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April 29, 2003

chewbacca, cherry & choices

I never heard that Chewbacca won MTV's Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997! Now that's a good trivia question if I ever heard one. Chewbacca is one of my idols, and I do a pretty good imitation of him - just ask anytime. When I was a kid, we had a cocker spaniel named Chewbacca. SPOILER: In one of the final three episodes of the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies, Chewbacca dies a heroic death saving Leia and Han's twin Jedi children from an assasination attempt.
:' (

I sure hated myself on Monday, when I had to work out at the Hellmouth from 9am until Midnight training people. Not having gotten much sleep the nights before caught up on me, but at least I had some long meal breaks and even a nap between shifts.

Had lunch with Don today, and he asked me if I was nervous about the bachelor auction on Friday. I assured him I'm more nervous about simply making it to Friday, as we have a big deadline at work. But I've gotten a lot of progress on my training docs, so I think I'll survive. I was remarkably resilient today on such little sleep, but I'm going to bed very early tonight.

We'll have another rugby match on Saturday, followed that evening by some fundraising at Cherry, where the rugby team will be serving water to the aqua-starved circuit gurls. I get off my shift there at Midnight, and if there's still some twinkle in my step after all that, I'll dance for a bit if I can.

From Jocko: some gay punk performer I've never heard of who's awfully hot and performed a song called "I FUCKED YOUR BOYFRIEND" on MTV. Sadly, I missed it.

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April 28, 2003

well, that was groovy

Something like every 4th Sunday of the month is this goove down on U Street called Blowoff. Sittin' down on my chair against the wall, I'm a sessile being for the ebbs and flows of woofy DJ Richard and Bob Mould.

"Bob Mould...that sounds familiar..."
"Yeah, he was in Sugar and Husker Du."
"Oh, wasn't name that on the shirt the Indigo Girls wore on that album cover? Please pardon my ignorance."

And I'm from south of Minneapolis. No clue here. What's new?

If these keys would stop moving I'd continue...there. The sponge returns to his reef to suck in more sights and sounds. A little heavy house, a little loungey, a little bit o chillout. No jungle or pots and pans. Is this a gay crowd? I wasn't sure. And that's what was so nice about it. Kakhis and jeans, some sagging, some tight. Bears and twinks dancing happily together? No one was concerned with appearance, and a good time was being had by all. It wasn't real. They tell me it's the punk queer crowd from the 930 club, and it looks the part. I'm pleased and beaming from my place against the wall. And it's only three blocks from my house. Sad it's so seldom, but good things don't always come around so much.

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April 27, 2003

where were you in 1993?

Yesterday we played D&D and bid a sappy farewell to a recent addition to our group who was much cherished. As usual we ate a shitload of nasty food, but it was OK because I had played 60 minutes of rugby beforehand.

Here's what I ate: half a bag of gummi bears, many samples of raw chocolate chip or sugar cookie dough, General Tso's Chicken, several glasses of Dr. Pepper, pretzel stubs and dumplings.

And I can still see my abs.
>; P'

Fucking great! Of course my headshot is put right next to the celestial being's headshot on our bachelor auction page. Oooh, but you get to go with him to see Margaret Cho. I just might go bid on him myself!

Fitz startled me by reminding me that 10 years ago today (or so) was the 1993 March on Washington. I wish I had a scanner to get the really groovy early 90's pics of me with all my Freedom Rings goin' on. Back then I was the Big Fag On Campus (BFOC) at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. I was president of both the 10% Society and the Environmental Council. Our G/L/Bi/Whatever group took busses from Madison to DC, and I think we stayed somewhere in Maryland. I remember coming up out of the DuPont Circle metro and seeing gay people EVERYWHERE. It was just thick with queers, and a sunny day to boot.

At the conclusion of the festival, of course I had to take a shit, so I waited in line at the rows of port-o-potties. The final speaker had finished the closing speech, and meanwhile I was just starting to prepare (I'm a folder, not a buncher) the cheap toilet paper in my sweltering, heinous prison. And then they play 'Everybody's Free' and I'm still wiping. The song was done and I finally got out of the stanky blue cell, party over.

