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August 29, 2003

waiting in vain

Week's almost done, and tonight I pack for the beach. After so many recent trips, it's down to a science by now. Gurl and I leave at 7:30 tomorrow morning to beat the rush to Cape Hatteras. I hope the roads aren't too crazy. We're stopping at the Great Dismal Swamp to stretch our legs. I'll take pictures for y'all.

I was at Ghuirelle's house earlier this week and he popped in Medeusa. Annie Lennox (and Bob) seem to have already sang what's been going on in my mind with Dreamy Ron. All my time away for the weekends has be in the doghouse, yet I've been told to continue to keep my distance. How far? How long? I'm reminded of Grover's 'Near - Far' skit on Sesame Street, where he's running towards, then away from the camera to demonstrate the concepts of distance, getting more exasperated with each lap.

i'm down with grover's frustrationFrom the very first time I rest my eyes on you, boy
My heart said follow through
But I know now that I'm way down on your line
But the waiting feeling's fine

So don't treat me like a puppet on a string
Because I know how to do my thing
Don't talk to me as if you think I'm dumb
I wanna know when you're gotta come, you see

I don't wanna wait in vain for your love
I don't wanna wait in vain for your love
'Cause summer is here - and I'm still waiting there
Winter is here - and I'm still waiting there

Like I said -
It's been three years since I'm knocking on your door
And still I can knock some more
Ooh boy, ooh boy - is it crazy look, I wanna know now
For I to knock some more

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August 28, 2003

world track and field championships

Almost no evidence about the World Track and Field Championships on Yahoo sports or on television. It's like the next biggest thing in track and field next to the Olympics, and they're showing it on one of the ESPN channels right now. Kazakstan's decathalete, Dmitry Karpov, got the bronze. Go Zazakstan! And super-hottie Czech decathlete Roman Sebrle got the silver.

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August 27, 2003

Fire Island / Magic Mountain

Discussion by e-mail with a former coworker:
J: I've had a hectic end of summer tour, with liesure trips to West Virginia and Rehomo, and to Orlando for work. I don't recommend Orlando in the summer.
A: Wow - you've been all over the place. Having been to Orlando in Spring back in '93, I wouldn't even recommend that. Try December. :-)
J: Yes, Orlando is quite tacky. Everything there is still in baby blue and pink.
A: Orlando = Disney - always sketchy, but it can be fun if it isn't too hot. Did you go to Fire Island?
J: You are so not gay. Fire Island is near Manhattan. I'm calling the Fab 5 and they are coming to get you.
A: Dammit - what's the place that's part of Disneyworld? I remember hearing about it off-and-on since I was there in '93. Crap.
J: Epcot? Magic Mountain? Queers don't reside there.
A: Nah - it was one of the nightclub locations at Disney. ends in "island" - just don't remember what kind.
J: That would be 'Buttpirate Island'.
A: Jimbo, I suspect that you're all about Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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August 25, 2003

my agents have done well

sws.gifThanks to all my agents in the field for sending me this pic. I swear about twelve people, including my mother, told me about the latest issue to Teen People with Seann Scott on the cover. You have all done well...keep up the intelligence work. I finally saw the mag this weekend at the beach.

However, Seann and I haven't been speaking ever since he went on this lean diet. Body fat is not a crime! Just a little, OK! And I'm especially upset knowing that he shaves most of his chest hair...I spotted chest stubble during one scene in his latest flick Bulletproof Monk.

Sheesh, you know you go on too many bitter tirades when Matt points it out. I guess I need to lighten up on the blog entries. Like I said long ago to myself in one entry, blogging is a tool for expression, not a tool for evil. OK, I'll bloghump his bandwidth to bring forward this pic to lighten things up.

