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August 30, 2002



Dressing like your sister
Living like a tart
They don't know what you're doing
Babe, it must be art
You're a headache
In a suitcase
You're a star

Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me

You don't know how you got here
You just know you want out
Believing in yourself
Almost as much as you doubt
You're a big smash
You wear it like a rash

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hairy little leprechauns

Dang...I come in today with a pile of D&D books, a bad attitude and 'Smash it Up' running through my head, only to find a little budget spreadsheet present on my chair. That means I'll actually have work to do today. Oh well, it'll make the day go by faster.

Three little ADORABLE Irish boys stopped by to watch our rugby practice last night! I chatted with them for a bit and didn't understand a word they said. They were from Northern Ireland...Belfast, I think. The most wee of the three was a furry, scruffy little dark Irish lad. Must go to Ireland with Gurl next year...Gurl claims that there are actually very few rugged, furry leprechauns in Ireland, and that most are lithe and twinkish. I'll have to find out for myself.

Speaking of rugged and furry, I'll be meetin' up with Glenn today/tonight some time. He's comin' in at the Greyhell station right near work. Can't think of anything to do around DC. Roads and museums are going to be utter hell, crammed with gawking tourists. Maybe Dunbarton Oaks? He's already going to Baltimore, and I'm tired of Annapolis. Hmm...open to suggestions.

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August 29, 2002

happy labor day weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend y'all! Be careful with those lawn darts and other dangerous toys during the holiday.

Tomorrow I am in command of the APA Practice Directorate. No one else but the admin assistant will be in the office. Fear my power! Or, fear a long, drawn out blog entry to beat all log entries.

Glenn's comin' to town! We may meet up for a former Soviet Republic Peace Corps gathering, or just hang out. Other than that, it's just me and the aquarium project.

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rugby rowdy

Hmm...I don't think this is the image my team is trying to foster amongst the recruits.

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chiro chaos

Idiot. I told you I need pre-approval seven days before the appointment. I made it clear on the fax I sent you, and the follow-up phone call that very same day. I said it over and over again. I told you you needed to call my cheap-ass insurance company to tell them I needed my neck adjusted, and then, and only then, would they cover their part of the bill.

So I wait for two weeks in pain with little neck mobility to get my neck and spine adjusted, only to find that your pot-smoking, attention deficit disordered ass neglected to call my cheap-ass insurance company ahead of time, probably because you were so fucking excited about the next Phish concert coming into town. Yeah, you better eat the bill, motherfucker. So now I have to wait another two weeks before the next appointment. By then, my neck will have re-aligned to its fucked up state, and we'll have to start all over again. Gee, I'm so sorry this isn't like what you're used to, it ain't fuckin' Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It's short term health insurance for the fucking underemployed. Welcome to America, you goddamn wheezy Deadhead.

Well, now that's off my shoulders, let me say again that I'm looking forward to getting a job so I can integrate into mainstream American culture and not get pariah treatment from society at large. My neck did feel good yesterday after the appointment, nonetheless.

Speaking of pain, fuck, my hand still hurts. No catching, tackling or grabbing tonight at practice. Only running. There's a big purple bruise on the palm of my hand. Wonder what a palm-reader would say?

"Hmm...I see a dark cloud...I see pain...I see aggression and fury. Gurl, what's up with your fucked-up hand?"

Sure wish Rob would show us a pic of his hot new buzzcut. A 1/8" clipper fade turns me on too. And for contrasts, howabout a pic of Bubba's clean-shaven interview look? Betcha his Daddy look has disappeared...for a short while at least.

As you can see, my Honey Pot is on fire again. Every week it seems to immolate right around Thursday. I had to explain the concept to Corey the other night. I think the term 'My Honey Pot's on Fire' comes from the fact that back in da day, they would de-crystallize stored honey in a ceramic crock-pot like object. You know the thing Winnie the Pooh is always reaching into? Well, they would slowly heat up old, stored crystallized honey so it would flow and could be served. Leave the honey pot over the heat for too long, and it would burst into flame. Likewise, if you let jimbo sit for too long...

I'm delighted to report that it rained ALL DAY yesterday. A nice, cool, light rain that allowed the water to flow evenly into the ground. It rained so much it was wet under the trees. The air is clean and fresh today, the streets sparkle. Now all we need is about a week more of that and we'll be back on track. Today there is a notable difference in how easy I can breathe outside.

This weekend I will try to find a place for my aquarium, and prep it for fish in a month or so. Jon's got these adorable baby mollies that I want to put in the tank. And of course the requisite Corydoras, and a school of neon tetras, and maybe a big, ugly pleco. This time, no monster angelfish or sharks. Just a tiny, peaceful community of pretty, cute fish. I will also make a run to Target, as some of my tired, old pillows need to be burned.

