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October 30, 2002


I wasn't being very polite to my friends last night at the restaurant. My eyes kept shifting out the window, where a group of cops were pulled away from their Drag Race facilitation duties to attend to an unruly drunk gay man. He had wandered upstairs to Windows and was politely escorted back out. Barely concious, his head nodded off now and then. The cops and restaurant waiters sat him down on a plastic chair outside the restraunt under a large umbrella, facing the chair towards the street in anticipation for the race. Uninterested and unconcious, his chin bobbed down to his chest.

My rude people watching habit continued. Not soon after the drunk man passed out, a party of bois near our table in the restaurant got up to leave. As they passed our table, I recognized one guy from the gym and his boyfriend Dave, who I had chatted with long ago. Back then, he could have been described as 'beefy', but in an attractive way - to me, that is. Today he's slimmed down quite a bit, but has not yet upgraded his wardrobe. The backside of his jeans sagged noticeably, his belt was his jeans' only salvation from falling down. He had what I call the No Ass syndrome, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in our community these days, and not due to any virus.

A murder of crows, a herd of sheep, a party of bois...they left the restaurant and loitered a bit just outside our window, not far from the unconcious drunk. They all had No Ass. The group dispersed in twos and threes, leaving a couple to discuss ephemera from the weekend. One was morbidly gaunt, belt wound tight around his waist, No Ass. Dark brown circles ringed his sunken eyes. I doubt he had eaten much in the restraunt, nor had he slept all weekend. Tottering, grabbing a table for balance as he grabbed his water bottle out of his pocket. I wondered what he did for a living, as his living was rather stark.

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October 29, 2002


It was a rainy and cold night tonight on 17th Street and the crowds were sparse for the annual 17th St. High Heel race. I did not run this year, but it was fun to meet up with my bestest gurlfriend Brian, John, and Jeremy.

Brian found a great spot right in front of a midget and a guy with an intentional wig (right), and we didn't have to wait for long before the race began. Many glam gurls were out in style, as was Marie Antoinette.

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October 27, 2002

Angels win!

Yee-Haw! Angels win the world series!!! Can I pick 'em or what? You just listen to jimbo next time, OK?

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October is blog faux pas month

As Spin and Dogpoet know, October is Blog Faux Pas month. This is the month to really screw up on what you say on your blog, and have the wrong person read your blog at the wrong time.

In celebration of Blog Faux Pas month, I wrote a really cool and true story with a funny ending yesterday. I kept the other character in the story anonymous out of respect. Apparently, however, the other character reads my blog frequently and asked me nicely to remove the story. His argument for removal was valid, however, so I removed it. It's too bad...the story is pretty funny, and well-written too if I say so myself. Check the links above for even bigger foot-in-mouth stories from October blogging.

Last night I went to Fitz' pumpkin party. Will was a rather scary approximation of Harry Potter in about 20 years. Pronto was adorable as Lloth, drow goddess of the dark elves, deception, betrayal and spiders. Corey was there too...I'll be seein' him later this evening at the Eagle for a beer. Pics are below...but first:

I posted my Web portfolio today after a very busy day on the 'pooter. Take a look and let me know if you find any bugs, or have suggestions. Be brutal: I'm a Capricorn and I can handle it in the name of absolute perfection. (PS: ROB! Drop me a line about your site redesign! I keep losing your e-mail address.)

Pronto as Lloth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits and dark goddess of the Drow.The Chad, The Kurt, The Mike.This is Fitz. All my friends are this cool. Look into the eye...

Jocko was running around the area today, but was unavailable for comment. That's OK, I've exceeded my quota for meeting other bloggers this month, and November is NYC blogger month. December is Ohio blogger month. Anyhoo, I was busy as hell and probably didn't have the time anyway.

At least ten gay couples spotted today gathering nesting materials at the upper NW Homo Depot off of Rhode Island Ave. I have never seen most of them out anywhere. Makes you think about how to meet guys, when they stay inside all the time and don't come out. Well at the least the married ones dont. One to grow on: not all the guys you can meet are in the gym, clubs or bars. The question is, how do you meet them? Since over 90% of the guys on ICUII are partnered, and an equal sum of the guys on AOL aren't what they say they are, how do you meet these guys? Through blogs, of course

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October 26, 2002

an autumn trip

Haven't we metÖyou're some kind of beautiful stranger.

We had known each other for only a few months, and had decided to get away for the weekend to spend some quality time with each other. As we drove North towards the touristy Bucks County in Pennsylvania the foliage changed from greens to golds and vibrant reds. That morning we went on a brief tour of the Hershey chocolate factory, then later a lazy drive along the rustic and quieter back roads.

You could be good for me, I have a taste for danger.

The acid magnified the fall colors a hundredfold. I spied some scenic train tracks framed by buttresses of flaming yellow and scarlet foliage, going into the woods for eternity. It was too beautiful to pass up, so we pulled over and followed the tracks to forever. Leaves fell in slow motion, twinkling and shining against the clear azure sky. After walking down the tracks for a few minutes we laid down on a sunny patch of grass and gazed into the sky. The canopy was surging like a tide, pulsing into our dilated pupils, maple leaves dividing in half and half again. I looked over and saw he was as fascinated as I was. "Let's go into the woods," I said to him. It was rutting season after all.