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April 26, 2003

faux flanker

Today we played a disappointing match against UMBC and UHSUSHS or something like that. They were great teams to play against, but it seemed like the Renegades had a limited amount of energy and players to spare. We didn't lose by much, but it seemed that the points that were tried against us despirited many of the players. It sucks when you're playing eagerly and it seems your teammates have given up. I wasn't all that either, but had a few good plays run and even got to play flanker in the front row for about 20 minutes, which was interesting. I'll stay in the back line if I can in the future.

Here's one fruit of my labors: a photo gallery of this season's events and matches for our team.

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April 25, 2003


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April 24, 2003

what? earth day?

Earth Day came and went with little notice this week. There was a time in the early 90's where I would be on the Earth Day organizing committee on campus manning an action alert booth in the student union, urging other students to help save Northern timber wolf habitat. Now I'm printing up dozens of single-sided drafts of the documents I'm editing at work, only to mark them up and throw them away in a recycling bin of questionable destination. It's a bit easier to remember Earth Day when you're working in a wildlife refuge instead of an urban setting.

I landed here in DC at a moment where I needed a big gay population to swim through. I had spent far too much time on the steppes in a former gulag settlement, on a wildlife refuge in Alaska known for its remoteness, or at college in Central Wisconsin. I needed to try myself at some big gay wildlife refuge for a change. Even back then, I had the wisdom to know my home didn't need to be the cliche gay American destinations of New York City or San Francisco. I had spent some time in San Francisco, and had deemed it to be 'too much' even after only a year of being out. I still feel that way about both cities.

Today the biggest treasure I possess in DC is my friends, not the gay community at large. My friends are probably the only things keeping me here. I can't envision living anywhere else right now anyway. There's a gay ghetto in any big city, with different demographics of course. Here, most of my friends have a degree, if not a Masters' or a J.D.. They've all traveled somewhere outside the U.S. They're smart and have opinions other than where 'the' place to shop is. Sounds snobby and pretentious, but that's the kind of person I like to hang out with.

But lately the urban setting has been getting to me. The noise, bad air, crackwhores, pushy people and the skyrocketing cost of living. Why am I here? Am I happy here? One of my unmet goals was to find a relationship, or at least try my hand at one. I felt that moving into a big city with a big, educated, well-traveled gay population would increase my chances of finding a relationship. That having been done and failed, I often find myself questioning my need to be in a city at all. If I can't find a relationship in the city after seven years, it's obvious my chances never really increased by moving into the city. While gay men in rural settings are desperate, lonely and emotionally underdeveloped; gay men in urban settings are preoccupied with who's next, and aren't all that emotionally developed either.

And my current job hasn't been all that rewarding as of yet. I had a brief time enjoying my former career as a webmaster, but didn't know how good I had it at the time. I squandered my skills, position and paycheck to live for the moment. Now I feel my current job has me wallowing in mediocrity. I'm not doing something I'm passionate about, and it's important to me to feel involved and interested with my work at hand.

These thoughts have me thinking about my current life, and what I could be doing in the future. Further education is certainly on the horizon. But first I pay off all debts, then get going on schooling. I'm thinking environmental policy or coastal ecology at nearby Maryland universities. Then after that, I'll go the Jimbo Way by seeing where life takes me. I no longer feel compelled to live in the city anymore, and I'm concerned about the rising cost of living here. So if rural life calls, I'll give it another shot. This time with a different outlook.

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April 23, 2003

good love

I GOT IT! Finally, after weeks of trying I finally found Prince's "Good Love" on Kazaa.

It brings a flash 2 my heart,
Just the tought of U
Plethora of euphoria in everything we do,
Anyplace 2 zero, U are number one
Baby in the heat of the night,
You're my favorite fun

Speakin' of lyrics, props to Dawg for finally revealing to me the true lyrics for various Janet songs. I had them all wrong. I suppose I could have just looked at the cassette cover and read them.