Does anyone else feel the urge to go out and buy a Trapper-Keeper when September approaches? Must buy new Trapper-Keeper.

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August 28, 2002


my next boyfriend, Mark Hammett, hooker for the New Zeland All-BlacksHere's the lyrics to the Maori haka dance. It's a dance/song often performed by the New Zeland All Blacks rugby team before their matches, inducing pure liquid testosterone to spew out of their nipples before the match:

Ka mate ! Ka mate ! I die ! I die !
Ka ora ! Ka ora ! I live ! I live !
Ka mate ! Ka mate ! I die ! I die !
Ka ora ! Ka ora ! I live ! I live !
Tenei te tangata puhuru huru This is the hairy person
Nana nei i tiki mai Who fetched the Sun
Whakawhiti te ra And caused it to shine again
A upa ... ne ! ka upa ... ne ! One upward step ! Another upward step !
A upane kaupane whiti te ra ! An upward step, another.. the Sun shines !!!
Hi !!!

Hi. I personally like line five of the song. Our coach is from New Zeland, by the way.

Yaaay! It's raining today! A lot! The supposed leak in the air conditioning unit is actually a roof leak. I'm debating wether or not to call the roomate, who's in Provincetown at the moment. Not much we can do about it at the moment.

Crap. We lost the bid for the 2012 Olympics. Not only would it have been cool, but it would have meant a lot of jobs for the area during a very grim economic period. I can totally see myself working on some organizational committee.

In other DC news, I'll have to make sure I vote for our current mayor Anthony Willams on Sept. 10. The dork hired some moron who forged signatures for his campaign petition. Why on Earth would anyone feel the need to forge signatures for such a popular mayor? So Mayor Williams was disqualified being on the ballot, and must now be a write-in. He was predicted to be a shoe-in, but now some very scary Marion Berryesque candidates are running on the ticket validly.

I am of two minds on this subject. On the one hand I'm proud to have seen this city improve by leaps and bounds under a more competent mayor. However, housing prices and rent have skyrocketeted, and now it's almost as bad as San Francisco and New York City. If it wasn't for my roomate, I really don't know how much I'd be paying for rent right now. As it is, I pay $750 for a room. I should never have left that cheap basement apt. I used to live in.

So if another incompetent cult of personality crackhead gets elected as mayor, businesses will leave the District once again, the quality of service will plummet, and with it the housing prices and rent. That will mean less obnoxious yuppies, strollers, Jennifers, Chandras and Monicas as well (they flee in terror under the threat of the ghetto). The feeble DC groove that has since disappeared will return.

Aaaah...I visit Larry the chiropractor today after a long hiatus. I needed to go weeks ago, but due to my cheap-ass insurance, I had to wait a minimum of 10 days for pre-approval. This makes so much sense when you're in spinal agony.

Phil tells me some of my blog entries have been cut off. Sometimes my entries seem to only go as far down as the links on the right sidebar. Does anyone else have this problem? Do let me know...I'm trying to figure out this bug.

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August 27, 2002

atlas shrugged, fitz fallen

Oh my god! Somehow Fitz fell off my list of fellow bloggers on the right sidebar. Fitz, remind me to not take you mountain climbing.

I added 50 more inane things about myself to that list below.

New Zealand's Bruce Reihana leads his team in the "haka" after a victory over Fiji in the men's rugby sevens match during the 2002 Commonwealth Games at the City of Manchester Stadium, August 4, 2002. New Zealand won 33-15 to take the gold medal.

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24 hour party people

Corey had a novel idea, and we met up last night to see 24 Hour Party People. It documents the rise of the new wave music from the Manchester punk scene from the late 70's to the early 90's. It's narrated with witty asides by the charming Steve Coogan, who plays the visionary television reporter and music producer Tony Wilson. We see bits and pieces of the Sex Pistols, Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and a whole bunch of bands I've never heard of. While it struck me as a British version of Trainspotting vs. 54, Jimbo still highly recommends.

OK, I realized that the annoying Windows update thing was coming up because I still needed to download a critical updates package. Now it doesn't annoy me anymore. Yet my disk defrag is still stopping at 10%. No, buying a Mac isn't an answer, unless you want to buy me one. Think about it. No cell phone, no car, no new computers. Different mindset. Underemployed. Must do with what one currently has.

OK, I will add 50 more mundane facts about myself to the list below later today.

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August 26, 2002

dc metro blog map

Oooh...a very incomplete but interesting DC Metro Blog Map. I submitted my info to them, but no response. It's a nice map anyway. 'Burbanites seem to be heavily represented, but look...there's a few DC gurls there.

I'm on the Green Line at the Shaw/Howard University stop. Think twice if you think yer gonna come there and stalk me...it's kinda ghetto over where I live. I wish the gunshots would stop. Rent's cheap though.