I managed to find an easy path into the maples and pines, a game trail frequented by deer. We stopped under a large tree next to the trail and kissed, embraced, enjoying the enhanced sensation of touch. The acid pulsed and made it hard to focus. Peripheral vision was out of the question. I gathered a bit of clarity and spotted a mossy patch of ferns a few paces away. I held his hand and led him towards the tempting clearing.

If I'm smart then I'll run awayÖ

"Hey! What are you two doin' here?" My heart started pounding immediately, adrenaline making everything come into focus in an instant. I looked around for the source of the voice. It came from above the very spot where we had just been kissing. The deer hunter was standing on a tree stand attached to the tree trunk, concealed head to toe in camouflage clothing. He held a compound bow knocked with an aluminum arrow viciously tipped with stainless steel blades. Thankfully the tip wasn't pointing in our direction.

I summoned enough lucidity to stammer innocently, "UmmÖwhere are the train tracks?" I guess he was as taken aback as we were, and he pointed. "Over there. What are you guys doin' here?"

Ignoring his question, we turned and headed back toward the tracks. I looked up over my shoulder and said innocently, "Just hiking along the tracksÖwe got lost." Our pace quickened as we headed back from where we came. We didn't look back.

But I'm not so I guess I'll stay.

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October 25, 2002

busy busy

Today I was a hairs breadth away from gettin' canned again. Came in late, and they decided to crack down on lateness today. I think they like me though, as this little kitty's 9 lives are all spent there. I'll be good now. While the job is agonizing for me, the pay is good and that's a good thing right now.

So I have to work from 8am to 6pm every weekday, and a requisite 6 hours on Saturday. That makes for a tired jimbo when the work there is so boring. And my ass hurts from sitting so much. I'm starting to do the filing standing up now.

Tomorrow night is two Halloween parties. I'll be UPS man at Fitz', but will have to change into my new Hairy Godmother outfit for the Renegades party. UPS man is good as I don't want to get pumpkin gook all over my big boofy Godmother dress. Then a beer with Cory Sunday evening, but that's about it for the socializing. The rest of Sunday will be spent doin' yard and web work.

I'll have to be better with my time management now during the week. Taking a break from CivIII, AOL, Yahoo Messenger and ICUII is a good thing, I think. I gotta save my online time for my web work now.

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i don't play that

Meanwhile, I'm crushing India and the Roman empire as Prime Minister Cleopatra Jimbo of the Egyptians, and the phone rings. WHO DARES INTERRUPT MY CONQUEST!?. It's Nick calling. Nick is this closeted military dude I've been messin' around with lately who works at the Pentagon. I should know better...of course he has this hypermasculine Ice Cube mentality when it comes to our 'visits':

Ice Cube nigga you better d-up
and when I come by bitch
you better be up
ass up, face in the pillow...

Blah blah blah. It's that "disconnect" you often feel from closeted or married guys, the total sexualization of the gay act that I've come to abhor. It's the emotional "connect" that first made me come out in the first place, true emotions and feelings that I prefer with a guy as opposed to just getting off. I think I've had enough of Sgt. Studley, and would like to get Ice Cube back at him:

This right here is payback
from way back
I don't play that

Recognize a real dime
when you see one
and don't try to be one
you fuckin' peon
I been like Deon for eons
you ain't nothin but a biatch

You wanna walk thru these doors
Like a 7-11
any time of day

Think I'm just a bottom?
Don't be a slacker
On Wisconsin
I'm yo Green Bay Packer

Scruffy like Favre
a legend like Lombardi
bring over the 6-pack
an leave the Bacardi

Straight outta the trailer,
cheddar cheese
sharp and aged
u better say please

I cum to deliver
pucker up buddy
and make it quiver

Bois step aside
I like 'em furry
got the rugged look?
cause to worry

Versatile and mean
personality keen
on Halloween
yo favorite drag queen

Salsa and Nellie
my two homegurls
bring on the foundation
and put on the pearls

Bill and Monica?
They ain't got shit
when I light a cigar
u better go down on it

Tell me what to do?
Not without a struggle
And after you come
be ready to snuggle

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October 24, 2002

hard vs soft plans

'whew' Although I thought I didn't feel affected by the sniper lurking around the District, I can feel a palpable release of tension now that it seems to be over. Execution would be to be too quick for the guys. I vote for life in prison, preferrably down in Lorton where some of the less savory on-the-down-low ("DL bruhs" for those of you on ICUII) cousins of the victims can have their fun with the two "Johns".

I had a nice phone chat with my ex last evening. No residual anger or rage from it either, which is nice to feel. Tonight the roomie treated me to a Reel Affirmations feature, a collection of gay short films. It was my first time in the historic Lincoln Theatre. Pretty nice interior.

I will be coming up to NYC for the Gotham/Renegades match November 15-17. Once I get a schedule of the whens and wheres, I will try to meet up (or be staying with) some of y'all. Before I leave, I'll pack all my black clothes and change my font to Verdana 10px.

There, was that so hard? Three weeks before the visit, I can state the start of a schedule, and make some vague promises. Once I know more details, say, a week before I go, I will begin to make more 'hard' plans.

When my hometown friends came to DC for some conferences this summer, they had a firm grip on their schedule, and called in advance a week before arriving in order to spend some quality time with me. Perhaps it's a Wisconsin thing, but their consideration and commitment was admirable and appreciated.

