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November 30, 2003

my milkshake is better than yours

Well, after the generally cruddy Thanksgiving weekend, I guess I deserved a night like last night. I did end up going out dancing at Nation. The music was pretty good, with samples of Kellis' "Milkshake" goin' on throughout the whole evening and that Madonna/Britney song that I don't much care for. The best part was when I found myself thinking, "I don't deserve this," when this supremely handsome hairy-chested guy was rubbing his ass up to my crotch when we were dancing together. A much-needed ego boost for sure. Grampaw Jimbo tends to leave early, so I was only there for about two hours, but it was well worth the time.

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November 29, 2003

go now, get trampled at wal-mart

It's Saturday, and I just got back from the beach a day early. I had planned on staying the whole weekend, but found our quaint 'cottage' was a bit cramped. There was really only one bed in it, in the upstairs loft of the one-room building. Two people slept in that. I slept on the pull-out couch with Shane, between the bathroom and the entry door. 4 guys, one room, one bed. It sounds like fun, but if you went to the beach for some holiday rest, it was not to be had.

Thus, a light sleeper like me is inevitably awakened either by late-comers (Midnight-2am) or early risers - happy morning sunshine be in the bathroom for a whole fucking hour scuffling around primping housemates. After she was done I did a brief primping myself and shot outta there in the direction of my own comfy bed at home.

I was thankful I got to the beach in a record 2 hours on a holiday evening. I was thankful to have gotten some cold dinner leftovers from Shane's friends (leftovers are better). I am thankful my holiday shopping is done so I don't have to get knocked unconscious at Wal-Mart to buy a fucking DVD player.

Read the story/link above. It's really sad. It makes me want to overhaul the whole holiday thing. Like Bubba, I will not go to Wal-Mart anymore either. A fucking siren to announce when the store opens? I'm not a goddamn pavlovian beast. That's just ugly. Well, I already do my own low-stress holiday thing for the most part. I avoid travelling during the holidays, prefering to see my family without pretense or pressure. I purchase gifts within my financial means far ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend rush. Then I step back from the whole thing Nov. 28 through Jan. 1.

Well, there's that whole birthday thing of mine between Christmas and New Year's, but I digress...

The company at my friend's home on Wednesday was civil, interesting and chatty (for which I am also thankful), and the drinks were strong. I had hoped the dinner would be served when I was told it would, but I should have rewound back to the last time I had dinner there. It was again long-delayed. As it turned out, I had to be on my way to the beach before anything was ready at all. Mental notes: smaller thanksgiving dinners are more timely and intimate; the way my metabolism is, do eat something before dinner is said to be served; don't make a date for anything else after dinner, lest dinner be delayed.

The beach was quiet as expected, but no one should ever go to Rehoboth Beach during the off-season when one's honey pot is all aflame, as all the gayfolk there are either partnered or packed into a small cottage with no privacy like I was.

As underfed as I am, at least I'm the only one in DC with abs showing. Perhaps I should go to Nation tonight.

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November 27, 2003

The Ghetto Tree

ghettotree.jpgThe Ghetto Tree
by Jimbo

Ghetto Tree, oh Ghetto tree
Like a sentry over 5th and T

Your boughs are fake
Your ornaments cheap

For trees in this city
We cannot reap

Da girls on da corner
They ho ho hos

You better be good
Cuz Santa knows

Step swiftly now
And quickly pass

Or the dealers on the corner
Will pop a cap in your ass

For now all is quiet
No crack we can see

It's another holiday season
In da 'hood of DC

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November 26, 2003

your shiny future

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is my 'Friday'. We get off work at 3pm.
WWII stud peeling potatoes
Last night on Queer Eye the big thing was when they removed this guy's toupee. I guess it would be a traumatic experience for someone who felt the need to hide his natural baldness. Sounds like there were Mother issues involved as well, but we can't help that, we only beautify. But gluing someone else's hair onto your head?!? Eeeew.