I have two questions...please answer in the comments section below. First, what do you think of the new color scheme for this blog? I call it my 'Autumn Drought on the Potomac' theme.

Second, how the hell do I disable my Microsoft Windows Update that kicks in every other day when I log in to the Internet? Annoying...don't want an update, thank you!

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jimbo job

HOLY SHIT!!! CHECK OUT THIS JOB!!! MUST APPLY ASAP!!! I used to work for the Forest Service too. I know exactly who to blow, and where he lives. Gonna go pull a Monica...be back in a minute...

Thank you Missus Truvy for the ego boost. See you in November!

Rugby hangover again today. That longing feeling to play again. Only two weeks away until the next match. Thumb hurts where it connects (by a mere tendon and some spare flesh) to the hand. Ow. I thought my chest would hurt where that doe-eyed cutie rammed his head into it...I'm lucky to have not broken any ribs. My skeletal structure has a Hardness rating of 5, I think.

I will spare you the '100 annoying things about me' and only give you 50:

  1. Capricorn
  2. Metal Dog (grrr...WOOF!)
  3. ENTJ
  4. realist
  5. Toilet paper: folder, not a buncher
  6. I eat each course separately
  7. Pet peeves: snapping gum, clipping nails anywhere outside of the bathroom, bad breath
  8. Guilty pleasure: watching Touched by an Angel
  9. Born in LaCrosse, WI
  10. Lived in: Holmen, WI; Rock Island, Il; Portland, OR; Washington, DC; Homer & Portage, AK; Karaganda, Kazakstan
  11. I know what German foresters have for breakfast
  12. I know how Norwegian postmen like it
  13. I know a lot about birds and fish
  14. I know who's sleeping with the weekend weatherman on Fox
  15. I hate shoulder exercises, love squatting
  16. I fell in an ice fishing hole as a toddler
  17. Visible scars: right index finger, left outside calf, chin, right temple, and my hernia scars hidden under my pubes
  18. Invisible scars: festering boil on my heart
  19. Want to be a villan in a cheap B sci-fi flick
  20. Voted by fellow Peace Corps volunteers to be 'Most Likely to be a Benevolent Ruler of a Third World Country', class president in high school
  21. Can do some impersonations
  22. Coffee: strong, with sugar and cream
  23. I love to eat bread and cookie dough
  24. My Toll House cookies rock
  25. Past pet's names: Coco, Chewie, Oreo, Miss Busybody, Yolkie-Palkie (sob!), Pooh
  26. Once my shit gets together I want to adopt a greyhound
  27. Damn, I wish my shit was together
  28. I love picking sunflowers in the morning
  29. I love the sound of wrens and song sparrows
  30. I love the smell of roses, hot apple cider, and hot rugby players
  31. I can't stand the smell of burnt rubber, cologne overdose, or boozey breath
  32. The smell of a certain part of one of the bloggers listed on this page is like a drug to me
  33. Grew up in a trailer until I was 10
  34. Prefers shade over direct sunlight
  35. I love to eat brie
  36. I love wine, but it devastates me
  37. I came out when I was 20 after a scandalous summer in Europe. Never went back in.
  38. I made a solar cooker once
  39. I need to buy a pair of Wranglers, but I need more office clothes first
  40. Yes, I once owned a pair of Lee jeans
  41. I can count on only one hand the amount of guys I've tricked with or dated who've had smooth chests
  42. I once owned a pair of parachute pants
  43. I wish I had a spare $200 or so...I'd get that tattoo
  44. Ready to start dating now!
  45. Want to publish a D&D adventure or fantasy novel. It looks pretty easy.
  46. I fantasize (nonsexual) about being an anchorman or weatherman, or a folk singer.
  47. I want to set up my aquarium, but can't seem to envision where to put it.
  48. I'm getting really fed up with those damn cats.
  49. I want to buy a very old homestead waaay out in the country and fix it up...once I get two rare things: time and money.
  50. I believe that fishing is really a way to plumb the depths of the mysteries of nature...I don't really care what I catch, but it's fun to see what bites the hook.
  51. Gets lost while driving easily
  52. Finds SCUBA diving unnerving and unnatural
  53. Reliable, sturdy legs
  54. Light sleeper
  55. Don't interrupt me, I hate that!
  56. Sleeps with at least 4 pillows
  57. Sleeps on my belly
  58. Has an odd thing for guys with attractive noses
  59. Sucker for a good dancer
  60. Owns 4 healthy potted plants
  61. Owns a Nintendo 64
  62. Still watches Pokemon, Transformers, and Digimon
  63. Loved the Muppet Show
  64. Listens to bluegrass on NPR whenever possible
  65. Loathes sensationalistic journalism on Fox
  66. Thinks the 'gay community' has lots to offer, but;
  67. Sees lots of room for improvement
  68. Sees through you, or at least thinks he does
  69. Thinks he has precognative dreams
  70. Would have chickens if possible
  71. Thinking of giving up beef
  72. Closeted romance queen
  73. All things being equal, would play for the Western Suburbs RFC if I lived closer to them
  74. Cherishes his seasoned cast iron skillet
  75. Good with fixing toilets and photocopiers, afraid of fixing cars or computers
  76. Been an insomniac lately
  77. Can't stand pencils with no erasers
  78. Can't stand people who dominate a conversation, prefers 50/50 interaction, true listening process
  79. Swims naked annually in West Virginia water purification ritual
  80. Worries that country will become be overwhelmed by Capitalism, and cease to become a Democracy
  81. Hates noisy shoes
  82. Used to play the tuba
  83. Tenor/baritone
  84. Mmm...shrimp cocktail
  85. Belches feebly
  86. Capt. Archer, but Tripp would do in a pinch, both if possible
  87. Chocolate: Hershey's Dark Special
  88. Cowboy hat: black, not white
  89. Has a deep mistrust of anyone remotely closeted
  90. Thinks superballs are nifty
  91. Mmm...men in flannel
  92. Boxers at home, briefs by day, jockstrap at practice, compression shorts for matches
  93. Want to impress me? Buy me flowers
  94. Impressive Scrabble player, once landed the word 'quetzal' on a Triple Word Score
  95. Loved Legos as a kid
  96. Teddy had a jingle bell in his ear...he's still back home
  97. Ambivalent towards horseback riding, skydiving and rafting; would prefer to walk with the horse, watch the pretty parachutes, or canoe on a lake
  98. Really likes gardening
  99. Washes hands compulsively right after eating
  100. Too much popcorn, gummi worms, or beef gives me a tummy ache