Check out Gnomeslayer. This movie he made had me gut laughing hard.

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the wisconsin woodchucks

Currently making me wanna shake or shout it:
"Tell me when (Utah Saints Mix)" - Human League
"It Takes Two (Partybreak)" - Fatman Scoop & DJ Kool
"Hard To Say Im Sorry" - Chicago

Northwoods League Baseball presents...
The Wisconsin Woodchucks.
I used to go to college near where they play.

So I finally get in to the doctor's office to see what the hell's going on with me. I've had this soreness all over for five days and am generally tired, so I'm assuming it's my usual strep hassles that will keep ocurring until I get my tonsils removed. Turns out it was just massive post-nasal drip and a cold, but I got some good drugs for it. I also got to have a long chat with my woofy Physician's Assistant, who sometimes shares too much with me. That happens a lot with me - people often share, because I share.

Anyway, he related to me yet more of his misadventures with men. I realized a while back that he had only recently come out, as the things he talks to me about is crap I went through years ago. By now my skin is thicker, my eyes more wide open and my smoke filters are up. Even though he's the same age as me, he's got a long way to go. He's currently hung up on the straight male mystique. Sure, they're hot as they're unattianable, but even if you get one, you'll have to deal with coming out issues for years, or just plain issues. I'll take Queen Kong any day, as she's been through it and is ready for the same things as me. Level-headedness and having already dealt scores big points for me.

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April 22, 2003

A.D.D. Prayer

God grant me the Serenity to accept my tasks at work,
The Courage to focus on one thing at a time,
and the Wisdom to know the difference between work and e-mail and blogging and washigntonpost.com and calling Gurl and looking at bigmuscle.com and looking out the window and planning my week and thinking about what time I should go to the gym and who's going to rugby practice tonight and what I'm gonna do for Memorial Day and how cute that one guy at lunch was and...

Far be it for me to whine about things, but recently it's been quite dry in the nookie and dating scene. Not all of it can be blamed on fate, however. I've been a bit of a flake lately, gathering phone numbers, promising dates and never following up on them, or cancelling outright. I think I tend to make appointments on a Friday, where I'm high from the week's end, and then when the week is looming over me on Monday, I grasp desperately for my precious Jimbo Time.

Or maybe I'm just not ready for such things. It requires some emotional serenity (or recklessness) to be ready to invest in any kind of relationship. It requires a willingness to be ready for some pain and struggle. Sort of like me and rugby last year. I was playing like crap, as I was terrified to get hurt since I had no insurance coverage to take care of a major wound. So I just quit playing altogether. Now I'm fully healed with insurance coverage, and I'm playing (somewhat) well again.

But the comparison ends there. I wasn't really hurt in the last relationship, it just wore me out, more like an Ironman Triathalon than a rugby match. It was a grueling race that found me crawling across the finish line at 11:59:59 P.M. with blisters on my feet and my nose peeling from a bad sunburn. One that requires more rest and ice packs afterwards than stiches and Advil. Nothing that won't heal over. I just don't want to get off the couch right now, I want to keep my feet elevated for the time being.

And there's also the 'When It Rains, It Pours' theory. Things'll come around, I'm sure.

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April 21, 2003


Down in the Alphacade,
plans were being laid.
They came to steal a world begone
and travels never made.

I tried to stop them,
make them see my case.
But their argent passion
put me out of place.

And so we lost it,
everything we had grown.
And now our children
only see unknowns.

This weekend was also apocalyptic movie weekend. I watched Reign of Fire (with a very accentalicious and scruffy Christian Bale) and the latest remake of The Time Machine, both of which showed some gloom and doom about the future, and how we handle it. I don't know why I'm fascinated with disaster and apocalypse themes...I actually liked Costner's Waterworld too. I'm not really expecting our moon to start crumbling or my plane to crash into the Alps, but it's interesting to see what people think would happen and how we meet the challenge.

