaking at the bar and a man with leather chaps and a white ass that looked like rancid cottage cheese pouring out of a black plastic pastry tube. 'Scuse me, it's my birthday, Gurl. Why are you showing me these things? My filters had previously been blotting them out of my conciousness. However, Omega always makes you feel pretty.

So we tried going back to Apex. Fortunately, the doorman pointed out that it was Ladies' Night. I wasn't feeling ladylike, so we headed over to the Eagle. I think I was already on my way home by the time we walked in. And while I like cigars, one doesn't have to smoke maduro cigars to exude fumes of masculinity. Sometimes maduro cigars smell like shit, and multiple maduros smell like a pile of shit. There are milder brands to choose from!

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December 27, 2003

blood, sports and HIV

I've been uninspired in terms of blog entries lately, perhaps because there's not much going on, which is a good thing. I'm just enjoying the quiet time around the house, working out and playing computer games. I'll probably go out tonight to celebrate my birthday into tomorrow though. I'm waay behind on movies, and wanted to see that Tim burton Fish movie, and of course LOTR. Just an added note: who was geeking out big time when the first LOTR movie came out? Just a reminder of who is always ahead of the curve on blockbuster geek movies.

I've always wanted to write an op-ed piece for the Washington Blade, as you know I have my opinions. However you usually have to be right on top of the subject and get the piece out quickly. I've been a little peeved by the statements made by Cirque du Soliel about firing their HIV+ aerialist. They now state that they are in fact willing to retain HIV+ employees as dishwashers and assistants.

I guess their ignorant assumption is that HIV transmission is possible from extended physical contact in acrobatic positions, and that cuts and other such potential transmissions is less likely in the dishwashing profession. I can tell you that I've cut myself just as much washing dishes at restraunts as I have cut myself playing rugby. When your hands are wet and soft and you're washing big knives and cleavers, it can get pretty gory.

Furthermore, our mostly gay team the Washington Renegades have been playing in the local mostly-straight Potomac Rugby Union for four years now, with no similar reactions from the straight teams in the union as Cirque du Soleil has espoused. I suppose it's a fallacy of an argument to compare rugby to the circus, but here I go.

We can assume there are HIV+ rugby players on our team, and possibly on the other teams as well. Rugby players, especially forwards, are in close contact throughout the 80-minute match. And we bleed a lot. Like totally spurting and gushing, and I have the scars to prove it. When we entered the local union, some concern was raised, and resonable measures were taken to address the concerns of HIV transmission in the sport. The referees will take an excessively bleeding player out of the match until his bleeding is staunched. No known cases of HIV transmission have occured due to rugby-related injuries or contact to date in our local union, or at world gay rugby tournaments.

So Cirque du Soleil is freaking out about acrobatic contact, during which there are far fewer breaks in the skin as there are in rugby. Maybe you'll get a minor abrasion while you're in some kind of acrobatic position, and maybe you'll get a cut from a bad fall. But the show or practice stops when that happens, right? So jimbo give a big 'pttttht!' to Cirque du Soliel for their weak and unenlightened position on HIV transmission during their shows and practices. The circus tradition may be hundreds of years old, but your health policies should not be so archaic.

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December 24, 2003

mad cow

'scary as hell...'

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December 23, 2003

interesting referrers

Well, this is interesting...I was looking over the server log stats of sites that lead visitors to my department's site where I work. Naturally, the main University of Maryland home page and School of Engineering sites are natural assumptions of most common referrers. However, #5 on the list surprises me:
 1.    No Referrer    
 2.    umd.edu    
 3.    usnews.com    
 4.    yahoo.com    
 5.    blogspot.com    
 6.    Other 
So what does this mean? I think it means that blogging is a new marketing and reference tool. I've never seen a blog server as a major referrer before. People are coming to my department's site through word of mouth...i.e. other people's blogs. I'm not getting the full stats right now, but I need to see what percentage of visits are coming from the blogspot server. Other professional webmasters please feel free to comment on the impact of personal blogs to professional websites.

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the roomate's gone


It doesn't rhyme very well, but I can dance to it, and have been since last night. It's quiet at home, and everything's clean and tidy and ordered. It feels soo good. Damn I need to live alone. He's not a bad person, he's just not as tidy as I'd like him to be. (mantra, please repeat over and over).

When I moved in, the roomate (who owns the house) was at his boyfriend's home at least three days a week. This provided jimbo with enough jimbo time alone to regenerate in solitude.