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August 24, 2003

band trip

It was a fairly fun weekend at Rehoboth Beach. Four of us drove there Friday evening, in and out of a violent thunderstorm most of the way. It was cool to go over the Bay Bridge with lightning all around. However, the storm cleared the way for some really dry and sunny weather, which made the weekend a lot nicer than last year's muggy tournament. I stayed in Friday night at Shane's beach house, which was a quieter than the team group house which was plagued with thundersnores. I am so over band trip overnights! Grampaw needs his sleep these days you know.

We played two matches, and as I like to tell anyone who asked: "It was a good experience for the new players, and a chance to get the veterans warmed up for the fall season." This means that we lost both games, but we got an idea of where we stand for the Fall tournament matrix. I was just as rusty as anyone else, but hopefully my tackling skills will meet or exceed that of the Minx.

Philly's new gay team, the Gryphons, were there as well, and came to socialize with us after the matches. It was a raucous event, replete with cheap beer and new beginnings for many. I also learned that more people than I know read this blog, so I shall keep the specifics of who did whom to myself.

On the drive back I was thinking about some of my first trips to the beach with the Washington Wetskins water polo team some six years or so ago. It was especially good to socialize with a group of like-minded gay men, which I needed badly after my time in Peace Corps and many gayless years before that. While I had come out in 1990, I really hadn't had much qualitative and quantitative exposure to other gay guys until I moved to Washington. Before that, I was in places more suitable for lesbians, like Oregon, Alaska and Illinois.

Needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy store when the water polo team would host social events at the beach. Every person was a possibility, and every social interaction was weighted with failures and successes in my mind. It was hard work, and I think I lost out on a lot of good clean fun back then.

In six years, much has changed. I don't need to go out every night when I get there, and rest seems more important than cocktails or nookie. I'm more anxious to find people who just want to hang out and enjoy themselves rather than being on the lookout to quench my honey pot. I figure at this point I don't get out of DC much, and I want to spend that time relaxing instead of hunting. This morning before we left, I spent my time having a quiet breakfast, checked out the latest arcade technology breakthroughs, and ate bad boardwalk food. I'm sad to note that Whack-A-Mole games have been replaced with new shock-proof plexiglass pound-screens with wimpy mallets that strike digital rodents. No fun! Must beat moles in holes!

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August 22, 2003

FU Friday

I see my blog entries are expiring, so I guess I'd better write. However, most of it will be inane rambling, as I really haven't had much to write about. I've been very busy with work, rugby, resumes and weekend travels.

I can contribute to a few Fuck You Friday items though. A big FU goes to: Rude People! If you are offered a ride to the beach, don't go off inviting others along unless you check in with the driver/owner of car first. What if the car was full? From this particular person, it's not a suprise, however. Jeez...I don't have a problem with someone else going, as there's plenty of room. But just ask first!

Another F.U. goes to new rugby players who've been playing a year or less, and then question my advice to them or to other players on the team. It happened again last night at practice. I don't give advice much, and keep my mouth shut most of the time, but when I know something's wrong after 4 years (since Spring 1999, mind you) of playing, I'll tell you! Take it gracefully, and give it consideration, since I just might have seen the same mistake before.

I had a very long and good phone interview today, for an interesting job that would fit my A.D.D. personality. There is talk of a personal interview next week. We'll see how that goes.

So as far as I know, my job ends somewhere around the 15th unless I become more useful. It hasn't been a fun work environment, but I've been makin' web pages since I got moved off the main project. I like doing web pages, and am damn good at it too.

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August 21, 2003

off to the beach

Regardless of the regular afternoon thunderstorms in Florida, I managed to get back to DC on time last night. Productive day at work doing web stuff, then a fun but hot practice tonight with lots of people. It looks like we'll have a very full team at the tournament this weekend, to be held just North of Rehomo. Come on up to Lewes to the state park. We'll be sweating our asses off, bring sunscreen.

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August 19, 2003


From my last trip here in the winter, and from this trip, I have concluded that the entire state of Florida is tacky.