Now you've heard me say this before: bald/balding men are quite hot. Period. End of argument. Dis a bald guy and I'll slap your ass into the middle of last week. I got NO problem with it at all. But I guess some guys attribute negative vibes to it when it first starts happening. Just keep this in mind guys: if anyone can tell it's a plug or a toupee, it's a BAD HAIR JOB. And most of the time YOU CAN TELL. Just think of all the bald hotties out there: Patrick Stewart, Ed Harris, and that one super-hot guy who was Scully and Mulder's boss on the X-Files, Sgt. Sitonmyface or whatever his name was. Rowr.

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November 25, 2003

fly on a sheep's ass

Dojani30: Are jewish men usually furry?
Jimbo3DC: Many are, or at least have some nice scruff potential. I'm crazy for Jews.
Dojani30: lol, they are the chosen people for both God and you.
Jimbo3DC: God loves furry people. Smooth people are the pawns of Satan.
Dojani30: Amen to that sister.
Jimbo3DC: So like Chrisafer's all busy and shit here and is like totally ignoring me!!! I have to hang out with her husband GLENN.
Dojani30: Ewww, yeah, I think Chris is behind on his newsletter.
Jimbo3DC: She's been like saying that for three weeks now. I should go pester her. She's only 1 building away.
Dojani30: She procrastinates.
Jimbo3DC: MUH HUH! Like e-mails and chats with every blogger in existence all day.
Dojani30: Exactly. I used to feel special then i realized she IM'ed everyone online all day long.
Jimbo3DC: Like the blogwhore she is.
Dojani30: She's a P street blogwhore, not even an uptown one.

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mammal-hunting dinosaur-creature

SCREEEE!Well, I've completely transformed into a mammal-hunting velociraptor. This is what happens when Honeypot Warnings go beyond DEFCON-1. My first workout at the university fitness center last night did the trick. Not only was it a crowded Monday there, but like 75% of the members go far beyond any WSC patron in general hotness. My only hope to maintain focus was to stare blankly at my workout machine of choice. No one needs to cook their turkey if I'm around. I prefer live prey.

On that note, I may be going to the beach after having Thanksgiving dinner at my former coaches home. A buddy of mine seems to rent a place out at Rehoboth Beach all year, and expects his beach house to be relatively empty. I like the quiet winter months there. One year I camped out at Assateague Island National Seashore during Thanksgiving. The skeeters were still in force at that time though. It was real quiet and the wild Chincoteague ponies ambled through my campsite at night.

The next trip may be a pilgrimage to the Sound Factory in NYC on December 20. A friend of mine will be having his debut spinning there. As I haven't gone out in ages, why not rev back up again in the Big Apple? Time to buff up the bod to get it back to clubbing standards. Let's start with adding mass during Thanksgiving, shall we?

I'm currently researching computer purchase options. It looks like I can get a fairly good Dell for around $740, as opposed to my original projection of $1500. It helps that mom gave me here 17" monitor when I visited. Sure, it's not a flat screen, but it's bigger than my old one, which was fading fast. Anyhow, you can get a deal through my university which I'm researching. Thanks all for the donations! I'll post pics of me and my baby once he's delivered.

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November 24, 2003

grrr, snarl

Cranky-cranky today. I knew I wouldn't get to bed early enough last night as I had slept in late Sunday morning, and was all buzzed up from too many Oreos and Dr. Pepper at D&D. Then I was playing Zelda on my N64 until the wee hours of the morning, which didn't help.

I'll be having Thanksgiving dinner at my old rugby coaches home. His family lives on an island far away from DC with a man named Fidel, so he hosts an annual orphan's dinner. Hopefully the food will be as fabulous as before, that is if I avoid sitting next to drunks or bores. I will not take responsibility to escort unruly guests from the dinner. I will not sit near anyone who enjoys hearing themselves speak. I will sit next to pleasant people with good table manners and a modicum of diplomacy and decorum. I will eat a lot and enjoy myself.

My workout last night was fabulous, and it's good to be back. I began using a free pass for a different club that Mitzhi gave me. She don't know what she's missing. Hot hairy (and rich!) MuscleJews, great equipment and soft water in the locker room showers - mmm...skin feels sooo good. However the club and surrounding hotel has a pernicious mold problem, which seems to have gotten worse if my nose served me correctly. I worked there briefly a few years ago as a cabana boy and got headaches and a sore throat on a daily basis I think due to the mold.