However, he got outta the entropic relationship, which was a good and a bad thing. Good for him, but he's quite the TV lover, and is home all the time watching TV. All the time. So that's bad for me. If he's awake, the TV is on. Now I may rave about Stargate or Battlestar Galactica, but I spend far more time online than I do watching TV. I can't stand commercials for long. And coming home at any given time to the sound of the TV blaring grinds on my nerves. Anyway, a week of silence here in the house. Yaaay!

In other very happy news, I took my car to the DC vehicle emissions inspection station early this morning for its annual checkup. When dealing with any DMV, one must assume a commitment of at least eternity, especially in DC. However, it took only 10 minutes! That, and I thought a fee was required, and it was not. So I got more time for me than I assumed, and more money, both of about equal value to me. So I got into work early this morning, so I will be able to leave early, and get a run in outside in this lovely 60 degree weather. Today is a good day.

Oh, and I finally won a game of Civilization III: Conquests last night. It was a cultural victory, plus I was the first to build the United Nations. However, I wasn't as popular with the other cultures as I had thought, as they did not vote me as the president. It was the fabulous temples and Wonders of the World that I had built early in the game that earned me the victory.

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December 22, 2003

OK people settle down now

Last night I apparently hadn't had enough of the outdoors, so I went down to the National Mall after my workout to eat my after-workout meal. Still in birdwatching mode, I spotted the peregrine falcon that lives on the FBI building. I looked out over the DC cityscape, and I wondered what disaster could hit the city next. I envisioned the Old Executive Office Building blowing up. It's not that I want such a thing to happen, but I think some visualization of what could be helps deal with the reality of living in this nation's Capital. However, I'm not freaking about it 24/7. You just can't worry about such things all of the time. For the most part, it's really out of my control. In the million-to-one chance that a terrorist is on my Metrorail car with a dirty thermonuclear bomb, I will certainly kick some ass for my country, but I'm not going to be all bug-eyed about it all the time. A person just can't live at that kind of level all the time.

Which is why this picture from Reuters kind of bugged me. It was on page 3 of this morning's Washington Post Express paper for Metrorail riders. It's of a guy putting up a terror threat level flag in Country Club Hills, Illinois. An obnoxiously large technicolor terror threat level billboard is in the background.

Now, I'm not saying that Country Club Hills, Illinois is immune to terrorist attack, but putting up an ugly-ass billboard and accompanying tacky flag is overkill. Come on people, you don't need to whip youselves up in a tizzy. You see no tacky billboard in downtown DC do you? More importantly, get over yourselves...Abdul Jomamma Yeharref is not targeting Country Club Hills, Illinois. I'm thinking either there's a Dept. of Homeland Security office in Country Club Hills, Illinois, or there is a very McCarthyist bastard on their city council who enjoys stirring up hysteria, probably with some political gain.

In a nutshell, while vigilance is important, like a lot of things terrorism is mostly out of your control. You'll burn yourself out if you freak out about it all the time. And terrorism is certainly no excuse to dirty any vista with a tacky flag and dorky billboard. All caps and inconsistent font leading? The nerve of those people.

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December 21, 2003

jimbo: spotter of rare birds

Well, it's good to know I haven't forgotten everything I used to know about bird identification. Either that, or my contact lens prescription is better than the other two guys' I was with. Jimbo spotted the RARE BIRD OF THE DAY, at least it was rare for the particular area we were doing the bird count. While the red-headed woodpecker is not uncommon where I grew up in Wisconsin, apparently it hasn't been seen in years around the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center where we were birdwatching this morning. I also spotted two pileated woodpeckers and a brown creeper. Other species seen were the purple grackle, bluebird, red-tailed hawk, gold-crowned kinglet, tufted titmouse, black-capped chickadee, rufous-sided towhee, cardinals, red-bellied woodpeckers, turkey vulture and a whole bunch of others I can't recall.

Last night Chrisafer ordered, "Gurl, let's go get our dance on." So we went out to Cobalt for a few. I just can't seem to tolerate the place after a certain occupancy level is reached, so I went home by about 12:30 or so. Species spotted were the bald-headed muscledaddy, shady barcreeper, twitchy twink, ever-fuming barsmoker, adorkable shy-guy, clingy boyfriend, bottle-bleached tragedy, military nymphomaniac, cruisey vulture, flailing dancing queen and a whole bunch of others I can't recall.

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December 20, 2003

to: lascivious gentleman in gym shower stall

Oh honey. Leave the cockring at home. This isn't that kind of party.

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December 19, 2003

counting turkeys

Last night I had several dreams about turkeys: turkeys with one leg, turkeys hanging out with pheasants and peahens, flocks of turkeys at the Dairy Queen, catching turkeys, slaughtering turkeys, cooking turkeys, worrying about turkeys. Swoon.com says they have various meanings in dreams depending on the context, and considering I dreamt of every aspect of turkeys possible, either it portends everything or it was just a silly dream about turkeys. Or maybe it was the chicken breast I ate too late last night.