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August 25, 2002

back from the beach

refreshed!Back from the beach, did laundry, and washed the car to make it attractive to whomever my come to buy it later this week. I had a pleasant weekend and am refreshed, due in part to not adhering to the taxing beach schedule that I used to try and maintain. My buddy Tim was gracious enough to have me stay at his beach-share, where his mellow roomates kept things drama-free.

I arrived at the beach Friday after a remarkably fast trip over the bridge into Delaware. I made it to the beach for some down-time and a swim or two, and was joined by Biaggio. We had a nice chat, and it turns out a couple of our mutual friends were somewhere in Rehoboth as well. Never connected with any of 'em though. I went out that night for a beer but headed in early to get some rest for the tournament the next day.

We did pretty well considering it was the first 15s match of the season. With an odd assortment of veterans and rookies, and little in between, we played well. It was a good warmup for the upcoming matrix season in September. I need to work on my position as fullback, as I let a lot of guys get past me. The weather was hot and humid, but after a quick rain, the dust settled for our next match. I jammed my right index finger on one tackle, and then my thumb on the next, so things like turning keys are really challenging today. I've consumed lots of Advil and will ice it later tonight.

Later we had a fun social and hazed the seven rookies. I went out to catch Julian Marsh who spun his fluffy beats, but I was too beat myself to stay out very late.

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August 23, 2002


Sorry for the scary libidio-crushing plastic surgery pics. I didn't expect such visceral reactions. I promise to try and get some digital pics from the tournament this weekend at the beach.

Aaaah...slept in this morning, but that means I'm running late to get outta town, and traffic threatens if you leave after Noon. Haven't even packed yet. That's why I took today off I suppose, to take my own sweet time.

Y'all have a good weekend! Not likely to post anything without a 'pooter out there.

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August 22, 2002

this could be you

If Michael Jackson wasn't enough of a scare to keep you away from plastic surgery, here's an adorable shot of Siegfried, Miss Saran Wrap, and Roy. Kids, just say NO to plastic surgery, unless you want to look like an undead, mummified, half-demon elf-spawn like these people.

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Rugby players, even straight ones, are just as bad as drag queens when it comes to promptness. It's Thursday, I leave for Rehoboth tomorrow morning, and we still don't know many details about the tournament in Lewes Beach. I guess I will pack all my gear and just expect to get up early on Saturday morning and go to the park. I'll whore with Western Suburbs if nobody shows up, or just be a whore that evening at Cloud 9 if there's no tournament. Julian is spinning Saturday night! He's a cutie and spins fluffy music. There is a need to flash my ripped abs at Poodle Beach...my honey pot's on fire yet again. I'll be staying with my buddy Tim at their beachouse. Hopefully it won't be filled with pickled cocktail queens the whole time.