However, I forgot about the cute little anole lizards that run around all over the place here. I used to have one as a kid.

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August 17, 2003

back from the country

The end of last week was INSANE, and it didn't help that I was out late Thursday night with Gurl, Jon and Keith at Titan, and then to the Lantern after that. Add a frenzied trip to the Hellmouth, back to DC, then out on 66 again for the trip, and the haze didn't clear, literally and figuratively until we got past Front Royal.

However, Steve's farm in West Virginia was a much-appreciated paradise, with rolling hills, rustic decor, cows and lots of quiet time for coherent thought. He brought Buddy, his amazing aquatic bulldog along, who never stopped running around. I thought bulldogs were a sedentary breed. Saturday morning we grabbed the fishing poles and a seine and went down to the river, actually a tributary of the Potomac. We took the seine and placed it downstream of where we turned over rocks, in order to stir up hellgramites to use for bait. These critters are dragonfly larvae that look like the thing that crawled out of Checkov's ear in Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. However, the fish loved them, and I landed a big 'ol bass with one on the first cast. We managed to catch enough for dinner, fileted them, and fried 'em up right proper.

This morning we took a hike up the mountains, and I saw my first box turtle in the wild! Later, we saved another one that was crossing the road by assisting it's trip back into the forest. Steve is planning on getting another bulldog, so we stopped by this homestead up in the hills where a couple were breeding bulldogs and boxers. Another first, as I had never seen so many bulldogs in one place.

Tomorrow morning I fly out to Orlando for work. Not actually Orlando, but a suburb north of there. Not much time to do anything else but work and sleep, but it'll be another good getaway from da 'hood.

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August 14, 2003

mountains, disneyland, beach, beach

Today I managed to get in an application (SF-171) to a federal job back at USDA where I used to work. Lord knows their website needs help badly, and there's nothing I like better than making a bad site look pretty. But I'm never confident my application gets farther than the drones who process such forms, so all I can do without contacts in the agency is to give it a kiss and hope for the best. Suggestions are welcome.

Looks like it's just me and my former jogging partner Steve at the cabin in West Virginia this weekend. No, I'm not going to Berkeley Springs...that plan was canned. Fishing, reading, and plenty of lounging will be had. Believe me, it's not going to be a problem. I will take pictures! Then I fly off to Orlando early next week for work. When I get back, my roomate will be gone! No constant droning of television! The home will be ABSOLUTELY SILENT except for my fevered typing trying to get some hairy trick over to my 'hood. Good luck on that one.

The following weekend is a rugby tourney in Rehomo. I'll be staying at Shane's beachhouse. It's an infamous weekend, as it's the first match for many rookies on the team, many of whom were recruited at Pride in June. There will be requisite drunkedness, followed by at least one gay boy getting wasted and pestering the straight guy on the team the rest of the night.

And perhaps over Labor Day weekend, I may go to Cape Hatteras to another beach house. Interestingly, it's being rented out by Singlechick's sister! We don't get the place until Saturday, but are there any cool natural areas to camp at between DC and Hatteras?

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August 13, 2003

ride the worm

'pthhhhht!' Nya-hah! About a month ago I had a corrupt Outlook file, and thought it was a virus. So I freaked out and downloaded all the latest security and support patches, and had my antivirus software updated. No killer virus for me today, fine thank you.

Troubled...troubled...must keep mouth shut, fingers stayed. Not one, two, but THREE bloggers who have gotten or are thinking about getting dogs after recent changes in relationship histories, good or bad. Dogs are great when your life has been stable and you have the time and energy for one. But they also have souls and are beings that require care, and are not things to be had or discarded like Hummel figurines. As I watched my ex obtain, discard, and obtain dogs yet again (multiple times) I know I do have strong issues about this. Dogs are part of your family, and it takes more than euphoria or depression to make such a decision. Just ask anyone who works at an animal shelter on how little thought is put into dog ownership.