Three-day work week starting today, however, so I can make it through the rain. Tonight after work I will try out my university fitness center. Hey, lookee here...I can get discounted computers through the University Bookstore.

Introducing...Dan and James & Timothy. Don't everyone bloghump at once.

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November 23, 2003


This afternoon we'll be playing D&D. For the most part we get together every two weeks or so, depending on everyone's schedule. During the summer we tend to play less, and moreso in the winter. One of our infrequent players has a condo in Ocean City, and once in a while we get out there to pretend we're playing, but most of the time we end up going out, eating, watching geeky movies and playing video games. We even have a small gift exchange during the holiday season.

Most of the playaz in my current group are in their 30s, and most are gay. We aren't exclusive to queers, but in my ghettoized lifestyle that's sort of how things happened here in DC. Some players come and go due to certain circumstances, but we've maintained a core group of geeks since I moved here about 7 years ago. Now don't be thinking we sit ourselves down for power gaming for 4+ hours either...most of the time we are gossiping much like a group of old ladies playing bridge. Several of us have problems focusing.

I started playing my freshman year in high school way back in 1985 or so. (Yipes! 18 years of geekdom!) Since then the D&D gaming system has seen four revisions, and is a lot easier to facilitate and play. I've played with five different groups over the years, and have tended to see certain patterns and ways to keep a group playing together as long as possible.

Now you'd think that geeks are sexless eunuchs. This is not true. It can be just as drama-ridden as Real World Paris at times. Since then I've constructed three rules to keep the drama to a minimum:

1. Bring Food. Geeks need massive amounts of sugar, caffeine and carbs to role play fanasty characters successfully. Healthy foods tends to stunt the creative process.

2. No Boyfriends/Girlfriends. Since my days of playing in high school, bringing a significant other along to play always leads to favoritism, and ultimately the loss of one member or another due to resentment or break-ups. Male or female, I've never seen it work.

3. No Inter-Geek Tricking. See #2. The more geeks mess around with each other, the more things start to get ugly. This wasn't much of a problem until I moved to DC, and is a relatively new rule. Again, it tends to forment resentments, drama and drop-outs.

We ain't getting any younger, and D&D isn't getting any less geeky. Finding new players in our age group is getting harder these days, and more and more players are focusing on career or other projects (eyes rolling).

In other news, I've had a pretty monastic weekend catching up on chores after last week's travels. The best thing that happened is that I got my first big, fat paycheck and was finally able to catch up on outstanding bills, including paying off a long-irritating chiropractic bill that I've been paying off for over a year. It feels really good to check off one of those thorns in my side.

I'm also off to the gym for the first time in a week. Due to the constant feasting from being home and the wedding I've gained back any and all weight lost due to a violent stomach flu I had over a month ago. The break seems to have done me some good too. Either that or all the luggage hauling in various airports beefed me up a bit. I also got a membership at my workplace, and can now work out at the university fitness center. Focus will be an issue there.

Went out to Blowoff last night because I didn't want to drive anywhere, and smoke there is usually at a minimum. It was a scant crowd, but I chatted with John for a bit and even got to dance for a few songs. There was this cute Jerseyesque cutie there whom I assumed was straight. The whole time he was eying up a small group of women there, but gazed at me for some time when I said my goodbyes when leaving. Honey, some of us are blonde...you really have to get the message across to grampaw jimbo before bedtime comes around!

I had a few moments of weakness yesterday. Remember the Good Apple from Ohio? I was really digging him when we were going on dates, but I don't think the interest was mutual. It was the first time I've been excited about someone in several years. In a nutshell phone calls were never returned...and I got the picture so I stopped calling as well. Still, I was hoping the disinterest was due to the crazy situation of my life at the time when we were going on dates - I was quite manic due to joblessness and job expectations, and am fully aware I wasn't the most stable-seeming interest in anyone's life. Still, I had to give it another try, so called again. No call back though, so my assumptions are probably true.
:' (
The other moment of weakness was calling Dreamy Ron. Yeah, I know we may not see eye to eye on sexual extremes, and I know he seems to only date men from other cities. But the weekend was free, so I gave him a call with the same results as above.