But the fowl dreams reminded me of something this morning...the National Audubon Society's Annual Christmas Bird Count is this Sunday, and since I won't be in NYC, I'm available to do it. Started in 1899, these surveys are held all over the country and the results are used to better understand bird populations and dynamics. It's kinda fun to get up insanely early in the morning and look for birds. Why do it in the winter? There are no leaves on the branches, so they are easier to see.

My arms were quivering last night after a hard tricep/bicep/forearm workout. Mr. Scale said I was 170!!! I haven't been that big since maybe college. Raaagh...I'm huge!

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December 18, 2003

pork chops and applesauce

The trip to NYC fell through, but I'm not all that broken up about it. I think I'm stressed out about the new job, as the honeymoon period is over and it's time to get lots of shit done. I'm at the point where I don't know what kind of workload to expect, and don't yet know if I'm doing enough, so I'm doing it all. You know what I mean?

Anyhow...Cyndi Lauper will perform at the 9:30 club tomorrow night, but I'm debating wether or not to go. I've been burnt out by Friday a lot lately (see above) and am reluctant to make any sort of commitments this weekend, just because I don't feel like it! Perhaps I need one of those weekends. Just Jimbo. Don't anybody be givin' me shit for not doing this or that or not going here or there.

Went out to the International House of Husbands (Duplex Diner) last night with Mitzhi Jean MacWhorigan last night for some good gossip and food. We totally trashed all of you, especially you rude-ass delinquents in New York City. Jeezus get over yourselves! Since I had shaved my cho-cha earlier, I was not a wildebeest. gnu. wildenstein. I keep hearing that he's coming to town in January. Up for some NWN, Geek? Considering that weekend's events, I think you'll be a busy boy. Anyway, I love the pork chops, mashed potatoes and applsauce entree at Duplex, and Alex the cute waiter too, with whom I flirted and showered with compliments. Anhow, this woofy beartrap was there, but I didn't feel justified flirting as I had just bashed gay Republicans earlier that day and I haven't been looking very bearish myself lately anyway.

CivIII CONQUESTS is on sale for a mere $10!!! I managed to snag it just in time for the holidays.

After several long, dry months, I seem to be getting lots of IMs from new people and messages via bigmuscle, Friendster and such sites. It can't be my pics, cuz I've been using the same 'ol tired ones for a long time now. I love making theories, and I'm thinking it's two things: a.) people are stressed out this time of year and it's making them horny; and b.) all the holiday messages we get thru the media tells us that this is the most wonderful time of the year and that you have to be with family so therefore if you're not with family or with a loved one you must in fact be unloved and sub-human. Thus, this makes perfectly normal single people feel lonely and they tend to reach out more this time of year. Which makes me dislike this time of year even more if my theory is correct, as it's a time of year that makes single people feel bad.

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December 17, 2003

Return of the King

Gurlagorn of the Gurlarians
Tree of Ultimate OrderToday is the day...the final installment of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy! However, I'll only be observing this holiday, as I probably won't be going out to see it until maybe next week. Just too much going on this week to bother about it. The tree you see is Burl's, the Holy Tree of Ultimate Order, plucked from the slopes of Mt. Celestia, the ultimate resting place for the Lawful and Good. As you can see, each ornament is placed exactly 4.5" from each other ornament, to preserve ultimate order.

Tonight I'll be havin' dinner with Mitzhi Jean McWhorigan. We invited Jesus to come make some appetizers, but he probably won't show up. Like everyone these days, he says he's too busy.

As far as I know, I'm still going up to NYC this weekend for a brief visit and some clubbing. Lots of people are quite busy or away that weekend, so I'm a little disappointed that I won't be able to see/meet as many folks as I would have. However, past trips to the Big Apple have shown that time is reduced and condensed there, so maybe that's a good thing. I'll probably be hangin' out with Kiri on Saturday, then off to shake it that night at the Sound Factory. Say hi if you see me!

The Spongebob tee Gurl got me (see hot photo above) a while back sure makes my titties show up nicely. That and the 15 pounds I've gained lately. 5 of that is probably water gain due to creatine, but the other bunch is from working out my legs, which respond wonderfully to any attention I give them. Leg presses help my bootie work it better too. Anyhow, now that I have a job and am not stressing out all the time, I'm also eating more and regularly, which is a good thing.

HA HA! Check out Saddam's Fab 5 makeover on Bubba's blog! I watched the Queer Eye Christmas special last night, followed up by their new video. Fun, but after an hour I was tired of Queer!