There, I said it. I know I'm gonna get into trouble for saying that though. Mitzhi, Our Lady of Sagacious Temperance, tried to defend all of you, but I still had to say it, especially after the third blogger. It just ain't right.

Interestingly, the major topic of discussion at yesterday's neighborhood meeting was of the infamous House of Secrets, at 507 T St. across from our house. This guy has been hosting parties for profit for 40 years. Of course this business made it through the Barry administration unnoticed. Even Prince had a party there, as did the Metropolitan Police. The owner has been a slippery fellow, running this nightclub-like enterprise in a 'hood zoned for residential use. Anyway, we are mobilizing and getting a case on him. As for the crackhouses, two are being sold and one is being condemned as a nuisance property. What made the meeting bearable was the presence of Officer McWoof from the DC Metropolitan Police. Hairy forearms, 'stache, simian cast, bright eyes. Grrr.

And again, happy birthday to Vince! Send him an e-mail if you can think up a cool band name.

Hey, has anyone seen the alternate ending for 28 Days Later? I mean the scary ending, the not happy ending. Don't worry, I don't mind spoilers, and may just see it if you make it sound cool.

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August 12, 2003

cake, and eating it?

I second Bubba on the gym motivation issue of late. I know I should be going to work off stress, but it's the same stress that seems to be exhausting me and keeping me from going. That and I'm not eating what I should and getting body fat levels as low as Toddo's. And of course there's the humid DC August weather we're having, which sort of sucks the energy out of you. But we can't complain...it's been a lovely summer once it got started.

Tonight I'll have to skip the workout and rugby practice again, as there's a neighborhood meeting which will likely address the ghetto crack shooting issues. I feel obligated to go, having witnessed the shooting. I'll have to cut it short though, as it's Fitz' secret birthday party tonight! I'm looking forward to it, and had fun last year as well.

Sunday night I had a phone chat with Ron. He wanted to check with me to see if it was ok that he was making plans on going to Provincetown for a getaway. Does this not sound like a relationship? I kind of laughed, as we are not 'officially dating' right now, and thus I think I shouldn't feel obligated to care that he's going. I was flattered that he asked, however. It is confusing though, since he claims to need space and distance, and yet we say one thing and behave otherwise. The phrase about having your cake and wanting to eat it comes to mind, and I think we need to discuss the definitions of where we are right now. Saying one thing, doing the other confuses me, and I worry that one day it will frustrate me and sour the mix.

I can say one thing though, I'm certainly not being pushed into a relationship like last time. However, I feel no need to push anything, as dark times may be ahead. I know I can survive it without a boyfriend, and certainly would not want to put the vicegrip on him just for security. That's wimpy and weak. I know I may not be the most optimal or jolly mate in the upcoming months, so I don't feel I have many cards to put on the table anyway.

But you can always restore your faith in love with movies. I watched AmÈlie last night, and it was sweet. The guy she fell in love with was cute, with a nice big French schnoz.

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August 11, 2003


Woo-Hoo! I'm off to West Virginia this weekend! A friend of mine has a cabin out there somewhere near Petersburg, where the hills (they call them mountains around here) are rolling and the tounges are not. It'll be a much needed and appreciated getaway. I'm bringin' my hiking boots, my fishing pole, my digital camera, and a good book.

The job I interviewed for last week was a legislative correspondent & Web/IT support position in a Representative's office on the Hill. The job looked very cool, but the pay did not, as is typical of jobs on the Hill. I'm not a trust fund kid as our legislative process demands for those who work there, so I think I'll pass as I have car payments and rent to take care of. I'm applying for a job at the George Washington University this week. I'm a hair short of feeling totally confident of that job, but as Gurl says, it's good to challenge yourself.

Look at what I did yesterday. 50 photos from this summer's Renegades events. Sorry, no game pics, but plenty of general tomfoolery to be seen.