I know the holiday season in DC is crazy at best, frenzied at worst, so do not have high hopes for romance the next couple months. Eh, better to focus on the new job I guess.

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November 20, 2003

montana / wisconsin trip pics

click on the hot springs hottie for morePosted some pics of my trip to Montana and Wisconsin. I got back safe and sound today with a monitor in tow that Mom didn't need. Weather is pleasant here in DC, and tomorrow I'll be getting my first paycheck! If I don't get a cold from all the flying and visits, it'll be a miracle. I left my schedule book at work this whole time, so I have no concept of my future this weekend.

And may I introduce to you: Abrito the Gay Referee.

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November 19, 2003

head over heels

I took the southwestern route back from Madison to LaCrosse this morning hoping to see lots of migrating waterfowl. I think I'm a bit late, as I only saw a few, but did manage to see quite a lot of bald eagles along the Mississippi River.

My high school friend Travis and his wife Marcie have two big handfulls at their home in Madison. One was an ill two year-old and the other just about three months. They were quite the bundle of everything (snot, poop, drool, etc.) but we managed to go out for a hit-and-run meal at the local diner. Knowing how long it takes toddlers to chill out, I got outta there a bit exhausted, but surely not as exhausted as the parents were.

Afterwards I went to Pat and Dave's fabulous ranch-style home on the other side of the Wisconsin State Capitol. 'Twas lovely to meet them and thanks for the Go-Go's tape!

I'm definitely ready to get back to DC and wade back into work. The holiday season should make the learning curve a bit easier, especially with a quiet campus.

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November 18, 2003

a river runs through it

On Sunday we had an Indian brunch in a restraunt overlooking Missoula's Bitteroot River. Once I got some food in my hungover self I started to feel better. My friend Tina and I were on the same flight out of Missoula to Minneapolis, so we got some time to talk between my naps. In MPLS we separated...she back home to Milwaukee and me to Holmen, WI.

So I'm back home. The old football field has been redone to baseball specs. LaCrosse is constructing a new arch bridge, and the local Mall is pretty much the same. I went to visit grandma with my mother. Grandma is doing fine but has some issues with time and space distortion. Luckily I watch Star Trek pretty often so I can empathise with her most of the time. Last night I went to watch my nephew's cub scout meeting with my brother and his ex wife and her new boyfriend (that was challenging) followed by dinner with bro and ma. Mom's little Jack Russell terrier Jilly slept with me all night!

Today I head out to Madison to visit another hometown friend, his wife and their two red-headed kids. Then I'll be visiting and staying overnight with Pat and Dave, Dave and Pat, Pat and Dave. My original plan after that was to go to Stevens Point, but after all my travels I think I'll head straight back home via the Great River Road so I can see the geese, swans and ducks migrating south along the Mississippi River Flyway.

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November 15, 2003

wedding day

[ still travelling...photos to be posted upon my return to DC ]

Wedding day was spent having cawfee with Kari and Tina, walking around downtown Missoula looking at the shops, then finally meeting up with Kim for a bit at a sports bar. This beefasaurus hottie football player made our burgers, which was just fine with me. Time for Kim's hair to be done, so I retreated to the hotel room to get some jimbo time.

I think the wedding was a traditional Vietnamese affair, but then again I've never seen one before so I really can't say. Both the bride and groom were in lovely customary silk attire. Following the wedding was some hors d'ovures, then off to a local lodge for the evening dinner.

The beer, mixed drinks, wine and champagne were mixed in the wrong order in me that night, which made for a fun time during the meal but the next day was a bear. Interesting to note: almost all of the groom's male friends were very attractive, and all had absolutely white teeth. Time to get my teeth whitenedÖ

Later that evening a few of us went to a local dance hall where they were swing dancing and executing the Western style of the Jitterbug. Pretty amazing for a 30-something crowd, and quite a contrast from the heavy house music of my ghettoized lifestyle. As I was watching the band and the dancers I wondered what my life would have been like if I had chosen to live in the crunchier Portland, Oregon or Homer, Alaska regions. It's all relative I guessÖone does have to get laid. When I come back to places like this I definitely feel more at place. But my goal seven years ago was to put myself in a place where I could meet more guys like myself, whom I wasn't meeting in places like Oregon or Alaska. Such places are more of a haven for lesbians, I think.