Fresh Bush quote from Dan's blog: "If necessary, I will support a constitutional amendment which would honor marriage between a man and a woman, codify that," President Bush reportedly told ABC's Diane Sawyer today.

Unlike Dan, I'm not surprised, but I am highly enraged. To think I was a Bush supporter back in the day. Not that I was anti-Gore, but I was willing to support the guy once he made it into office. Now the fucker wants to legislate my ass into the goddamn dark ages. Once upon a time I was worried I was slipping right-of-center. I just slipped back to the left, and I'm not worried about it in the least. Bush must go. He spends too much, he wants to allow noisy snowmobiles into Yellowstone, and he's got this wierd Iraq fixation. And to all you pro-Bush gay boys out there: you are part of the problem, not part of a solution, and you are supporting a person who would gladly legislate your ass in jail for being queer. Wake up and switch sides.

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December 16, 2003

saved by zero

The Fixx frikkin' rocked for their time. Could someone do a heavy house version of 'One Thing Leads To Another' please? Or like maybe Bjork or Kylie could do a cover of it or something...oh look, they're making a comeback. Dang it, they were just in Annapolis too.

Just two good 'ol boys, a penguin, a squirrel, some pigs and some chickens. Nobody meant any harm.

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December 15, 2003

coach daddy coach daddy woof

Oh, lordy...I was at the gym on Saturday and an NCAA football game was on. Some team I've never heard of, the North Dakota Fighting Sioux, was on at the time, and when I saw their head coach, my jaw almost dropped to the ground. Mucho Jimbo Lusto. Daddylicious. M'rowr. Just had to share.

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the newest 'it' thing from Ukraine

I got all amazed this weekend working on the final migrations of my hardware and software to the new computer...whereas installing the laserjet printer to my old computer would have required a laborious search for the right driver, finding my stoopit Windows CD for somesuch bullshit, then waiting as my computer searched for the correct driver. So with the new computer I just frickin' plugged in the monitor, digital cam and pornocam at the same time and said 'what the hell?' and sat back and watched. And they were connected, just like that. No additional steps. I'm so happy with my purchase.

ENRT sums it up for the typical gay thirtysomething DC holiday party: endless chatter about real estate property values, going all the way (sigh) and 'gutting it' after a new home purchase in the ghetto, and which 3rd world country is the newest 'it' place to adopt from. The sound of christmas cookie vomit spewing over the brie ensues.

HA! Five count 'em FIVE Christmas cards done this morning on the Metro! I sure fooled me and got that done! Basically, when the cards are sitting there looking at me at home, they don't get done. Ever. So I brought the whole kit with me on the Metrorail, a place where there is little else to distract Miss Attention Deficit Disorder 2002-2003. So I got letters out to several people who've been good little woofers this year.

Dang it...my hair was all fucking fabulous Kyan-like and shit and people were practically coming up to me and humping my leg on Saturday, but it was getting a little frizzy at the ends so I went to see my girl Tina at (not saying where) and she's really good with buzzcuts and fades and shit but the bitch like totally butched my hair and it's gonna take like a frikkin' month to grow back! We love Tina but she needs to chill with the scissors.

Speaking of frizzies, now that Queer Eye says they're going on the road outside of Manhattan, howabout a visit to a cozy little spider-hole in Iraq. HELLO!? DAMAGED HAIR ALERT! This ain't no bearfest, Saddam! You had a country to rebel in! At least do it with style.

On that note, still no WMD found, just a frizzy Saddam. And remember, Saddam didn't run planes into the WTC, this dude we've already forgotten about did. Just wanted to remind people about those facts.

I've been in a wierd state lately. I can't complain about dating prospects of late, but I also feel like isolating myself. I certainly want to avoid most of my regular freaked-out-from-the-holiday-season friends, and have been enjoying going on dates and meeting new people. But then I seem to have a limit to how much social contact I have, then retreat to my room. At least I'm not crabby this week...just wierd. I still like Celene Dion too.

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December 14, 2003

my new computer

As promised, a pic of my new computer. The old one is to the left of it in this picture:
thank you!
Thanks to all y'all who donated to the cause.

Today I slept in late, played CivIII on this machine, cleaned the aquarium of algae, went on a date, worked out my tits at the gym, then went to yet another rugby-related party. Really, if you ever worry you'll never have a social life, just join a rugby team. There's always something to do.

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December 12, 2003

c'mon and get my love

our little red-headed cathy-pixieI forgot to include one other item I want for my birthday: a neon green ribbed sleeveless sweater with a perfectly round hole right above my breasts. And a red wig. Then I'll look just like Cathy Dennis.