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August 10, 2003

finding jimbo

Friday came around and I was tuckered, but managed to watch a new episode of Stargate at Gurl's place. You know a series is nearing its end when hapless comedic characters are introduced. I call it the "Scrappy-Doo Factor". In this case a floundering nutty scientist managed to screw up the Stargate system. He was annoying, much like Scrappy-Doo. It is my hope to see him only in bit parts in the future, with further development only for the main characters, but television history repeats itself, I'm afraid.

Remember Scrappy-Doo? He was put into the Scooby gang to retain an audience that was going beyond the original age range of the series. Most movies and TV shows do this sort of thing. Jar-Jar Binks (must kill Jar-Jar) and others are also in that milieu.

Saturday I got to sleep in (aaah) and then get lots of resume and porfolio stuff done. I'm kind of excited at this opportunity to get back to something I'm good at, and of course a little terrified about being unemployed again. We'll try to get our sleep and not think about that though.

Then Ron and I went to see Finding Nemo, which was as good as everyone said it would be. I especially liked the French cleaning shrimp for some reason, and of course Dory and her grasp of various whale dialects. While she couldn't remember the name of Marlin's son, I was waiting for her to use the name 'Jimbo' in addition to Harpo, Fabio and Julio in place of Nemo.

Come to think of it, it was the first movie Ron and I have seen together. When going to a movie for the first time with a guy you've been going on dates with, there's always that awkward moment at the end where you have to pause to make sure he's not the type of person who watches the credits. I'm usually outta there, as I usually have to pee really bad. But when you pause for a while, maybe he is pausing for you, and then you both sit there pausing for each other, wondering if the other one really wants to leave.

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August 8, 2003

maybe i could

Coming home from work earlier this week, I saw the same accursed car that drove the crack shooters to and from the shooting scene and dealing scene. This time a white dude was dealing crack or performing Human Resource duties with a couple of the 'hos. I dialed 911 immediately with the make of the auto and the license plate number (Maryland, mind you).

Maybe I could be a police officer or a detective.

Last night at 7pm rugby practice, I spotted one of my teammates snuggling right up to his duffle bag to get ready for a nice nap. This is not a normal reaction to a heavy practice or a common sprain. Another teammate was standing nearby (in perfect health mind you), and I mentioned to him, "Umm...that's not right." The ambulance came later on and picked him up for a bad case of dehydration.

Maybe I could be an EMT or a nurse.

Today at work they were filming footage for training videos. The camera crew had me packing boxes in my office, shooting the scene over and over again. I hope my butt didn't look big.

Maybe I could be an actor.

Yesterday I really enjoyed my workday. I converted these training manuals (that I have such a tough time writing) into HTML. For some reason I have more zeal with prettying graphical-based text than with hard copy text.

Maybe I could be a webmaster.

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August 7, 2003

a bird in hand

A bird in hand is worth two the Bush administration, which are decidedly evasive these days. That's my approach to yesterday's interview. Should I get an offer, it won't be a very meaty bird. More like stringy and undernourished. But it's a pretty bird which would look good further down the road. But I'm not sure I could survive on such sustenance, but I may be counting my chickens too early anyway.

For now I'll chalk it up as a good warm-up interview, having set my voicemail to a more professional message, bought a long-needed suit, and now have my resume up to date.

I went to Ron's later that evening in quiet Takoma Park. I like it up there, and of course the company too. We sorta had our first disagreement, or more like my bad communication and decision making regarding dates to get out of town. I think I fucked up committing to an offer to go to a friend's cabin in West Virginia after previously committing that weekend to Berkely Springs with Ron. Well, at least I know how to detect when he's upset. We were both fairly tired last night too, and were a veritable barrel of laughs.

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August 5, 2003

burl's eye for the queer guy

The one day I ride along with a coworker instead of driving myself out to the Hellmouth and we get stuck there beyond the usual departure time. I had much to do with tomorrow's events and all, so I called up Burl, who rescues me like Buffy does with Dawn. Thanks Buffy!