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November 14, 2003

nekkid' soak in the hot springs

[ still travelling...photos to be posted upon my return to DC ]
Today I managed to get away from the ever-growing wedding party to drive out of town to the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. The springs are over the Continental divide from Montana into Idaho, crossing into the Pacific Time Zone in the Lolo forest wilderness. On the way I managed to spot a pair of bald eagles, Stellar's and Scrub Jays, elk, magpie and ravens. After parking the car and crossing a river and following a feeder creek inland for about a mile, I made it to the springs. Much to my joy, the springs were devoid of people, so I had it all to myself. After the long, cold hike I could only handle the springs furthest away from where the the hot water emerged from the mountain, but after about ten minutes or so I was soakin' at the much hotter source of the spring. It was lovely, and although I started out completely nekkid, a bunch of wymyn backpackers were walking by so I put on some shorts to avoid looking like the Lone Naked Creep in the springs. Sure woulda been fun to share with some furry fella though.

Speakin' of furry fellas, at Kim's suggestion I stopped by a saloon called The Jack on the way back. The Jack was located a few miles off the main road, almost completely a log structure. The barkeep was friendly as was this personable woofer who was talkin' about the horse ride he had earlier that day (wuuuuf). Real cowboys are much hotter than what one usually spots at Remington's in DC.

I arrived back in town with some time to chill and prepare for the like nine-course Vietnamese meal sponsored by the groom's family. By that time my other hometown friends Kari and Tina had arrived, so we had the chance to catch up at that time between meals. Later that night we caught up on the gossip one can't share during a formal meal.

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November 13, 2003

the rest of the world is mostly straight

Despite the crazy-ass 65 mph winds my plane took off without a hitch to Montana on Thursday afternoon. It struck me at the Minneapolis airport that THE REST OF THE WORLD IS NOT GAY. I keep forgetting this in my totally ghettoized lifestyle in DC. Word to mah peeps this upcoming holiday travel season.

In Montana I was greeted by the bride- (Kim, an old high school buddy) and groom-to-be Tri and some of their friends. After getting to know the bride's overly cautious and hyperactive Australian shepherd, I was ushered into my quarters for the night.

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off to montana

There's a mighty wind blowing through DC today, but it doesn't have much to do with the marathon debate in the Senate or Rush Limbaugh's return to the airwaves. I'm hoping it dies down before I leave for Montana today, or there'll be some delays. I always get anxious before taking off on any trip though, so it could just be me.

I may not have the time or location to blog much, so y'all have a good weekend!

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November 12, 2003

amber (or puce, burgundy, ecru) alert

ter'rLately I've been watching Futurama at night instead of getting my ass to bed so that I'm perky the next day. It's funny as hell, and I introduce to you The Hypnotoad (Thanks Gene!) for your viewing pleasure. Turn up the volume and just relax...

It's like been Amber Crime Alert or somesuch bullshit in the District of late. This excuses all District law enforcement officers to double-park at any 7-11 of choice, ignore all other double-parkers (especially from MD residents), and to constantly have their flashing lights on at all time, causing other drivers to drive slowly due to paranoia. Last night some kind of drug/gang bullshit ocurred at about 1am in my 'hood, so there were cars and sirens and my favorite, the District Crack-Copter. It was circling around the house and probing the supernova-bright spotlight IN MY ROOM, ensuring a totally awakened state for at least 15 minutes.

I had a good leg workout last night, much due in part due to my newest most fabulous treadmill mix CD, which includes a kickin' Hi-NRG remix of Xanadu, "No Man's Woman" by Sinead O'Connor, the Sasha and BT remix of Seal's "I'm Alive". I wanted to run forever! Latest gym lust: mousey-brown-haired cutie with thinning hair and pixie nose, with really solid-looking legs and fur all over.