'member her? I like still cry when I listen to "Too Many Walls" cuz the song came out right when I was coming out and all messed up and taking a 5-credit chemistry class along with genetics and calculus and ecology and I was in academic probation and at the same time I was the Big Fag On Campus president of the g/l/bi/whatever group AND the environmental council and had too much going on at once and was hopelessly swoony with a big crush on this hunky Tom of Finland cranberry farmer. So cute.

Anyway, of course Mitzhi knew this, but did you know that Miss Dennis has not faded completely away since her heyday? Apparently she wrote Kylie's "Can't Get You Outta My Head," amongst several other tunes from that album. She also wrote some Spice Girls tunes too. We love her very much this week. Almost as much as we loved Celene Dion last week.

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December 11, 2003

god bless us, everyone

I am a pillar of calm in the storm. My sea has no waves. There is no drama on my stage. I am order. I am Earth incarnate. I will not be moved by hypersensitivity, insensitivity, the overextended, the self-percieved overextended, the gift-buying obsessed, or those in a pit of their own making. None of it sticks to me, none of it strikes me. Pure teflon-titanium alloy ship with force generators at full power.

Except for the guy clipping his toenails in the gym. That's just going to fucking set me off and make me go apeshit during this most wonderful time of the year. I'll totally crack if that happens.

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goodbye world

Yesterday I brought my new computer into work to get it souped up with the lovely Macromedia and Creative suites, MS Office, an FTP program, and a bunch of other stuff. I now have full Web and graphic capabilities on my new PC at home.


So, I won't be seeing anyone for the next four months or so. I will be busy conquering other cultures. This weekend I'll try to hook up my pornocam, printer and Temple of Elemental Evil as well. Anyhow, the new computer rocks, the animation is smooth and fast, and it's quiet as a mouse. Now for a new chair. My ass is demanding it.

Oh, and I need to say I'm very thankful none of my job interviews in the House or Senate offices in the late summer came up with any results. With the upcoming presidential elections, I find that I'm really generally clueless about a lot of issues, and I find the whole political process rather uninteresting. Yeah, I know I live in DC, and I know it's important, but let's just say I'm happy that other people are in that line of work, not me. I'll just maintain my righteous opinions thank you.

I've been a workout fiend lately...and the legs are really showing results. Ya know we got some disco display requirements in NYC soon, and of course MAL in January. Must work on abs more, and my damn titties never respond to anything!. This morning I noticed some mild vascularity on my shoulders! While I'm not lifting that much more weight, I guess the frequency is helping out. Now all I need to do better is get more sleep, and continue eating as much as possible. It doesn't hurt to be working out in the university fitness center with near-perfect 19 year-old bodies all around me for inspiration.

Speakin' of that, the other evening when I was changing in the locker room at the U, two guys straight out of some Eastern European gay porno movie were changing clothes across from me. After a while I figgered out they were Russian, and Muscovites at that. Their anunciation was clear as a bell to my ears, as I learned a 'dirty'-sounding street form of Russian while I was in Kazakstan. While I've forgotten quite a lot of the language, I was able to pick out a few phrases. They said 'fuck' a lot (fuck this, fuck that, fuck over there) and one guy was talking about his stanky shoes. Of course neither of them had any body fat in typical Russian tradition, and were shredded as hell. Hairless too...Kazakstan was my sexual purgatory. I think I was born after my time...like 10,000 years too late I think. I need to get my cro-mag-non on ya know?

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December 10, 2003

pete kuzak desktop imagery

Last night I watched the second half of Galactica up in Baltimore at the furry chiropractor's office. He has a sheepdog who can open doors by himself. That was pretty trippy. Anyhow, the final half was just as good as the first, and it has a big component of what I loved about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - DRAMA! Yes, it takes itself waay too seriously, which I love. And who would have thought...Earth as a myth?! Cool. And I was saddened to see that Boxey neither died nor was an evil Cylon human-impersonator (which would have justified his existence in my eyes). Like Jar-Jar Binks and many Scrappy-Doos before him, Boxey must die.

Here at work, the university offers installation of various work-related applications for home/personal computers, including virus scan and Office software. So I made sure my C:\ was 'clean' of any of my favorite already-migrated files last night when I got home. However, I've been looking at my desktop image of furry-chested Daddy Colt model Pete Kuzak for so long he just sorta became part of the landscape, so I overlooked that minor part of 'straightening up' my PC. This morning it occured to me that Daddy Pete would be greeting my IT support coworkers as soon as they fired up my computer, so I quickly replaced furry Pete with a furry raccoon pic instead.