I made Gurl an Easter basket this weekend too...inside were gummi bears, Magnum condoms, a big Peep and an African-American plush Easter bunny we dubbed 'Bunniqua'.

Me, Chrisafer and Trivia Tard made it out to Fado for trivia night. My team almost won, and it would have been nice to blame the deception of Tard Vader to our loss, but we lost by more than one misguessed question. I tried very hard to squeze the correct answer out of him with buttocks of enamel hardness, but Tard was resistant to my wiles. I should have squeezed harder and pinched is willy right off.

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April 20, 2003

Easter repairs

So I saw Bulletproof Monk last night. It was about as deep as expected. Interesting premise though. Kung fu action not as cool as hoped. Seann Scott can't act, but Mr. Fat can, but can't speak English. NO SHIRTLESS SCENES of SWS whatsoever, with the exception of a zoom in on a 1" X 1" patch of chest (don't ask) which showed blatant evidence of densely packed chest stubble. That boy is a furrball for sure, and one day he will pay for his chest shaving crimes. I will see to it personally.

My escape weekend isn't going as idyllic as expected. The heat doesn't work in the place I'm at, and I've spent Easter morning with the electrician. He's certainly getting a good rate, however. Now the heat works, but I still have this soreness due to allergies or maybe a cold.

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April 18, 2003

Happy Easter to all mah peeps

Happy Easter weekend! I'm certainly happy, as I've found refuge out of DC and will be enjoying myself regardless of the slimy weather. Pollen is at an all time high this week, and I'm feelin' it in my bones. My car is yellow-green in color. Praise Allah for Allegra.

And if you thought I forgot, here's a selection of some of the greatest Peeps sites on the 'net:

Peeps Show
From the same site above, popular desktop images.
Peeps Research

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April 17, 2003

SARS Tard, Don, OK

The redeye shot is from our visit to NYC last year for the rugby match. It was taken by a digital camera in a poorly lit pool. It's probably the best redeye shot I've ever seen of myself, and worthy of posting.

Don lives. I called him the other day to ask how he is. He's a bit despondent now that his anal polyp mining business has folded, but otherwise he's OK.

The SARS-Tard is getting better, although he's plagued with a dry hack. We may go out Monday night to Fado to worship furry woofy Northern Irish guy (what's his name again?), who's apparently the emcee of a trivia game show there. Chrisafer...wanna go?

Chrisafer gets on the soapbox regarding DC voting rights, or lack thereof. I can't make a direct link because his linkage is fucked up, but it's the part about Taxation Without Representation. Are all you bleeding heart liberals out there aware that we are not part of the democratic process? Nobody seems to give a shit about it in this pro-Democracy era. Go check it out.

Yesterday I felt good about work for the first time since I took the job in January. At one point I was able to assert myself about my duties and tasks. Later, I created tangible document, something I produced by my hands, which is important to me. I have autonomy, which as a control freak pleases me. I was also not standing somewhere watching a machine. That drives me crazy. And I have a weekend off, which helps.

I watched the Madonna interview on VH-1, and the premiere of her edited video. Yawn to both the song and the video. I'm sure the first version of the video was better, as the current one sucks. I did spot the Kazakstan national flag in the background though.

I've found a refuge for the weekend, and I'm not telling anyone where I'm going. I'm outta here Saturday morning.

After Saturday's match, I've been having shoulder and hip pain. Part of it is due to the big hit I took, but I know some of it is due to not having worked out my legs at the gym. This pain hit me long ago when I played water polo, and all the physical therapist could do was to readjust my joints and advise working the legs out better. Judging by the bird legs in the photos, that's what I should do.

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April 16, 2003

a slice of today

I decided to also get a tune up for my bike while it's in the shop getting the wheel replaced. Another pricey replacement, now the thief is up to the felony level since he's stolen over $500 in property. They'll be analyzing the cameras in the parking area for sure. I'm suprised at how much the absence of my bike affects my mobility in this city. Metro sucks, and so does my car.