However, Kim and Tina were an exception rather than the rule. Lots of people come through DC for various reasons. Being a big conference town, I have had the pleasure of playing tour guide for scores of friends from across the nation who I haven't caught up with in ages. I love seeing my friends and spending time with folks from out of town.

What is frustrating is when you are given an amorphous period of time to keep open for their visits, with no indication of which day to be free. To hell with grocery shopping, plans with local friends, yardwork, webwork, work in general, working out, or the many other things one does during the week or on the weekend.

Even worse is the last-minute frenzied call for a twenty-minute window of time to meet up for a beer. I have an ex from Kazakstan, now living in the Ukraine, who is notorious for that. He has e-mail, but no warnings are given in advance, and suddenly he's in town, gives you a call and wants to meet up with you that night right after work. Hugh, I'd love to, but I had plans. I don't even indulge him any more other than a brief chat on the phone.

I make resolutions throughout the year, not just on Dec. 31. Be warned. My time is valuable and these days about all I have. I'm becoming set in my ways and expect better from everyone.

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October 23, 2002

Herpie Goes Bananas

By the way: I've renamed my car from The Escape Pod or My Big Gurl to The 2002 Mazda Herpie. It's like a big, silver herpie that I can't get rid of that gets 30mpg. Once a month it flares up my finances, just like herpies does on yer genitals.

While I was pumpin' gas into Herpie, the Love Truck, a neighborhood panhandler that lives down the street from me approached to ask for some change. Then she recognized me, and the car, and laughed a toothless smile.

"I ain't gonna ask you, you tryin' ta sell yer jeep...heh heh..." she cackled as she shuffled away. She made me laugh, I should have given her a buck for the accomplishment.

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October 22, 2002

apocalypse now

Aww...thanks for all the tips and advice y'all. Casey is the man with the answer...aaah, right click on the damn brush to turn it into a pencil tool. That's what I needed to know. It's those little picky tips that make Photoshop such a bitch to handle. I'll work on your website once I'm done with the one that pays. Yes, Bubba, Shane and I were stalking Ben Weber as we were near the bullpen at the Angels/Orioles game this summer. He's got the woofy beard, but oddly enough, crosses his legs like a perfect gentleman when sitting. I think he has back problems. I go to JDub's site only to figure out how to integrate Justin Timberlake into any design, from government websites to insurance company portals. I go to Jocko's site for those cute little pixel icons. Is there a Jocko stalking club? Duh! His whole website is the stalking club.

Groovin' to my old skool rave CD from 1993, my favorite track from Messiah, "Temple of Dreams" features a sample of Richard Dawson in The Running Man firing up a crowd in the year 2025:

"Who loves you? And who do you love?"
"It's time to start...RUNNING!"

And let's not forget the esteemed Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura as Captain Freedom in the film.

Yipee! Kiri fixed the uploading problems with this content management system...here's the promised requisite hottie and gourd pics:
Spraying, spurting on Fullmer
Transporter pic I: Jimbo vs. Glennalicious?
Transporter pic II: I'd like a transfer receipt, Sir.
Harvest for the world desktop image!

As I get better indexing and filing, and the temp job becomes even more boring, my mind begins to wander down its own path, dividing into three, and begins to argue with itself:

Ego: Yeah, and it shouldn't be hard, yer the most available gay bachelor in town! Everybody loves Jimbo!
Superego: Available, huh? Howabout easy. Honey, puh-LEEZ! You are so not ready for a relationship right now. Just get your mess together first, OK?

Shakey arms today...can't...type. Had a great on-the-ball workout doin' the "Glamour Day" regime: press, flyes, tricep push-downs on the ball, supersets for opposing muscles between sets w/o the ball. Super-hottie arm pump, vein runnin' from the top of my shoulder, down the length of bicep, down to the forearms. This temp job's gettin' me riled up after work, and it's paying off!

Sniper hysteria at an all time high today. Beltway and major arteries shut down (or sped up on adrenaline). I'm looking forward to the next year in the area to be REALLY BORING AND UNEVENTFUL. I almost miss the days when our biggest worry was Monica and Bill and Madonna vs. Janet. It was a completely different time back then.

I hear pounding feet in the,
In the streets below, and the,
And the women crying and the,
And the children know that there,
That there's something wrong,
And it's hard to believe
That love will prevail

Oh it won't rain all the time
The sky won't fall forever
And though the night seems long,
Your tears won't fall forever

- Jane Siberry, "It Can't Rain All The Time"

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October 21, 2002

design block

I'm workin' on my first private Web redesign gig for a friend, so I started working on it Sunday. Then...WHAM! | Total creative block. I maraud Jocko and JDub's sites for ideas, search the 'net for micro icons and CSS styles...no luck. HELP! Here are some needs:

Drop me a note in the comments section if you have any ideas, links or suggestions. As a last resort, I'll simply copy someone's corporate site for the basic design.

Now that I'm able to do my temp job faster, I'm finding that without music my mind tends to wander and dwell. Music is the only distraction. No computer at work, and can't goof around by e-mailing y'all or blogging constantly. I'm almost completely through my music selection, and by November I will memorize every Prince, Nickel Creek, Indigo Girls, Sting, Madonna and heavy house lyric in my entire collection.