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December 9, 2003

let's go Starbuck!

Whoa...Battlestar Galactica last night was pretty damn cool. Far cooler than I expected. If you missed it you risk a revocation of your Geek Card. But there's two more nights of it for you to make up. Of course I loved the whole apocalyptic theme of it all, and there's also quite the Old Skool Tech analogy going on showing us the dangers of file sharing and feeble network security. A few thoughts:

I was actually able to tear myself away from my new computer, which arrived last night and was set up without a hitch. Now begins the long process of migrating my files, porn, software applications, printer & cam setup for full functionality. I've told all my friends I'll be in seclusion over the next several months with my other best friends CivIII, Temple of Elemental Evil and Neverwinter Nights.

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December 8, 2003

battlestar gurlactica

Tonight I'll be hangin' out at Gurl's Midden to watch the new Sci-Fi Channel's version of Battlestar Galactica. I barely remember the first one, and I don't think I watched much of it. I only remember the Ceylons and some kinda wierd grasshopper critter that lived in a honeycomb. So I'm ready to watch this new version with an untainted opinion for the most part.

Oooh...a prestige class for my half-orc barbarian/sorceror character!

I watched Angels in America last night. It was really intense, and depicted a lot of really messed up people quite accurately. What scares me is that there really are lots of people like that out there...horribly mean lawyers, people in denial, people deep in closets of varying types, etc. The playwright really had it goin' on when he wrote that play.

There are parallels from that time period to today's. We're in yet another depressing Republican administration, and I know gay people who are knee-deep in being down with the R-crew, even when they're screaming about the horrors of gay marriage and reaping the benefits of terrified donors who send money to stop those darn gays from marrying. Of the gay Republicans I know who work directly with politics, I know of none who are out in their workplace. It sure would be nice if the Republicans knew some of them were in fact gay. I don't out people though, I feel it's up to them to contribute to the cause of equality by being their own advocate. I'm rambling here...I know one Republican who dropped out of politics as he saw the cultural storm coming our way, and didn't want to be part of the party who would kick and scream against his own right to equality. Pretty admirable I'd say...if you have a problem with something, you either conform with what's bugging you, rebel against it, or walk away from the crowd.

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December 7, 2003

the new 'do review

Last night was the Renegades' Holiday party. The directions to some strange place outside the beltway called 'Franconia' were good enough that I didn't get lost on the way there. Pretty fun with a good mix of people.

I guess I've had my beard throughout much of the summer and fall, but last night I was clean shaven and sporting my new longish, pomaded, fully dzhuzzed 'do. Many of the newer players didn't even recognize me, and I liked the response. I've had the typical DC v1.0 standard issue class president haircut for over 10 years, and it was time for a change. People are diggin' the new 'do, and most importantly so am I.

There was a super-cutie there that I hope to hear from soon. Dark hair and eyes, and BHI scans indicated a promising and lush follicular landscape. Initial queries about the guy resulted in the comment, "Oh my God and he is SO hairy!! We call him monkey-boy (or something)!! Like he needs to get his back shaved!"

No, please don't tell him to do that again. And would you kindly please give him my card? I tried to chat with him but people kept moving in to chat with either of us, and by the time he left I hadn't delivered the digits. However, I've sent the jimbo info through the proper channels, so we'll see what comes around.

Today we had another Renegades gathering, the annual meeting with board elections. I'm happy with the election results, most of which had probably already been engineered in an efficiently Machiavellian manner long beforehand. I used to have a problem with behind the scenes manipulation when I first moved to DC, but I have faith in the motivations and passions behind them in this case, and forsee another good year for the team.

After both events I found myself thinking again about my involvement with the team. I'm going to stop doing the photo galleries like I have been for many years, as it's just become a chore I try to avoid. But I will continue to support the team by helping out with games and fundraisers on occasion and remaining a dues-paying member. As for playing, I just don't know. My passion for the sport just kinda pooped out early in the Fall season, and I have a number of other reasons for not playing. I've been playing for almost 4 years, and maybe I'm just over it. Yet I still identify as being a 'rugby player', and have enjoyed the experiences and camraderie I've had with the 'gurls. We'll see how generally grumpy I get later on this year without the contact...perhaps I'll need to keep playing just to have a place to vent stress during a match. But then again that shouldn't be my reason for playing. The team is going to London for a big gay rugby tournament this summer, which would be fun. They'll certainly need players, and there is news that financial support may be available for those of us not able to budget such a trip. With Gay Games up in a tizzy, I'm reluctant to keep hoping I'll be able to play at one of those events anytime soon. Plus, Gay Games plays a lame-ass version of rugby called 'touch rugby', which is similar to a light game of tag in my eyes. I do not understand the concept of rugby without tackling.