It was kismet, as Burl was also shopping for interview clothes. So we headed off to the Dulles Towne Center to shop at            and I got me some fly affordable suitwear for tomorrow. I never shop for clothes alone, so thank God Burl was there to be my discriminating Carson for the evening.

On the ride back to the Metro, we talked about urban vs. suburban (rural, in Burl's case) living, and I'll have to admit after witnessing this weekend's shooting, I'm no longer sold on living in DC proper anymore. Turns out one of the shooting victims died, while the other one who made his own way to Howard University Hospital survived. If I was a mere minute behind in getting across that corner to my neighbor's house, I could have been caught in the crossfire. I'm not planning on moving anytime soon, but should the time come, the suburbs will no longer be discounted.

The job is odd now at this point, as I'm still going to do some training this month and in September. I guess I don't suck at training, just the documentation part. I'm approaching it daily as if I'm a temp now, still doing my best, but with a mind that it will also end.

Interview tomorrow: I'm shaved, prepped, fly and armed with references and a fabu portfolio. Oh, and I'm afraid it's not a job at the CIA or with the MIB. Neither have much presence on the web. But it could be a good fit for me should the salary offer be right.

FYI faithful readers: I've removed the link to this weblog from the jimbo.info root address so casual surfers (read: potential employers) won't casually find my ramblings on my everyday life. It's first and foremost for me, then maybe for you, but not for them, so bookmark the address for this blog on your browser, or commit it to memory.

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August 4, 2003


Thanks to the good graces of a very helpful coworker, I may have an interview on Wednesday. I can't say where, and should I get the job I probably won't for a while. But let's just say I may need to buy a suit and get more familiar with how our government works...very familiar.

Aaaaugh! I need a suit...a blazer...anything! I have ONE, which I hope fits my somewhat larger frame.

I'm feeling a bit better today due to the help of a workout, which I plan on sticking to regardless of my situation for stress relief purposes.

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August 3, 2003

neighborhood shootings

Fucking crackheads. Fucking dealers. Fucking ghetto-ass bullshit. Today I witnessed a drug-related shooting on the corner of Florida, T and 6th, NW. I was on the doorstep of my neighbor's at 601 T, dropping off some fresh sunflowers for the party to be held this afternoon. I had rung the doorbell and was waiting for Mrs. Kravitz to answer, when I heard two shots. There, right across the street was a small compact car, whose passenger had his arm out the window, smoke rising from his gun. Two victims ran away. It was the same car I saw a deal going down in on Friday. The car sped down T.

Mrs. Kravitz let me in the house, and I was most concerned with finding a nice vase for the flowers, as it takes from 1 to 24 hours for traumatic events to sink in. He probably thinks I'm so jaded, but I did freak out some time later. I've made statements with local law enforcement representatives. A big thundershower is now rinsing away the thick trail of blood that went from the scene to Howard University Hospital where one of the victims ran to.

As a result, I'm going to Berkeley Springs with Ron this coming weekend, and to a cabin with another neighbor the next. Fuck DC. Fuck job drama, crack drama, and urban drama. Don't be suprised if I hole up with a fine 22-titted sow in the mountains and don't come back.

Yesterday I got a lot of small chores done, including resume updates. Later that evening I went to a party, where I left early to meet up with Keith at the Eagle. I was a bit buzzed when Keith mentioned that our last round was bought by someone named Mitzhi. It took me a while ("Who the fuck is 'Mitzhi'?") but when I realized who it was, she must have had her Invisibility Belt in the 'on' position, as I couldn't find her. She slithered up later to chat. Thanks Mitzhi!