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November 11, 2003

hot springs by friday

My friend Jon wanted to get rid of one of his aquariums, and I was happy to oblige, so last night I had a minor workout moving his 40+ gallon aquarium from his apartment to my home. I don't quite know where to put it yet, but it's a fine aquarium and will surely brighten a corner some day.

Grrr...my first time using Quark at work and it's been a challenge. Adding to that is the fact that my predecessor here at work fried her computer before leaving. While some archives were spared, the fonts and image pathways were destroyed, so I have to reconstruct the entire PC and several documents that need converting to PDF. Current issue: one of the frikkin' .eps images' transparency is not being preserved in the conversion from Quark document to PDF. This logo will appear with a white square border on the usually bronze background. I'm callin' up Chrisafer...any suggestions?

On Thursday I will be taking off to Missoula, Montana for a high school friend's wedding. Her first one was a funky Quaker/Tibetan affair, replete with prayer flags, square dancing and Quaker sharing circles. This time she's marrying a Vietnamese guy, so it should also be interesting and hopefully tasty. Since they visited DC like TWICE I feel compelled to return a visit. I'm skipping the pre-wedding events on Friday to trek out to the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs or Weir Creek springs all by myself, apparently in Idaho. Then lots of eating and hanging out with the wedding party and old high school friends until Sunday. I'll try to take some pictures.

Then after Sunday I fly home to Holmen, Wisconsin to spend time with Mom, visit grandma, and my brother and his kids. I will also drive out to Madison to visit some more high school friends and some jimbo.info fans as well. If there's time I'd like to drive up to my alma mater and get a new Point Beer sweatshirt, as the one I got back in college is quickly fading away.

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November 9, 2003

foaming at the mouth

Friday found me rather frazzled from the week, but not because work was overly demanding or unpleasant. By the end of the week my computer was up and functional at work, I had e-mail and was working furiously and joyfully on everything from press releases, website design, and statistical ranking information for my department. I think it was just the adjustment I'll have to go through that made me so scattered by the end of the week. It's a necessary period to deal with I'm sure.

After a brief attempt at a nap I pick up Don, who was fully decked out in promotional materials and clothing from the artisforlosers.com Fall lineup. We headed down to the southernmost tip of the District of Columbia to an area I had only been to once when lost. It's probably the least inhabited area of the District, with nothing but piles of rubble, power transformers, cement mixers and the club we were going to.

Ten has potential, once people are able to find it. And when they get a new DJ, things should pick up. I don't know where the cute boys were, but we'll give it another shot some other time.

The next morning was a very lucrative yard sale for the rugby team. I go over to my neighbor and teammate John's house to pick up him and all his old dresses he was donating to the cause. While I was waiting, a shady looking resident of our 'hood walks by on the way to the subway station, foaming at the mouth. I mean foaming so much it looks like he just gargled with laundry detergent...it was cascading out of his mouth onto his shirt. I just stood there dumbfounded. Later on at the yard sale I asked a team supporter with some nursing background what the fuck I had just seen. He said it was probably foaming due to a siezure induced by drug withdrawl. Now I had never even seen an animal foaming at the mouth, much less a person, but that was pretty freaky. I have got to move!

Later that night I drove waaay out to the hinterlands beyond the beltway for a former coworker's wife's birthday party and baby expectancy bash. It was a very mixed crowed, including a real life male-to-female transsexual. Those wild suburbanites...

I was able to get back to DC for some time at the Eagle. While the crowd was pretty cute, I was burnt out from the day, and went home at a reasonable hour. Today I got up for another teammate's brunch and some visits to other friends who live on the Hill. Got a run in around the Capitol grounds and a good workout. Tonight I chill and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

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November 7, 2003

Halloween night pic

Ohmigawd! Jon and I made Metro Weekly! From Halloween night in some alley between Apex and Omega:
Jim as UPS Man and Jon as...?

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My car troubles continued throughout the two-day rainy stretch we had this week. Yesterday I got a mighty scrape down the length of the passenger side of my car from someone's rearview. However, it's mostly just a color-crayon racing stripe skid mark of plastic, and I actually doubt much of the paint is truly scratched. Once I figure out how to get off black plastic from silver paint, I think it'll be all right.