Everyone: I'm OK...the "snowstorm" here didn't kill me like the news reports said it would. Jeezus they get hysterical about precipitation around here.

Two fairly good nights of sleep followed by driven yet languid workouts and I'm feeling much better. I promise to get better sleep and do the treadmill more during the week. Last week I was tempted by Zelda on a nightly basis, and just plain insomnia for the most part. I go through phases like that on occasion, but didn't realize what a grump I was until I was feeling a normal mental state yesterday.

It didn't help that I developed a complex that I somehow didn't exist due to unresponsive e-mails from outside the DC area. My cranky (now deleted) entry regarding AWOL e-mails got more than a few locals up in my kitchen about my attitude, but it wasn't about any Districons. Anyhow, I now know I exist and am feeling better about my validated existence.

It sounds kinda bleak, but the bright spot of last week was getting a civil and forward e-dumping, which was actually pretty cool. Finality, and simple reasons why, so thank you! One usually doesn't get that sort of thing from guys. It's often too easy to just not respond in lieu of telling someone they're not the guy for you, especially if you really think the guy is great, but it's just not working for you. Yes, I'm guilty of the nonresponse dumping on more than one occasion myself, and need to work on being forward too, as it's the right thing to do. I've been in that situation myself, and can handle reality being on the other end of the dumptruck, having operated the dumping levers from the cab of the truck more than a few times myself.

At exactly 9am this morning I was woke up by a bizarre automated call on my cell phone from Delta Airlines:

"Your flight has arrived at 9am from Los Angeles to Dulles International Airport. Thank you for flying Delta."

What the fuck? In my hazy hungover mind it took me a while to figure out what that was, but I think the me in my flight was actually my new computer on its way.

The only reason this entry is so goddamn long is that there is a pile of Christmas cards I promised myself I'd get done, and the more I write the lower the chances I'll actually start doing them.

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December 5, 2003

cool renegurls pic

I'm currently working on finishing my last photo gallery from this Fall's Renegades rugby season. It's almost done and I'll provide a link at a later date. However, I found a rather artsy (by jimbo standards) action shot of a lineout against our match against the Marines. Check it out...it's desktop image-worthy.

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holiday wishes

Snow has arrived here in DC! Of course this means we are all going to die. Precipitation kills in the DC Metropolitan area.

Here are my holiday wishes for the Christmas/birthday season:

Wishes already granted this year:

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December 4, 2003

her visage

my'ra!Here's a pic of My'ra. I posted it for no other reason than that the photographer (Gurl) was able to perfectly capture her quintissential nature in this photo. My'ra plays in my D&D group. She likes to play fighters who kick lots of ass. She's also an accomplished Faghag.

I finally broke down and ordered a new PC yesterday...still accepting donations for just being jimbo now, but thanks to you all for the donations. Hey, I didn't get as much as expected but you can't beat a $128 rebate. I will post photos of it when it arrives, but it'll be a Dell OptiPlex GX270 Pentium 4, 2.80GHz, 512 Cache, Intel Gigabit NIC, 512 MB RAM, 333MHz, 64MB video card, 80GB Boot Hard Drive, MS XP Professional, with a CD DVD/RW whatever and all that. No, it's not a fabulous beautiful MAC (I DON'T want to hear about your Mac!), and no, it's not as good as your PC, but it'll play CivIII and allow me to blog.

Friendster still proves to be useful and interesting, even though it's still slow as shit. C'mon...if jimbo can buy a new PC, y'all can get a new server! Anyhow, it allowed me to figure out who that stunningly hot stud was who I was dancing with on Saturday. Nice guy...he even e-mailed me back! DC is a small town sometimes.

Also, some guy named Jim (not Mighty Jimbo) wanted to add me to his Friends list simply because he was collecting Jims for his friend list to be wierd. He was observant enough to somehow figure out (stalkers can be stalked too!) that I was the brother of one of his former coworkers in Portland, Oregon. Then it turns out my brother is on Friendster too! Very small freaky world.

Regarding yesterday's date...it's funny how your perspective is skewed in terms of digital vs. real when you first meet someone you initially met online. Like I was expecting this guy to be huskier and bigger than me, and it turns out he was like an inch shorter, and not all that husky (but still damn nice). I remember when I first started corresponding with my now-ex online, and he said he was furry, but his pics didn't make him look all that furry to me. Turns out he had InvisiFur™, which doesn't show up very well in photos. Most of the time, if I dig someone's pic, the real thing is usually better, like in the case of Bubba. And of course personality never comes though in a .jpg...you just can't beat the real thing when it comes to getting vibes.