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August 2, 2003

100 more things about me

Since I have a new part-time job searching for work by the fall, I'll be pretty busy. Expect fewer blog entries, Friendster messaging and correspondence (unless it's about jobs). So, I'm bloghumping Peachtree Tard today, with 100 more things about jimbo:

  1. most hated mundane task: grocery shopping
  2. most beloved mundane task: windshield washing with squeegee
  3. major kinks: none of yer business, but there are many
  4. minor kinks: thick forearms, contrasts, dorky walks
  5. i prefer unscented laundry detergent and deodorant
  6. i think i'm going to live a long time, and am planning on it
  7. i'm not so sure about true love
  8. but i think He's still out there
  9. i think DC needs better arborculture
  10. i think the 'gay community' is a construct for those who are bound to the bar-culture, and that we have the freedom now to choose our own communities
  11. i wanna be a rock star
  12. i just bought a guitar
  13. but i'm being strangely secretive about it
  14. i think i'm losing enthusiasm for rugby
  15. but i don't know why
  16. i'm totally scared of the owner of the company i work for
  17. i'm a total garden fag
  18. but i think most everyone else doesn't know as much as i do about gardening, so they rarely believe me or listen to me
  19. i think most cute people don't think they're cute
  20. but those that do aren't quite correct
  21. i worry that my life to be won't be as exciting as it once was
  22. i worry that my career already hit its peak
  23. i worry about being in debt forever
  24. i worry that it's impossible for me to 'make it' in DC
  25. i feel very strongly that Elton John would make a really great Dr. Octopus in the next Spider-Man flick
  26. i'm terribly excited that there may be a live-action Transformers movie
  27. i have good friends here in DC, sometimes too many to keep up with
  28. i feel sad when they move away. everyone should stay in DC with me
  29. i have often deleted other people's comments on my blog. i'm a total blog dictator that should be deposed by an expensive US invasion force
  30. there's this odd little pore on my leg that's like there forever and needs to be squeezed once in a while
  31. i worry about young gay men, having missed the really scary AIDS shit in the 80s, and that they don't know enough about how to protect themselves
  32. i'm happy that America addresses racism so much more than other countries, but we still aren't doing enough. as in 'we' i also include non-whites
  33. people need to stop having so many goddamn kids
  34. i am sad that 17th street is no longer a queer game trail and watering hole
  35. i can waterski fairly well
  36. i don't do well in direct sunlight
  37. i don't actually eat as many marshmallow peeps as i like being fascinated by them
  38. this time around its going to be all about communication
  39. this time around i'm going to listen to that little voice more often
  40. this time around i'm not going to bend at every juncture
  41. this time around there will be compromise
  42. i keep a 12-count box of colored pencils, and a 24-count box of Crayolas
  43. the only std i've ever had is crabs, but i've had them a bunch of times
  44. i'm totally grossed out by things like crabs, ticks, leeches and intestinal worms
  45. i'm bad at math, really good with biology stuff
  46. it has taken me over two weeks to finish this list
  47. due to my tonsillectomy, I can no longer make purring noises like Eartha Kitt
  48. however, I'm immune to the effects of Brain Freeze
  49. i prefer toilet paper coming out from over the roll, not from under
  50. i prefer riding my bike over driving in the city
  51. i'm an aggressive driver, and i need to work on that
  52. i can ride a unicycle
  53. i can snag a salmon
  54. i don't think i'm persistent enough when pursuing men, as i fear i'll be labeled as too intense or a stalker
  55. i still go into the pet shops and look at the puppies and parakeets, but i don't actually want one
  56. if i have the time, people-watching is one of my favorite things to do
  57. i think starlings are pretty
  58. and newts are cute
  59. if i don't get enough sleep i get really cranky, overemotional and sometimes paranoid
  60. i stop reading some blogs if they leave a bad taste in my mouth or are boring and have nothing to say
  61. autumn is my favorite season
  62. i reserve the right to say mean and nasty things on my own blog, but just remember that blog entries are only a sliver of my mindset and life