Yeah, Jocko's firmly planted in the Brad Fullmer Stalking Club along with me and Bubba. Who was drooling over Fullmer years ago? Who gave you the inside scoop on the stud on a monthly basis? Who saw the domination of the Angels over everything? Jimbo, that's who.

Actually, I had no idea, and was just lusting is all. But it was an exciting game last night, tight scores throughout the four-hour game, with lots of hot close-ups of Fullmer's ornery batting face. GRRR! And that shimmy of his when he winds up before the hit gets me cranked. Tune in for the rest of the games, will ya?

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October 20, 2002

24-hour blogger people

"There are no quality guys in (insert your town here)."

Well, that's because they were all in DC this weekend having dessert or breakfast with me. Last night I met up with DogPoet from San Fran, and we had a nice chat about blogging, writing, blog voice, use of code names, parents reading our blogs, recovering, partying and playing, privacy, blogging from work and the dangers thereof, Minneapolis, coming out and a mound of other stuff over some oreo s'mores under a harsh heat lamp at Cosi. Like all bloggers, he's totally hot, far woofier in person, with an appealing Minnesota charm. The only bad thing about him is that he lives on the other side of the continent. If you were a fly on the wall, you would have heard us talking about you...

"She so crazy. Certainly a Renaissance Man, but what do we really know about him? The Queen Bee adored by a swarm of adoring gay drones. You HAVE to meet him! All hail, Lord of the Blog."

Then this morning I had an engaging breakfast with Chris, whose blog has sported a few fresh entries. Handsome and brainy in an attractive way with an appealing Midwest charm >; ) . We chatted about international stuff, Peace Corps, men, Outsports, out gay athletes and more over pancakes and waffles. It was good to meet another local blogger, and one who lives down the street at that!

So while I didn't go out at all this weekend (if you discount Thursday), I had an uplifting, positive time with truly primo guys. Blogging seems to have opened things up in that department.

Urgh...I'd so love to veg the rest of the day, but I have resumes, finances and a website to design. My first private gig! It MUST be PERFECT! Oh yeah, the geek gang got together Saturday to play D&D, for my last duty at being the "Dungeon Master" for a while. I'm takin' a break from it an will let Rob take over for a while. I'll be role-playing Glenndorca, a half-orc sorceress with a 19 Charisma, big blonde bouffant, pink robes, signature bubble-themed spells, her very own battle axe and a voice like Miss Piggy. Jimbo Out.

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October 19, 2002

unhappy feet

Ow. Yesterday I was able to hook up the punching bag at the gym to work off the aggression that's not being spent at rugby practices. So I do some kicking and punching barefoot in the aerobics room by myself, and felt something pull in my foot. Today it's a bit tender, and I realize that that is the foot problem I've been having over the years. Whenever I pivot on my left foot doing a roundhouse kick at the bag, something in my foot doesn't like it. I'll avoid those types of kicks, as I prefer running over kicking. Felt good to take it out on the bag though.

Finally got in touch with Dawgpoet, and I'll be meeting up with him this evening for some cawfee. I'll probably meet up with Chris, another some time blogger, tomorrow for brunch. Don't know his blog URL, as I only come across it blogsurfing once in a while.

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October 18, 2002


Okay, if a stinky dude is exfoliating large visible chunks of callous flesh off of his toes in the locker room, with dozens of other gym patrons milling about, am I out of line asking him to do that at home? Perhaps Tim can offer some advice a la Ann Landers or Dan Savage. Totally, utterly disgusting. Next time I think I'll just be my righteous self and offer him some quiet advice right then and there. Oh yeah, and don't be clipping your toenails in the locker room either, or your fingernails on the bus or subway. Thank you.

Grrr...men. I've forgotten how frustrating being single can be. I suppose I should consider myself blessed that I have so many people to chat with whenever I go out to the Green Lantern, but when I'm in the mood to stalk woofy guys, how do I gracefully get out of nice chats with friends and acquantances? (Another question for Ann Landers.) I no longer have any degree of anonymity in this city.

So I see this guy who I've had engaging chats with on ICUII. He's into the sci-fi show Stargate and is furry. So I go up to him and start chatting, and he immediately stiffens up when I start up some conversation. Then this other guy comes up and pats him fondly on the back. Oh, he has a boyfriend.

So then I try to chat it up with Mr. Monosyllabic Response from San Francisco. I move on.

Then I see this Fitz look-alike, except he's leaner, has more fur, a bigger schnoz and a nice goatee. So of course I go up and chat with him. We hit it off well, and I learn that he's an IT tech and is very nice. Eye contact gets heavy, I feel him up, he responds in kind. After about ten minutes of flirting and more nice chatter he begins talking about his boyfriend who's out of town, a Navy S.E.A.L. Grrr...I seem to attract domestics, it seems. Three strikes, and I go home. However, since the Honey Pot torch has been passed on, it's no big thing. I needed my sleep this week.

While I had a delightful summer with many domestics in "flexible" relationships, I can't do that for long with some guys, especially the ones I like. I have to not be too attracted to a fuck buddy or play with ones from out of town, because when I have continual contacts with the nicer ones, emotional links start to build. From experience, they will never leave their partners (female or male), no matter how fun you are. And if they do, you're setting yourself up for trouble in the future, cuz if they do it once, they can do it again. Emotional shields up at 90%, Mr. Worf.