Anyhow, off to a meeting. I get to sit next to Chrisafer at a work meeting! Ohmahgawd I get to sit next to the popular kids!!!

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December 3, 2003

busy bee

Swamped as hell at work this week. Fortunately it's with multiple small- to medium-sized projects, as opposed to a big fat project. This is OK for an A.D.D. multitasker like me. I will get these things done. It's the monoliths, juggernauts, ziggurauts and pyramids that scare me. If I aught, it's not all for naught.

On Monday, just a few hours after I posted my rant on HIV/AIDS education and World AIDS Day, I got a call about a friend who had died that very day. It wasn't a surprise, but sad nontheless. He got me a Tom of Finlandesque muscle tee-shirt for my 30th birthday a few years ago. He was a robust and friendly guy, and babied his dog alongside his partner. He will be missed.

On a brighter note, it's good to see not everyone is too busy and swallowed up by all this holiday business to reach out and touch someone. I'm having a lunch date today with a hunky chiropractor from Baltimore who says the word 'beer' in a really butch way. The idea of spnal adjustment by this guy to restore my full range of neck movement is attractive to me. He's certainly gonna need it! MUH HUH!

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December 2, 2003

you go you big 'ol queen

YOU GO QUEEN!!! Read on about the announcement Queen Elizabeth II made today. I don't know what it means politically, but it's great to see someone in power having the jewels to bring up the subject of same-sex couple rights. Obviously they aren't as hysterical about such things over the pond. Perhaps some of you readers can comment on what it actually means in their political system.

Queen speaks of same-sex couple rights

Queen Elizabeth II of England opened Parliament on Wednesday by announcing that MPs will debate the issue of civil partnerships for same-sex couples in the coming session.

Queen Elizabeth II of England opened Parliament on Wednesday by announcing that MPs will debate the issue of civil partnerships for same-sex couples in the coming session.

In her annual speech, in which she outlines the key bills from the government, the queen said the bill would help increase social justice across England and Wales.

"My government will maintain its commitment to increased equality and social justice by bringing forward legislation on the registration of civil partnerships between same-sex couples," she told the House of Lords.

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December 1, 2003

world AIDS day

This morning on the Today show I saw Sigfried pretty much out himself as Roy's partner without really saying it, and was later followed up by Magic Johnson talking about World AIDS Day. Very gay on Today I'd say.

Anyway, I'm pulling up the soapbox for a bit of current jimbo info on the above topic. In the 13 years I've been out as a gay man, I've only recently been close to people who are in the middle of medications or other treatments, or who have shown symptoms of AIDS. Before that, most of the people I knew who were HIV+ were either asymptomatic or were already in the process of a well-integrated drug therapy. I thought I had known and seen it all, but this fall more than a few wake-up calls have come thru on the clue phone.

The medications to treat HIV are no cakewalk. Reactions to the drugs vary, but its comparable to difficulties with cancer chemotherapy. Explosive diarrhea, kidney and liver damage, hives, and blistering mucous membranes are just a few of the side effects...and remember that's just from the medications.

Most people don't get to see this sort of thing unless you're partnered or living with someone with HIV. I think that's why the 20-something gay youngsters of today are so oblivious to the importance of staying healthy and having safe sex. They just don't see this sort of thing and they totally missed the massive mortalities of the 80s and early 90s. People are still dying today, but I think they are doing it quietly, behind closed doors. But hey, Magic Johnson looks robust, so what the hell, right?

In the 7 years I've been in DC I've seen a marked decrease in the amount of community HIV/AIDS education and support for gays. Only in the last three years have I ever had to actually buy condoms. Until lately, they've always been free, at the door in every bar in town. I don't know what the deal is, but the education effort regarding HIV/AIDS has gone downhill.

So that's why I sing this song. I can hear all your TMI-heard-it-all-before shields at 100% going up. But tell your tactical officer to bring 'em down and listen up to Captain Jimbo. Here's an incomplete, but informative review of what all you gay boys gotta do:

I'm sure I'm going out on a limb saying these things...it seems like the extreme left has claimed HIV/AIDS as thier own issue, and anyone else voicing an opinion is labeled an oppressor. Some of the crap I've heard over the years has been out of control. "It's my body...I'll do as I please!" "Safe sex is sexual facism!" "Safe sex education is a tool of the right!" Great...that's just what every kid who just came out needs to hear to formulate his own opinion about his personal health. Sure, depending on the spin, safe sex education can be sold as something akin to celibacy. But if you go to the source, and get the info from your local, gay HIV/AIDS support center, the facts have pretty much been tested true over the past decade.

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