What to do this weekend? I'm mulling over chilling out incognito at home versus leaving town. I need to do both badly, but I also don't want to do a thing. May I have two consecutive weekends, please? There is a potential out of town blogger visit, but I've learned never to make plans around them as many have been unreliable in the past. So the decision rests on whether or not I can get some cheap digs out at the beach, or how motivated I am to travel by Friday.

Did my good deeds last night and called friends and family. Mom says grandma now refers to everyone as 'Bruce'. I'm frightened by the similarities between us since I refer to everyone as 'Gurl'.

I had an interesting talk with a friend who gave me a good look at myself and internet relationships of all kinds. IM chats, e-mails and blog entries often show just a slice of our life, a picture of a moment or our current mood. Amazing how someone can percieve me as intense, bracing himself for an intense visit from me in the future based on one IM discussion from the past. I'm not always that way! In fact, most of the time I struggle just to keep motivated. I only blog after good sleep, some coffee and having found something relevant or funny to say. And normally I'm not a big fan of IMing, but when I do, I will certainly be creative and intense and spend my time on the cam productively. However, I can't maintain that role forever.
>; )

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April 15, 2003

naming conventions

He's not Jimbo, he's The Mighty Jimbo. I'm Just Jimbo. That Jimbo is out west, I'm out east. He's been to far cooler places than me though.

I'm makin' a police report over the theft of my 2nd bike tire. Apparently everyone in the building has met the fucker except me. They will be stopping him when they see him again. I gave my card to the front door security guy and the parking attendants, and emphasized that they call me next time they see him so I can get all psycho on his theivin' skinny bike messenger ass.

So there was this interesting guy I met via Friendster...another Wisconsinite, cute, a little furry and interesting. Except he used a pseudonym when he first corresponded with me. That always sets off alarms. I don't get it! There is only one jimbo, and while I'm not The Mighty Jimbo, I'm very proud to be Just Jimbo. I'm certainly not a Greg or Mike or Buster. I'm also very open about who I am across the board, since there's no other way to be but me (Thanks to Marlo Thomas and Rosey Grier). I'll chalk up his deception to typical DC identity paranoia.

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April 14, 2003

bike tire theft

Grrr...I rode my bike into work for the first time since my front tire got stolen, and after work discovered that my back tire now got stolen. OK, I'll buy a cable now and wrap the whole damn thing up now. The stupid thing is that the parking attendants saw the same guy with a new tire this second time. Another $200 down the drain.

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April 13, 2003

the waterboy

~ femmy cell phone ring ~

Jimbo: Aww, shit, it's my coworker Jeff. What now? Last-minute late-night shift at the Hellmouth? Answers phone...
Jeff: "Hey Jimbo, this is Jeff. Sorry to bother you but I just wanted to let you know that The Waterboy is on channel 35."
Jimbo: "Oooh! Thanks!"

Aww...my straight clone coworker brothah Jeff knows that Seann Scott has a cameo in The Waterboy, and he called just to let me know! What a great coworker.

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a Renegades win

Moods have improved now that the sun is out and I got to play quite a lot outside during our match against the Boston gay rugby team, the Ironsides. We won, the final score was something like 3-48, and I almost got a try. However, thinking that an opponent was right behind me, I passed it to a teammate and the try was lost. Bummer, it woulda been my first try in a 15s match. Local Straight-Acting, Down-To-Earth types came out of the woodwork to watch and socialize after the match as expected.

Here's a pic of me from yesterday's match taken right before the two large gentlemen in the pic gave me a FREE spinal adjustment right when I got the ball. Thanks guys...even with insurance coverage an appointment with the chiropractor can be pricey and time-consuming.

"MOLEYMOLEYMOLEY!" I'm very white, I have a big head and lots of moles.

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April 11, 2003

body count

DC queer blogging community showing a marked drop in blog entries. One casualty to date. Jimbo suspects lack of enthusiasm due to war weariness and shitty weather.