I went to Georgetown last night to buy a few necessities before working out. I can't stand Georgetown. Visiting Georgetown is the best way to come to DC and not experience anything that characterizes the city. No one in Georgetown is from DC, none of the businesses are local, and it's noisy and crowded. It's like visiting another dimension. If you come to DC, avoid Georgetown and stick with Eastern Market, Adams Morgan or especially the U Street corridor (where I live) which has some history linked to the local populace, rather than a bunch of ephemeral imports.

APA's annual convention is going on right now, and this place is a ghost town. Leaving at 4! Mmm...bye! Nothing to do, and tired from being up too late last night.

Earlier this week the weatherman promised a respite from this fucking heat. Yet it's back to the mid- to upper- 90s today again. Grrr. Grass is dead, chunks of crap in the air, and everything stinks and needs a bath outside. According to da man, we're so deep into a drought that we're 7" in the hole (not bad when thought of in other contexts), and would need a tropical storm to lounge off the coast for at least two weeks. Dude, get your shit together, please.

mmm...scruffy distressed limber dancing gap man
I am a sucker for a good dancer. Dance like that for me and I'm enchanted.

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August 21, 2002

SO bored at work today

time: 11:02 AM, 8/21/02
emotion: anticipation
idol: Madonna
voice: Mike Madison
dj: Rob Harris
restaurant: Meskarem
designer: Southern textile sweat shop
easter candy: Peeps bunnies - stale
artist: any underpaid state-sponsored Soviet socialist realism artist
animal: salamander
cereal: King Vitamin
nickname: Jimbo, Princess, Spawn
television show: Voyager, Buffy
icon: the 'refresh' button on your IE browser
soda: any generic Dr. Pepper knockoff
inspiration: my mom
painting: My'ra's picture of me fishing
clothing: kakhi shorts, Tevas and a tee with goofy logo on it
book: "Temple Hill," a Forgotten Realms novel
author: Aldo Leopold
food: Ethiopian
color: Purple
candy: Skittles
drink: Beer when it's cool, gin & tonic when it's hot
movie: Big Trouble in Little China
trio: me, Ron and Mike (woof)
nightclub: Nation, by default
cartoon: G-Force!
song: Every Day is a Winding Road - the Prince cover feat. Larry Brown
ice cream: cookies and cream
underwear: camo boxers
church: of the poison mind
sport: RUGBY
sushi: fresh salmon w. celery
eggs: greasy spoon scrambled
slurpee: ooooh...slurpee. anytime, anywhere any flavor but bananna
breakfast: big and hearty
hair color: buzzed, light brown. bronze in the right light, blonde with lots of sun
fruit: strawberries
accessory: Kryptonite bike lock key
watch: never - keep losing 'em
guilty pleasures: m&m's, Dairy Queen blizzards
children's book: Minn of the Mississippi
wizard: conjuration school focus

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tard pills

What I don't get with some of the guys on my team is this tendency to freak out about skills and plays at the last practice before a tournament or match. Honey, if you don't have your shit together by now, it's a bit too late. Don't panic, there's no point. It's sorta like all the straight people in the gym who are only just now 'getting fit for the beach'. Honey, that gut's not going away by next weekend unless you spend the days between then and now with Tina. The Gurls were workin' on their 6-packs in April, and look at how fierce they are now!

Anyway, where was I? Someone must have distributed free 'tard pills before practice, because experienced players were throwing the ball to no one, dropping, or otherwise volunteering to be the next one to board the short bus. You could not distinguish them from the brand new players. Tourney's this weekend at the beach, see you there, with mojo or not! I hope it's not hot as hell. Considering how my honey pot is already bursting into flame, I must focus my chi on the game and not on rugby players' legs. Must...focus...

You know you're on a gay rugby team when: someone messes your hair up in a ruck, so you wipe some sweat off your body and run your wet hands through your bouffant to re-activate your hair gel.

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good grief

I'm a blockhead! I am Charlie Brown
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

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happy birthday v'ger

bye-bye...have a nice trip! Both Voyagers celebrate their 25th birthdays this week. Let's hope one of them gets to that black hole that sucks them over to the other side of the galaxy where it meets a race of techno-beings who send Voyager back to Earth in search of The Creator in the form of a colossal destructive cloud. V'ger then assimilates the totally bald chick from the sex-being race played by Persis Khambatta (now dead from cancer) who gets it on with Stephen Collins (now of 7th Heaving fame), creating a being of pure love, funk and circuitry that also happens to be able to wipe out Klingon Warbird units (insert cool Warbird theme here) and planets with but a thought.

This begs the question: were the beings the Voyager Probe first met proto-Borg? Was V'ger actually a massive Borg probe, sent back towards Earth on an intelligence mission? Was the apparent destruction to the three Klingon ships actually a slow warp process, sending the Warbirds back to Borg space in the other quadrant for examination and assimilation? This may have been our first glimpse at the Borg. Oooh...it would be cool to wrap that up somehow. Lemme work on the script.