Dang it, my nomination for Jason in the Brawny Man vote didn't go through. Sorry bud. However, my vote after the primaries goes to Mario the firefighter. Who's your Brawny Man? There's a set of free Brawny Man screensavers there too.

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October 17, 2002

passing the torch

Jeez...seems I need to pass the blazing Honey Pot torch to Corey. He's got more links to hottie pics than I've posted in a month! You take care of that thing, buddy.

Sorry for the sparseness of postings of late. My current temp gig isn't conducive to blogging or even e-mail. I'm at a crude table moving files all day, with no computer at my disposal. I feel so naked at a job without one! It seems my prime blogging time is somewhere between 8 and 10am, when a good coffee buzz is goin' on. When I get home at night I'm tuckered out just from checkin' e-mail, much less write something witty.

Earlier this week I took a trip up to the new Home Depot / Giant Foods complex in upper Rhode Island Ave. area. I did not zig-zag hysterically through the parking lot, I did not peer apprehensively into the shadows, and I did not look warily over my shoulder for snipers. I did, however, spot several gay boy couples shopping there. Looks like the grocery source for the same mysterious group of gay domestics that shop at the Arlington Target. Now where do they all live?

More leads, more resumes, more contacts. I'm still workin' it. Yesterday I took the day off for Jimbo Admin work, which took up the entire day. I'm challenging a denial of health care coverage for my ass-blossoming session this spring. They claim it's a "preexisting condition" which they will not cover. I sent a letter to them stating that if hemorrhoids is a continual condition, I wouldn't be able to sit down to write them a fucking letter. Anuscope exams are damn expensive. Bastards.

I guess I'm going to keep makin' payments for the damn car, until it drives me into the ground. I spoke with an attorney who did not recommend declaring Chapter 13 or anything else until I am truly, finally broke. Thanks, that's so comforting. However, I trusted his advice, and he says I'm not as bad off as I could be. I will still try to sell it off to a private buyer, as I'd get a better deal that way.

The Reel Affirmations Film Festival begins tonight. Hopefully my roomate will return in time to get me some free passes so I can see "Jesus Christ - Vampire Slayer". Apparently lesbians in L.A. are being preyed upon by hordes of dyke-craving undead. So it's up to J.C., leather-clad punk priests and a luchador to save the day. Hopefully I can get you a review.

Haven't heard hide or fur of Dogpoet yet who's in town at the moment. He's gonna miss out on Shirtless Men Drink Free tonight!

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October 15, 2002


Still alive here, got "promoted" at work to indexing, where I take documents from SBA disaster loans and categorize them into 20 groupings. It's actually challenging, and the day goes by much quicker. It's also interesting to peek at people's credit reports, and I find that I'm not so bad off after all.

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October 13, 2002

a renegades win!

Yee-haw! The Washington Renegades Rugby Football Club won it's first match against a local "straight" team! I think the final score was one or two tries (goals) to nothing. Yee-haw! We did win against a very fresh Gotham RFC from New York, but they had just started, and it was more of a recreational match. Earlier this spring, the Washington Poltroons smooshed the Renegades about 50-something to zip, to put today's win against them in perspective. Today the boys played a hard match, and deserved the win. They played as a team and had their mojo throughout the entire match. Bummer I wasn't playing, but it was a fine, cool, wet day to watch a rugby match.

I tore down the garden yesterday, and took some pretty digital cam pics of the decorative gourd harvest. Free seasonal desktop image soon to come once the uploading for Moveable Type works again. Plus, stay tuned for some gratuitous beefcake pics from the upcoming hottie action film, The Transporter.

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October 11, 2002


I think jimbo caught this one on her digital cam:
Priorities, priorities. Priceless.

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gods and monsters

Several waves of shock and misinformation surged through the staple-removing department today as news of another sniper attack came in. Rumours of another child shot were false, but the ones about a gas station death may be true. I can't help but wonder if it's the same guy who was darting people all over town a few months ago. Perhaps he/she was "practicing" to see if he could get away with it using non-lethal means. No mention of a possible connection has been made in the media between the dart attacks and the killings, but I can't help compare the randomness and anonymity of both sets of events. Stay tuned, jimbo may be on to something.

The job interview went OK. There's a really groovy vibe there, and I like what I learned in the interview about the nonprofit. Neat location too, somewhat near the White House. I could ride my bike to work if I could find a place to safely lock it during the day. However, she asked a lot of pointed questions about my job-bouncing in the past. If I knew the questions were coming rapid-fire, I would of just said "back then, a $10,000 raise in salary and 3 cold calls for job offers a week were too good to pass up." Today is a different market, and stability is more important than climbing the salary ladder to me these days, and I hope I got that impression across. She said she had five or so more interviews to go. We shall see

core body workout with gymnic and medicine ballsGreat workout relieving my staple-related stress today. I spied a scruffalicious guy doing an incredible core-body gymnic ball and wobble-board workout. While he didn't have the Adonis-body most gay boys prescribe to, I knew he was the fittest, strongest man there, and I couldn't stop watching his routine. Sometimes I do miss having a boyfriend who is a personal trainer.