Yesterday Mitzhi and I were talking about the nature of relationships, mainly how some people totally change personae and lifestyles once they get shacked up with someone. 'It ain't healthy...or right,' I said. Like some people go completely clean, kick the crack, discard old faghags, and start dressing like a Mormon. The movie The Banger Sisters came to mind, where Susan Sarandon's character, having once been a rock star cocksucking groupie, left it all behind for total domesticity, wheras her counterpart Goldie Hawn just kept going on as a groupie.

"Mitzhi, promise me this: when you find the love of your life, don't like totally change and stop going out drinking with me every night, OK? Hey...what character from Banger Sisters do you think I am?"
"I think you're definitely the Goldie Hawn character."

Anyway, by the end of the movie Sarandon's character finds a healthy middle ground between her wild past and housewife present. A wholesome compromise that didn't require a self-imposed total makeover of self.

In other news, Keith, Mitzhi and I will be going to this new venue down in SW DC called 'Ten' tonight. Since it's Bear Invasion Weekend, there should be some nice woofers out there. However, at a whopping 160 pounds soaking wet, I ain't holding my breath that I'm in any way bearbait for a burly guy in truck driver drag.

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November 6, 2003

they found me

Yes, the Fall Computer Drive is still going on! As of today we are about 1/16th of the way to our goal, regardless of my snotty and catty behavior in public.

Some interesting stats to think about...in October I got 28,000 visits (not hits, mind you), or an average of 1,100 visits per day. Now about half of those visits are probably repeat checks during the day (and you know who you are) but that means about 500 people are checking out my site every day.

Sadly, when most people do searches and come across my site, they are looking for some quote I made about a certain very famous soccer player and a certain kind of wool garment worn by Scots. I won't say either word as I don't want to gum up the hits any more than they are. Other unique searches that lead people to my site are 'Maria Shriver Skeletor', 'gay cars', and 'crack is whack'.

I finally got an e-mail account at work, and they have found me. Several press releases to work on and some Website development work to do. It's been hot and humid here the past couple of days, and since they turned on the boiler heating and can't turn it off, the combination of the two has made the office a rather stifling place. However, everyone leaves at 4:30, which is FINE with me! This morning on the drive to work my car just sorta died, and I barely made it into a parking lot before my car simply stopped working. Wierd. However, I was able to start it back up again and make it to work. I'm thinking all the wet, humid air and the mega-puddles I drove through last night might have something to do with it..

Hmm...some anonymous wuss commented on my 'snotty and catty' behavior in public. OK, raise your hand if I've been snotty or catty to you (Gurl and other good friends don't count...). I'd think most would describe me as 'moody and morose', 'social retard' or 'drunken idiot', but snotty and catty? There are only three people in this town I can recall being deliberately snotty and catty to, but to the rest I do it in jest. Or maybe the guy was commenting on the snotplay sex party I went to last month where I did like 3 bumps of kitty....

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November 4, 2003

fundraiser for jimbo's new computer

Itís time for me to get a new computer. The one I use at home was purchased some time around 1998, a trusty old IBM with Windows 98. It still works fairly well, but it is slowing down, and getting louder in the process. Right now it sounds like the HVAC unit on the roof of your building. Iím also afraid to upgrade the software on it to newer versions, as I suspect itís much like a house of cards.

So I want to try somethingÖI see people accepting donations for their site or blog, and wondered if I could try to do the same thing. See, I feel that this blog has been around in one form or another since May of 1998. Many of you visit quite frequently (I see you in my log files!).

So begins Jimboís computer fundraiser. If youíve given money to a bike-rider going on an event with 90% overhead, if youíve paid for a bigmuscle.com subscription, or if youíll pay $20 for cover charge for a club, you can donate to my computer fund too.

It goes to a good cause. I will purchase a new computer and flat-screen monitor, which will in turn be used to provide YOU with fresh blog content and graphics, as I have done consistently for over five years. Any funds over the amount of a computer will go to legitimate copies of Dreamweaver MX and maybe even Adobe Creative Suite (which you'll be free to use yourself if you come over and get 'em). I figure a new, high-speed PC will do me right at about $1600. I need a PC as they use PCs at work, and I don't want any compatibility issues. Hit the button here to pay thru PayPal. Itís secure and anonymous. Thanks!
I figure if some chick can pay off her debt through online donations, another can pay her way back to the States after being trapped in Ireland, then jimbo can get a new computer through blogging...so give it a shot.