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August 20, 2002


Hmm...thank god for good and old friends. Job announcements are POURING in, and I have to struggle to keep track of them all. And viable ones too, like this oh-so-jimbo job. There's this other shady defense lead too, but it's at night. Hmm...we've tried that gig and it doesn't suit me; but at $75K I might be interested in temporarily altering my sleep patterns.

But first I must accomplish a few things at work. My recessive Scandanavian work ethic traits are actually kicking in today. I don't know where the dominant slacker genes come from...I should shake my tree and find out some day.

Anyway, back to the friends issue. One friend from way back kind of set me in my place with this comment (this friend does that often, with great skill and accuracy):

"Debt is so hard, but you are not the only one. We are watching lots of our friends buy houses and yet we are still two years out from paying off our credit cards--at $[enter outrageous value here] a month mind you! Think how our house savings could be growing if we didn't have that and the +$[enter outrageous value here] a month in grad. school loans. So you shouldn't feel like you are the only one who has regrets and feels like they aren't where they want to be. It must be hard, though, being around a whole bunch of other competitive, hierarchy-conscious men all the time. It is good that you have a diverse group of friends."

I have not been to grad school, in fact I came out of undergrad in the black. I have not had a costly wedding like the above said friend either. I'm probably not as deeply indebted. This friend mentioned this fact to me way back in the Spring, and the comment was forgotten as I became more self-centered. This friend has a point though, and I have a feeling that I'm not in as deep as a lot of people out there. I just HATE being in what I consider financially unstable conditions, as you may have noticed. I like stability. Positive cash flow. No debt. I don't need to be rich, just comfortable.

The second part of this friend's comment was funny. I guess I describe my gay friends to others as "competitive, hierarchy-concious" people. However, while some guys in DC may buy into that, I don't think my closest friends give a hoot. I have settled in with a bunch of people who have been living here for quite some time, who don't have that "I live in DC and the Fate of the Free World rests on MY shoulders alone" complex. Whether my friends are high-up or not, they don't go around touting the fact that they have an exclusive 'in' with Sentator Blowhard or Rep. Richochet. They live here because they like DC, not because they seek to drink from the cup of power. I don't know where those other people live, probably out near Reston I'd guess.

Fabulous desktop image for color-concious webmasters. Right-click on the image, choose Set as Wallpaper. You can order it as a poster too!

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August 19, 2002

funk emergence

OK, feeling much better today. A little empowerment goes a long way. Put out ads in the City Paper for the car, and got a resume out to apply for a web job at the University of Maryland - Baltimore. As you can see from the link, they need my help. Park ranger position to be applied for later this week.

We had a lovely D&D session last night, with some actual focus and some good role playing. We've been slogging through this hack-and-slash module for months, and they finally killed the bad guy and counted the booty. Now it's a shift in gears to an Orental style adventure for a few sessions. Fear what Jimbo has in store for the hapless samurai and monks. Ain't no Floating Green Cloud gonna save your Honorable asses this time. Can you say Godzilla? Magic Missiles are gonna be about as effective as machine gun fire coming from Tokyo.

Hey, check it out: Corey's got a web log. Or is it just a flat HTML page? I'm corrupting my coworker Ricky to get one too...he wants to track his trip to his new home in LA on a weblog. A great idea. In yet more blog news, Glenn and Dan may yet be pinned down to commit to a trip to DC. Don't wrestle with the idea for too long, Glenn.

Jocko mentions Fullmer. Could the Cult of Brad be growing? I may see Brad play against the Orioles on the 8th of September, but the strike threatens. I hate it when jocks whine about their multimillion dollar contracts.

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August 17, 2002

my big gurl, the escape pod

Just finished up the sale page for my 2002 Mazda Tribute. My Big Gurl. The Escape Pod. Looks like a comparison between the Blue Book value and my loan amount is promising. I won't be owing too much (comparatively) if I can get what I ask for. I think my saving grace is how little I've driven it since I've gotten it.

I will be talking to my Brother out in Oregon about how best to sell my wheels. He used to be the Classifieds specialist on cars for their news weekly, the Willamette Week. Suggestions are welcome.

Chillin' out at home today, working on resumes. The roomate is gone to Provincetown, and while he's otherwise innocuous, I could use maximized Jimbo Time these days.

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August 16, 2002


There is a line between good and evil
That separates light from dark
But a colour now spells our end
And everywhere I see its mark, it's
Yellow Brown

In the city air, in all our seas
You can see every other colour bleed into
Yellow Brown

Jesus Jones - "Yellow Brown"
(PS: Still looking for the Satellite Over Tehran Mix for "The Devil You Know", by the way)

Sorry for the absence, I just got back from an all-expenses paid trip to the Pit Of Despair. Time in the Pit seems to last about two days; falling in is definitely event-triggered. This is the second unplanned foray into the Grey Wastes.