All reservations aside, I had to ask if he was a trainer. He said he wasn't, and that it was his lacrosse coach that had ingrained the routine into him. I'd love to be his workout partner, and I may ask him next time I see him. My workout has plateaued into a monotony that's starting to bore me, and I need a new jumpstart to keep me going.

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October 10, 2002

senior staple remover

Autumn is the rainiest time in the DC area. I remember when I arrived in DC six years ago, fleeing from high international gay Peace Corps drama to a very wet Arlington, Virginia in October. I wasn't initially enchanted with the metro area itself, but I did like the guys I was meeting. Unlike many of the towns I had lived in before, I was meeting educated, well-traveled, somewhat well adjusted gay men like myself. Many of them liked backpacking, and I quickly began meeting other gay sci-fi geeks.

Sure, a lot of them were just as messed up as the ones in the small towns, but in DC I had a better chance of meeting someone like me. Oh yeah, they work out more here too.

Walking to my temp job in the same REI rainjacket I've had for six years, I was reminded where I was back then. I've pretty much come full circle, and am back to the drawing board. That means plenty of potential and new beginnings, but also a lot of work to get back on my feet.

Today I was supposed to fill in an assistant database management position, as they had planned the position a few weeks ago. However, the guy who was to be my senior in the task left after only a day on the job, and they forgot about me completely since that time. So I show up, suprising them, and they didn't know what to do with me for most of the morning. Eventually, the put me in the staple-removing department. I removed staples from grant proposals and documents the rest of the day. I had the best in staple-removing technologies at my disposal, and they paid me at the level of a database manager, so I can't really complain. However, after about six hours of it, the task becomes quite mind-numbing.

    Here's a list of my top three most mind-numbing temp jobs I've held:
  1. After graduating college, being promoted straight to the university dining center, washing industrial-sized pots and pans. My supervisor was certifiably mentally retarded.
  2. You know those vinyl signs outside Kwik Trip and 7-11 that say "Pepsi 12-pack: $4.99"? I made dozens of those (again, after graduating college).
  3. Staple remover/database manager (with a BS in Biology and 6 years of government/tech experience).

Guilty Pleasure: I bought the October edition of "Martha Stewart Living" today. I couldn't help it. She does such wondrous things with pumpkins and gourds! Look out Fitz, I'm coming with plenty of homemaking tips for fabulous pumpkin and gourd arrangements.

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October 8, 2002

job interview friday!

Busy, eventful week. I'm training my replacement, prepping for the new job which starts Thursday, and then...

I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW ON FRIDAY!!!! I'm very excited. They called last week asking about a salary range, and then today I had a long chat with their current webmaster about the work involved. It's about 70% web work and 30% public affairs writing. I have already done many of the tasks they need to have completed. They're located somewhat near the White House, and are a nonprofit focusing on domestic hunger and homeless issues. I can relate, but I didn't tell them that. I'm also told they are a good organization and pay competitively (for a nonprofit).

Anyway, she asked for me to send some writing samples, and assured me the head honchess would contact me in a week or so. An hour later, I got a call from Miss Honchess to schedule an interview this week. That is a good sign. Cross yer fingers!

I also learned more about the temp job I'll be starting on Thursday. More budget/proposal work with an accounting firm. I find it amusing that I keep ending up with budget and accounting temp jobs. I don't have the mindset for it at all, as it's very detail oriented work. I'm more of a 'big picture' project sorta guy. All a learning experience, I guess.

Jimbo and HCL:  separated at birth?I'm still not playing rugby at the moment, and am pretty happy with the decision. I do miss it a lot, but it's just too risky right now with my lame-ass insurance coverage. I also enjoy having almost full use of both my hands, as I continually had finger and joint problems due to jams and pulls. Full range of motion in the neck is also a pleasant experience. I may consider practicing with the Washington Wetskins water polo team again, which is a bit safer but a lot more challenging aerobically. They're practicing hard in preparation for the Gay Games in Sydney next month. Here's the last known rugby pic of jimbo from his last match this fall (I'm on the far right).

I took those flower photos from my garden this weekend, by the way.
>; P'

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October 6, 2002

morning glory

cue morning bird songs...

Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful
Makin' love with you is all I wanna do
Lovin' you is more than just a dream come true
And everything that I do is out of lovin' you
La la la la la la la... do do do do do

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October 5, 2002

no flesh eating scarab beetles today

Yipee! I got a temp job lined up for next week right after the other one ends. All without going through a temp agency that takes a bit off the top of my paycheck. It ain't exciting work, but it's money, and they say it's more than I'm earning now. Thanks to Issac from the rugby team. What a fucking load off my mind. The down side is that I won't be able to seek either sanctuary in the wilderness nor the Swanktuary next weekend.

Today me, Mark, Brian, Jon and Glenn went to see the Egypt tomb exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. There weren't as many pieces I thought there would be, and there were no mummies, flesh eating scarab beetle demonstrations, or undead high priests with jaws that unhinged. Damn. Glenn pointed out the interesting symbolisms that are so different than ours. To us, snakes, crocodiles, vultures and flies represent scary creepy things, but to the ancient Egyptians, they represented time, the spirit, the afterlife and persistence, respectively.