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November 3, 2003


Pics are up on Kiri's site:

technicolor jimbo

Tonight Keith and I went to see Aliens at the Uptown. Far better image quality than the original, and I was able to spot at least three scenes I'd never seen before. Pretty damn worth it for all you Alien fans out there. AND we got to see a very brief teaser trailer for...

ALIENS VS. PREDATOR!!! (AVP) One will win...we lose. Can't wait.

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November 2, 2003

undercover godmother

The rugby party last night was pretty fun, with plenty eye candy, plentiful beer and very tasty food. The house was pretty damn fabu too. Thanks to Phil and Brian for the lovely time. However, going out both Thursday and Friday night tired me out (and perhaps maybe the heels), so I went home fairly early. Drag is hard work.

All it takes is some glitter, heels and a wig and longtime friends don't even recognize me! One said it was the heels adding to my height, and I guess the wig conceals my face too. Didn't anyone recognize me from the beard?

Today I went to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden with Kiri, Jon and Gabriel. Believe it or not, it was my first time there in my 7 years of living here. Pics are soon to come on Kiri's site, and we had a good time. My favorites were the interactive falling paper room and the found art sculpture of the wire fish.

The director's cut of Alien is showing at the Uptown this week, and as a longtime facehugger fan, I cannot miss it. Ridley Scott loves his cuts, and I think I can take 122 minutes of it. Mom had no qualms about little Jimmy to scary movies with my older brothers at a young age, and it freaked me out to no end. Damn, I was only 9 years old at the time! Let's go!

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November 1, 2003

UPS: we pick pockets

Special DeliveryYesterday I got my nap in, got into my UPS Man costume, then went to Jon's to meet up with Kiri and Co. I guess we were a little excited to go out, as we arrived at Apex at a really early and deserted hour. The mean woman bartender there still remembers me from four years ago when I came in there smoking a cigar on my birthday, and still serves me feeble drinks in retribution. So we went over Omega for a drink to kill some time, and they didn't let Kiri in because her license had expired. However, it was still proof of her age...I don't think they wanted to let a female in. It got me kind of pissed off, but I decided to keep the Blazing Sword of Righteousness sheathed in lieu of a pleasant evening for all.

So then we went to the Fireplace, which I hadn't been in in ages as I don't have the money to pay for one of their patrons. It was still as unpleasant as the last time I'd been there. This one gurl who was next to me kept hitting me with her overstuffed courier bag. Keep the luggage at home, kids. My usual way of dealing with this or similar patrons of gay bars (usually drunk obnoxious fag hags with enormous purses) is to start trying to pick their big bags like the 6th-level thief-acrobat that I am. On the first try I felt only some skanky gym t-shirt. The second and third tries didn't come up with anything either. Now I don't do this to actually lift anything...I do it in hopes of having the person notice something is amiss, so they move their luggage out of my space. However, as I was a little drunk, I failed to be as subtle as I should have. They guys next to my target said to him, "Hey, that guy's messing around with your bag!" I turned to them and smiled, then went over to Jon's bf Gabriel and said, "We need to get out of here fast." We hurried back to Apex in a jiffy.

Apex was starting to pick up a bit, and more than a few were in costume. The rum and cokes were getting to me as we danced a bit, and I tried to get friendly with the Ukranian Sailor and Mr. DC Rat-Man without much success. I'm a sloppy drunk and I know it when I am, but I still try. We all were too tired by the time it really began to pick up, and were ready to go anyway.

This morning, while I was still somewhat hung over, I managed to get my dry cleaning, some groceries, do laundry and pay bills. The biggest accomplishment was to give my car a long-needed washing. Dinner, little nap and then out to the Renegades Halloween party as Your Hairy Godmother later tonight. I'll bring my butch drag along too, as Keith and I may go out later to this new leather bar in SE DC if it's open.

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