This time my ticket to despair came in the form of an informal postcard sent from APA's HR department. Normally a rejection letter wouldn't phase me, but I was at least expecting to get to the interview stage of the process, even though I didn't expect to be hired. I guess working on the project for which the position was made for, and having worked on an enterprise level website for two years doesn't qualify me for the job.

The rejection sent me spiralling downward into a pattern of thoughts that have no positive outlook, where there's no way out. Situational depression really sucks, and I'm very happy I don't have clinical, long-term depression. True despair is a very horrible feeling.

But there always seems to be a gem of insight at the bottom of the Pit, as if it's some sort of diamond at the bottom of a South African mine. This time the insight gained was that I need to ajust my life to the realities of how things are, rather than how things hope to be. I can't limit my job search to jobs that pay $50K or above just to pay for this goddamn pain in the ass car that I got (and I should have listened to my gut instinct when I was pressured to buy a new car...I will NEVER buy a new car again!). Mistakes made once, never again.

Therefore, the car must go. Last time I proposed the idea to the bank they sort of laughed me off. Time to play hardball, these are tough times and I'm no longer an Internet whiz kid. My guess is that they'd rather have a paying customer than a bankrupt customer. We either negotiate a personal loan for the difference of what I sell the car for and what the value of the loan is, or I simply stop paying and go default on the loan. Guido can come get the damn thing and kick my ass for all I care. I cannot afford having a car and I will get rid of it. Period.

Then, my job search can become more flexible, and I can seek out jobs that I'm better qualified for and more likely to get.

I cancelled a fishing trip for Saturday and a party in Baltimore that evening. Neither were necessarily expensive, I just need some Jimbo Time and some time to work on resumes and applications again. Sorry Kurt and Rob! Just D&D on Sunday and that's it. I need to chill the hell out.

Rugby practice started this week. Aside from the hellish weather, they have been going well. We have over thirty people practicing, with about a 50/50 ratio of brand new players and experienced ones. The new guys are young (heals faster) and fast. Some of them have pathetically low cardiovascular strength, and are tired out from the mere warmups. Umm...just because fat guys play rugby doesn't mean the fat guys aren't in shape. Jimbo trained at being a fullback last night. That's the very last guy on the side who catches balls kicked beyond the main pack, and who is the last resort when a particularly big or fast guy gets through the fat guys in front.

In accordance with jimbo's Adopted Kitty Picture Week, here's an article and cute picture of a lion cub abandoned by it's mother in a zoo. The zookeeper's solution: have a dog do a mama cat's work. Cute.

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August 14, 2002

Pride, PCVs in Russia

You go, gurlitchka.. Apparently there is some resistance to the Peace Corps program in Russia:

"It's one thing to send them to Africa where they need to teach at schools there. It's another thing to send them to Russia where we have special programs. We have to educate them about our teaching methods."

That's sort of the problem with Peace Corps...they don't put much focus on how their tested methods from Central America or Africa may work in new International arenas. The Peace Corps headquarters had no clue about Kazakstan when I was a volunteer, reflected by the meager allowance we recieved that did not account for the need to purchase Siberian winter-resistant clothing, and formal at that, as these former Soviets did not run around in loincloths.

The Russian government is justified in questioning the qualifications of volunteers sent to their country. They were a former 1st world country with a collapsed infrastructure. They do have some systems remaining in place, however, and that includes a pedagogical approach to teaching. Peace Corps can be rather unctuous at times.

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August 13, 2002

kitty and monkey

I came across this picture in the Yahoo Photos section. It's of a monkey and a kitty, who apparently adopted each other after being abandoned by humans at a monastery north of Bangkok. Very cute, and the look of utter contentment on their faces is precious.

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August 12, 2002

i'm a barbie girl

Mattel loses lawsuit over intellectual property rights against pop band Aqua for 'Barbie Girl' song.

I'm willing to lose sleep tonight in order to see Seann William Scott on the Tonight Show. Woooof. Musical Guest Stars David Bowie with Moby.

CivIII: Play the World expansion coming in October! Finally you can play even more cultures: the Spanish, Mongols, Celts, Ottomans, Koreans, Carthaginians, Vikings and Arabs.

And to all you tie-die critics, here's one to grow on. I was fiber-reactive before fiber-reactive was cool.

Yet more happy DC tech news.

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August 11, 2002

strange organic pods

Lovely. Yet another DC business is choking. US Airways just filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Add that to AOL's recent losses and MCI/Worldcom's struggles, and I may not have to think twice about applying for jobs in Madison, Wisconsin. Job flexibility is taking on broader meanings these days.