:' (

I'm getting out of here next weekend come hell or high water.

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I'm so outta here

An opportunity to travel to a place you've always wanted to visit, perhaps for business reasons, could come your way today, dear Capricorn. This could be very exciting, but you might have difficulty making the arrangements. Flights might be full, hotels too costly, and responsibilities at home may need to be handled. Nonetheless, you have it in you to find a way to deal with all of this. Think creatively, and go to it!

I'm thinking...I'M THINKING!!! Must...leave...DC next weekend.

The Boston gay rugby team is here for the weekend, and rumour has it I get to start as a wing tomorrow. Burnt out from the week though, so tonight it's just Stargate at Gurl's. There was a barbeque social tonight, but I try not to attend events on 24-hour notices.

I gave my patronizing teammate a talkin' to last night, and he claims his outbursts, or lack thereof, are due to discomfort in a new position on the field. Oddly, he doesn't talk that way to the straight teammates. I've seen it all before...

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April 9, 2003

dontalella versassy

Babs, Celene, Cher, Don. They all threaten to leave us, but then they go out and get a fabulous makeover, botox and trim here and there, and always can be counted on to come back.

Jeez...I was really cranky this morning. Gotta cut back on that dark roast.

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Miss Goody Puritan

Does anybody know anything about true Wiccanism and stuff like that? I heard something about not using it as a weapon for vengance and stuff like that, as it's apparently against the true Wiccan religion. Anyhow, threats of violence are frowned upon in many religions, and isn't usually conducive for good relations between people as a general rule.

Speaking of geeky: Don't Come Crying To Me When You Need Someone Who Speaks Elvish.

"Frankly, Steven, given your current level of engagement, I'd be surprised if you could be bothered to study a crude, simple language like Klingon, with its guttural consonants and inelegant constructions."

On a different note, there was a telling encounter on Saturday during the pre-match warm-up. I think I was talking about the Eagle or something, and cute straight Scottish Matt asked what the gay obsession was with leather. I gave a general response, speaking for those who do leather and all that, by saying: "Well, I think since we've overcome one big social taboo [being gay] we find it easy to check out other taboo subjects."

At that moment, one of my grumpy uptight overworked out-of-shape Republican teammates interposed himself rudely into the conversation without knowing the background of the conversation and blurted out, "Harrr...speak for yourself."

Well, Asshole, I was answering a general question with a general answer, making a generalization about people I'm generally familiar with. And I wasn't talking to you. Said asshole also ignores me outright on the field even though I have two years of rugby over him. Said asshole will get a talkin' to if he continues to transpose his frustrations over breaking up with another teammate on to me. Take a break if you can't handle it, otherwise don't piss in yer own pool.

I'm just bitching out loud, but that type of discussion is sooo typically DC (especially with those who've seroconverted to GOP-Positive). People tend to let out Puritanical gasps of shock when such subjects like that come up, and yet later you see them on www.M4Mtelephonepolesex.com the next week with a telephone pole shoved up their ass. That shit just steams me up. It's no secret that hypocricy is the bread and butter in this town, but it still suprises me coming from people I know.

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April 8, 2003

domicile of elemental evil

Last week was the roofers, this week was the boiler replacement - which nudged a latent fissure in our main water supply, so now the house has no source of water. Luckily, insta-Peace Corps flashback kicks in. Flush toilet with bucket water from stream, use boiled water for the rest. I'm at work until late tonight, but I'm gonna suggest to the roomate/homeowner that he get a bucket of water from the nieghbors. I don't feel confident relying on the storage tank supply of water in the toilet should I get several Undeniable Movements that you just know always happen when you have no water. Again, water hoarding instincts kicking in from Peace Corps.

Backpacking and trip plans are in the works. Easter and Mother's Day weekends already booked up. Waiting to hear about the availability for Memorial Day weekend from work. I'm all into this vacation thing now that I have a job for some reason.