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October 3, 2002


This is one of those times in the race when you are starting to climb the gigantic hill, dear Capricorn. Even though you may be behind the rest of the pack, you won't be for long. You are the one who has done the most training. You are the one who is most qualified. Those who went out too fast and who are unprepared for the long run will start to fall back as you approach the top. Say bye-bye!

Let's hope the stars are correct. Sorry about the anxiety regurgitation.

Let's hear it for cowboys and bikers. Grrrr.

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Last night I chatted with Bob in the frozen food aisle of the Soviet Safeway. Bob is a chaplain of some sort. So of course I started confessing right there next to the Bird's Eye frozen green beans. Since I wasn't raised Catholic, confessions just come out of me like pus from a zit. Sometimes just a little squeeze is all it takes to shoot it out all over the mirror.

Of course the only thing I talk about lately is my job situation. It's pretty much the only thing I think about. That's why my blog entries have been so good, and why I've been playing CivIII so much. Escapism. A few minutes of focused writing, lost from my constant worrying, is bliss. Focusing on where to build my next aqueduct as Montezuma or Cleopatra keeps my mind off other things.

So I talk to Bob about next week, what I'm not sure is going to happen, how I'm working on resolving my situation, and whatnot. That maniacal giggle that has accompanied my phrases since February came out again between the words. That crazy little giggle that's both a question and a statement.

They say that after you take E on Saturday night, all the mood-balancing Seratonin is squeezed out of your head a few days later, setting you up for a grumpy or depressed Tuesday or Wednesday. Conversely, what happens when all you feel is dread and anxiety all the time? After a while all your grumpiness is squeezed out of your head, and you can't worry and fret anymore.

While I'm not happy, I'm somewhat giddy these days. I don't care anymore, because I can't. It's just not worth it. Anxiety takes too much energy, and I've already worried about everything that's going to come hit me. I am simply tired of being scared and worried. You don't think straight when you're depressed or filled with anxiety, and I can't afford any decision-making mistakes these days.

People at work are worried about me. My last day is Wednesday next week (don't send e-mail to that address, by the way. Send it to Jimbo3DC@aol.com) They ask in meetings, "So what are you doing after this?" I respond by telling them I don't know. I honestly don't know. There may be another temp gig coming up, but I can always fall back on unemployment. Then they go scramble to find job openings and announcements for me. People I don't even know are doing this. I'm really quite flattered and it's good to know they are concerned.

Now that I've stopped payments on the car, the biweekly checks won't be so insufficient. I've worked out an agreement with the roomate, and the bank knows I'm on the fast track to shit creek. I still have a few things to fall back on, and it's not the worst it can get.

It seems almost every week on NPR there's a short story or interview about someone in NYC hit by the 9/11-related economic crisis. A woman with a Masters degree visiting the soup kitchen for the first time, or a financial planner whose company was obliterated along with the buildings, along with his 401k plan. One useful thing I got out out of those programs was a phrase of advice: visualize how bad it could possibly get. What's the worst that could happen? A truthful projection of the worst isn't always so bad as it may seem.

Earlier this spring my imagination went hog wild and I visualized the worst that would never come. I wasn't thinking clearly, as I was full of worry and anxiety, which fueled the possibilities in my mind to an inflated degree. Now, I think about the worst and it ain't that bad. I just set myself on auto-pilot: pay rent, buy food, search for jobs, send out resumes, meet up with friends. Kind of numb, I guess, but no longer worried.

The next event to steel myself against is my anniversary of losing my job. February is a long way off yet, and something could develop, but we'll see.

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designing women

Jennie and Donald keep tormenting me about the DVD they just bought from Amazon.com: the 120 min. David Lynch director's cut of "Skullfucker". It includes bloopers, comments from the actors and producers, behind-the-scenes outtakes and artist sketches of the characters. Donald keeps saying he can't find it, and Jennie keeps saying she gave it to Donald. Fine, be that way. If I ever get to see it I'm going to recommend my roomate Rick gets it put on the Reel Affirmations Film Festival lineup.

Speaking of skulls, the geek posse will be headin' down to the National Gallery of Art to see the Quest for Immortality exhibit which ends soon. Thanks to Mark, we got tickets. Jon will be studying very carefully to help flesh out his Pharohesque D&D character, Khyan. Brian is such a history geek that he will have that geeky set of tour guide headphones on the whole time. Apparently the exhibit is as extensive as the famous King Tut world tour, but goes into several kings' reigns instead of just one.

Kurt gives back what Michael Jackson stole from crotch grabbing. Michael blows me away with the down-low on that bitch Tina. Jocko soon to run wild with the woofs.

Sanctuary or Swanktuary? Pristine wilderness fall colors or crazy, chaotic urban jungle? Decisions, decisions...I haven't been backpacking all summer, and I had promised myself to do so. This may be my last weekend with the car. Both destinations are a long drive. Actually, if I went to NYC I'd probably take the bus. The drive almost killed me last time...hated it and it was damn expensive. Better to let someone else drive.

Sounds like the start of a joke: a cheesehead walks into a bar, and there sits a guy from the Bronx and a polite southern gurl. How do they interact without offending each other? Jonno raises the interesting question. We do act differently. Even on the West coast they act differently: no protocol whatsoever, which infuriates DC citizens. New Yorkers seem rash as they don't have the time for niceties. Southern gurls are shockingly polite, but if you really want to get to know one, you gotta get in through the back door. Northern folks say it like it is, and can often offend with their barbaric bluntness.