  63. i will survive this blog trend and continue blogging after this craze ends
  64. i need to reduce my time on the Internet
  65. gawd i hope Bush doesn't get involved in any more countries
  66. i need to start writing fiction and stuff too
  67. i am currently delicately nursing a hardy crop of moonflower vines in the front yard
  68. i prefer to keep my nether regions shaved
  69. i'm getting too good at this resume thing
  70. best hangover cure for me: a Pepsi and a Snickers bar
  71. but i just don't drink that much anymore
  72. default drink: sam adams or a rum and coke
  73. i love wine, but it gives me headaches
  74. i don't have much luck with online hook-ups
  75. i'm much more successful in realtime
  76. i eventually want a country cottage, a cabin in the hills, or something like that
  77. but no beach house. it's just not my style
  78. my castor bean seeds never germinated this year
  79. i wait impatiently for my fish to start spawning, but they're so goddamn celibate
  80. when i was a kid, i kept tadpoles and monarch butterfly caterpillars and raised both to adulthood
  81. i tried the same thing with a baby bunny, but it died
  82. i luuuv strawberries
  83. i'm worried about 'Tard
  84. i can only lay out in the sun on the beach for about a half hour...i just don't like to bake for that long
  85. i still find ShopKo, K-Mart, and Target absolutely fascinating and a wonder of modern product distribution
  86. i don't think every goddamn blog entry needs to have a comment on it...just sit back and relax, OK?
  87. i'm amazed i'm still alive today considering the things i did as a teen
  88. as a kid, i took all these humongous furniture boxes and made this cool-ass cardboard box fort complex. secret doors and everything. no girls allowed
  89. there are those that made snowmen, and those that knocked them down. i made snowmen
  90. my nanny was a springer spaniel named Coco
  91. i think i've given up on cats. anything that has to shit in a box and pukes up its own hair must be nasty
  92. i swear my arm hair gets fluffier in the summer
  93. i think i found my first grey chest hair the other night
  94. there are already a few around my temples and on my chin
  95. i was a naturalist at a lutheran bible camp one summer
  96. my legs were fantastic that year! the camp was in a steep-walled valley, and I was going up and down those hills every day
  97. if i were a transformer, i'd be the blue tape recorder one with all his little cassette buddies that came out of his chest. soundwave, i believe. he was a bad guy, but he was cool
  98. i'm currently feeling so lucky to be acquainted with dreamy ron that i feel like i've shifted planes or something
  99. don't call me on your cell phone from a noisy bar, on the highway with your windows open, or with your radio cranked loud in yer car
  100. there are two bloggers on my list that i'm all swoony for, two i just wanna get it on with, but only two i've done the deed with

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August 1, 2003

lame duck

I had a good time last night at our season kick-off. Kissed and made up with the cockblocker, met Aram, and took lots of pictures (soon to come). There was plenty of beer and greasy food too. Our assistant coach, who just underwent a quintuple bypass, miraculously showed up like the trooper he is. An old teammate from years ago may play with us again this season.

I squealed in astonishment as I saw that teammate Kenny was wearing a vintage Prince concert tee from the 1988-'99 Lovesexy tour. I like was TOTALLY at the same concert! His was in far better condition than mine...I guess he didn't wear his much, but it was a fun blast from the past.

Well, it's official - we had a finality talk at work today and my superiors have decided things just aren't working out for me with my job. I have until about mid-September there, so the search is on. All you DC readers keep a lookout for public affairs, environmental or biology work in the DC Metro area or on the Metro line. I've got tech and Web skills, but would like to do coordination or project management jobs too.

This evening, after some driveway weeding with my roomate, we went over to the Velvet Lounge for some fine Schlitz beer (on special!) with some neighbors. On the way back, we saw some firsts for my 'hood: an Ethiopian (Eritrean?) crackwhore and a midget crackwhore. Classic Shaw.

From Thursday's rugby season kickoff: Michael Stebbins - Lord of the Abyss.

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