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April 5, 2003

canolis and creamed

Last night I went to Camden Yards again with Fitz and Will and some of their friends. A good time was had by all, although it was a bit chilly. Fortunately, none of us were all that interested in the game, and since the tickets were free, we went off to gorge ourselves on canoli products at Vacarro's in Baltimore's Little Italy area. Mmm...cheesecake.

Today I trekked way the hell out to Winchester to play a match. I sucked, we sucked in general, we lost. My head was up my ass most of the time, but I did get one good tackle as fullback. In the congeniality match I got some scrumhalving in, but was pretty pooped by the end of it. Time for more running!

A broadband apology to all my peeps out there I used to have lunch with and hang out with and all that. I've been a recluse, needing whatever time I have left to regenerate and recharge. I've been working six days a week, many times outside the beltway, which adds to my time away from myself and friends. Hopefully the weekend work schedule will end soon. I'll have to try to figure out how to do quick lunches or something soon too, but no more treks out to Capitol Hill for lunch, OK?

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April 4, 2003

happy birthday to dawg

Do send Dogpoet a happy birthday wishes on Saturday.

While I park my bike below our downtown office two dungeon levels below the complex, some enterprising hoodlum stole my front tire yesterday. More expenses replacing the tire, and time spent running around town picking up the maimed bike and taking it to the potsmoker bike store. Hopefully, all transportation issues are now resolved.

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April 2, 2003

the castor bean plant rebellion of 2003

When I was growing up in Wisconsin we would always grow castor bean plants near the house, as they had a very exotic jungley look to them. I tried growing some in the front yard here in DC last year with fantastic results regardless of the drought and horrid heat. My neighbors loved them too, and I promised to get them some seeds this spring, since they're so cheap.

But I've been busy with work lately, and there's only one store over on Capitol Hill that sells them. So when I heard that my coworker was going there, I asked him to get me some.

I wish it had been a deliberate joke on him, since it was April Fool's Day when he went in to Fragers' hardware and garden store and asked for some castor bean seeds. His request was met with alarm, as apparently the sale of castor beans in the District is now discouraged. It turns out that castor beans can be used to create ricin, a potentially deadly poison, third only in toxicity to plutonium and botulism. Ricin was recently found in a London flat, where a terrorist sleeper cell was busted. Castor bean seeds are also apparently banned there as well.

Well, I happened to save last years' seed pods just to see if they would sprout this spring. I'll give some seeds to my neighbors with the warning that they could get busted due to alarmist terrorist concerns. I myself will be planting them yet again in the front yard as an act of conscientious gardening objection of my rights to free horticulture. While I understand the concerns, I'm no terrorist and I don't know how to create ricin out of castor bean seeds, so let the Castor Bean Plant Rebellion of 2003 begin with a seed. I feel that the confiscation of nail clippers at airport gates and banned garden plants is a bit silly. So should I disappear mysteriously this summer, you know McCarthyism (apologies to Chrisafer) has ensued.

In other news, on Friday I'll be going to watch the Orioles play the Red Sox up in Baltimore thanks again to Fitz and Will. Yes Fitz, you got me and found my ad...so have many other bloggers it seems. Bask in the glory of the intelligent callipygeous curvature of my behind like everyone else. Or just kiss it...if I let you.

Today I got my car back from the collision center, and it's good to have my Big Girl back. Much thanks to Jon, who loaned me the use of his car for a week and a half without me even asking. I got him a big gift certificate to Fresh Fields so he can buy more gluten-free Borg paste. It's good to have an automatic back though, even though she's a gas hog.

I'll get to play rugby again on Saturday due to a more flexible work schedule. This time it's against a men's team and this time I want to play more than just a half, goddammit. Apparently practice attendance, physical fitness and tenure as a team member doesn't matter much to the coach. I hope my performance last Saturday will allow me more time on the pitch this Saturday. Sadly, while Saturday night is Madonnarama at Nation, my toes just don't have that twinkle after 80 minutes in cleats, so I'll have to pass or Die Another Day. Plus, I have to work on Sunday.

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