I just hate it when Southern gurls get sloppy drunk and start acting like Suzanne Sugarbakker from Designing Women. I can't stand that. Must be a cultural thing.

Chris Meloni? Yes, hot as hell. I'll be his jailbait. Here's an tasteful artsy desktop wallpaper image of him I came across the other day.

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October 1, 2002


The other day I met up with a buddy who said he's been HIV+ since 1984. I was fourteen then. They were still calling it a 'gay cancer' at that time, and didn't know how the disease spread. He found out he got it after visiting a couple of friends of his on the West Coast. Six months later one of the friends died, and six months later the other one was dead. That's how things happened before treatments improved.

At age fourteen, I think I was in the eighth grade. I remember getting invited to a dance held in Jason Frederick's barn. Jason was a jock and was popular, and his parents were very cool. It was the small-town Wisconsin equivalent of being invited to an after-hours party DJed by Julian Marsh on Fire Island. Farm Fabulous.

Even back then I loved to dance, which was probably why I was invited. I was always fun to be with at the dances. I would dance myself into a sweaty, sopping sore frenzy by the end of each event. Long before Exstacy, I was the veritable tenderfoot circuit boy.

I certainly couldn't have been invited because I was interested in anybody at the time. I never dated anyone, and looked down on those who did. Or perhaps I was invited because somebody was interested in me. Girls manipulate things like that.

"Baby you're all that I want, when I'm lyin' here in your arms. Findin' it hard to beleive we're in heaven..." God how I hated sappy ballads, and I hated Bryan Adams. Mostly because I knew I had to put up a pretense of actually being interested in a girl when she asked me to dance. I certainly never asked any girl to dance. I didn't know I was interested in men, but I knew I wasn't interested in girls. Ballads were for resting between "Dancing With Myself" and "Walking on Sunshine".

Purple Rain was the bomb that year, and it was easy enough at the dance to just run the cassette in its entirety from the boombox. Except for the dreadful title track of the same name, whose album version was significantly longer than the radio edit.

Oh no, here comes Mia Edwards. She wants to dance again. And this song is so damn long, especially that piano part at the end. Jeez...she's so nice, but...OK, here goes. Smile to her, be nice. She is nice, but...must be sure to put the hands in the right places, not positioned to give the wrong idea, but put hands in just the right places so someone could suspect I might. I'm glad my head is over her shoulder, I'm sure Lia could guess how bored I am.

Hmm...there's Becky Larson dancing with that new guy Greg Reynolds from the wrestling team. 'sigh.' Greg must be older, or maybe he dropped a few grades. He can already grow a beard. He grows it out every fall for deer hunting season. Maybe I should join the wrestling team. Maybe I could convince him to join the track team. He's such a nice guy. I bet Becky's having a good time.

Eighteen years later...
"Baby you're all that I want, when I'm lyin' here in your arms. Findin' it hard to beleive we're in heaven..." This time some woman is singing it, and I like it much better. 132 beats per minute or something like that, the oh so familiar house rhythm of 'nn-tzz-nn-tzz-nn-tzz' that thrumms through Nation every Saturday night.

I'm in the shirtless section of the dance floor, just to the left of the front stage area. Smile as wide as my face, I still enjoy dancing. This time I'm surrounded by possibility, this time I won't be bored with who I'm dancing with. Oh there's Mark. 'sigh.' He's always scruffy or has a beard. Mmm...red beard, furry chest. I wonder if he was on the wrestling team? I bet his date is having a good time.

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montezuma the great

BWA HA HAAA! I HAVE WON! MONTEZUMA THE GREAT REIGNS SUPREME! Did you know: during his sentence in Kazakstan in the Peace Corps, Jimbo was voted 'Most Likely to Become Benevolent Dictator of a Third World Country'?

Damn, it sure felt good to suceed at something lately. Last night, after a year of owning and playing the thing, I finally won a game of Civilization III. I chose to be Montezuma of the Aztecs, specializing in religious, cultural and militaristic approaches to conquest. Imagine the Aztecs not falling to the Conquistadores' muskets and disease, imagine them being the first to develop hydropower and then bulding the Aztec version of Hoover Dam. Imagine them to be the ones to discover the Cure for Cancer. Imagine them being the first to build a spaceship to Alpha Centauri. Bwa ha haaa...that's how I won. Soon, the expansion pack for Civ III is coming out...Play the World. That should keep me busy.

Last night the roomate/landlord offered to reduce my rent in exchange for doing chores in and out of the house. I certainly appreciate that considering my current situation. I'm glad he likes me enough to offer that option. We do get along well I think. The first of my tasks is to turn up the soil in the back yard. I can do that. I wish I was handy as Glenn and then I'd refurbish the first floor.

Hmm...somebody ain't gettin' my drift about my opinions of the protesters, so I wrote this person a lengthy e-mail explaining why I'm so harsh on the kids. I liked the message so much, I might try submittimg it to the Blade after a few more edits. Hell, if I'm going to be poor, I might as well be a writer. In a nutshell it ain't the cause I have the problem with, it's the approach.

Rob is sexy. Michael is woofy. Jocko is hot. Jennie makes me want to be a lesbian. I certainly already have the wardrobe for it.

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