Had a busy weekend hosting my hometown friends and guiding them about the town. Ate quite a lot, and the Jumbo Jimbo diet plan was strictly adhered to. Tonight I met up with Fitz and Will to celebrate Fitz' 23rd birthday. Here's yet more pics taken with my fabulous new digital camera:
Damn, this camera takes good pics; mmm...chips;
scruffy jimbo; can anyone tell me what that brown shit is?

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August 10, 2002


burrlather - to get worked up, to stir up lather from the mashed root of the burrdock plant, to kvetch and kibitz.

Finally got my digital cam connection working, and now I just have to remember to bring it along to fun events. Went out for Ethiopian food last night with Kim and her boyfriend Tri ('Chee') and filled up my tummy quite a bit. The weight gain program is a success, and I'm back to normal jimbo weight. Time to slow down a bit now.

Brand new pics from the rugby kickoff party:
Runyan, Corey and Mike; Jimbo and Scott
The Cucurbitarium at my house; happy sunflower

Yesterday my neighbors called me over for some advice on what to plant in their backyard. I was flattered! I advised them on the placement of light tolerant and intolerant plants, and which types were maintenance-free.

And from today's photo safari up Rock Creek...a tacky piece of public art, on public lands! I could get them to get rid of it if I demanded a public hearing on placing such things in our National Parks. I doubt a hearing was held.

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August 9, 2002

free beer

Last night was pretty fun. Free beer at the rugby social, chatted with a lot of people, and Woofy Straight Mike will be returning to play with us! I took a lot of pics with my digital cam but I can't get the damn thing connected to my PC just yet. Frickin' USB/driver whatever issues that plague me.

Then we went over to the Lantern for more free beer, under the conditions that we take our shirts off. On the way over, Fitz, Corey and I were discussing this feeling of impending doom:

Jimbo: "Hmm...I dunno, I just feel like something bad is going to happen soon."
Fitz: "Yeah, the worst part is that I'm afraid I'm going to hear it happen from Alexandria."

With this general feeling within the citizens of the DC Metro area, you ask why I'm pro-war? When you live in a target city, you want to make sure any insane third world leaders are properly squooshed under the boot of the Capitalist Pig.

Anyway, it seemed to be Web Geek night at the Lantern. In addition to me, Fitz and Corey, there was Jay, Paul, and Chad. I ended up in the catty corner with Glenn and Brian. Brian was visibly in a burrlather that I was the one holding court, instead of him. I made several successful Gather Information checks for Gurl, as I get a +10 bonus due to knowing all the bartenders from working there earlier this summer. When geeks get together we tend to pretend it's Ye Olde Tavern and we're finding out who the half-orc assassins are in the place. Some things I found out:

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August 8, 2002

can't get you outta my head

And I have no compass
And I have no map
And I have no reasons
No reasons to get back

And I have no religion
And I don't know what's what
And I don't know the limit
The limit of what we've got

No particular place names
No particular song
I've been hiding
What am I hiding from

I listened to a bunch of U2 albums last weekend, and now Zooropa won't get outta my head, especially those verses. Images of Lenin statues coming back for some reason, possibly jarred from my memory after meeting three Kazaks in the Safeway last night. They tell me the university I worked at is now no longer 'Karaganda University', but 'Buketov University' named after the former director who I used to work for. Things are changing fast, and the Kazaks are reclaiming everything they can. My English students used to call me 'Bezpredelshik', meaning "without limits" in Russian.

Picked up Tina at the airport last night, and she's doing fine, if not a little plump from her pregnancy. Gonna see Kim from my hometown on Friday, then Tina again on Sunday morning for breakfast.

Tonight I'll make a classic Princess Appearance at the rugby recruitment social, then off to the Lantern for some drinks with shirtless others. After this week, I need more than a few of either.

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August 7, 2002

rugby kickoff party tonight

Hey, it's the 2002 Renegades Fall Season Kickoff party on Thursday! See you there.

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swans, slurpees, aryans, Tina, princess

Last night at the gym I stopped to say hi to a guy from my hometown who graduated from my high school two years after me. His sister also lives in DC, and she graduated two years before. Both have naturally blonde hair, blue eyes and Scandanavian good looks.

Chris, who now calls himself "Buck" (just as Jim now calls himself "Jimbo") was never an ugly duckling in high school, but has turned into quite the muscular, handsome swan. I would swoon but for the lack of any kind of edge in him. He's sweet, but that's about it. He's just started his own construction company, and my guess is that he would closely resemple one of the Village People on the job. Anyway, Chris was chatting it up with some ghettoized 17th St. queens that I've met once or twice, which struck me as odd. Chris' naturally blonde hair has been bleached a degree or two lighter, and he's a bit more fashionable than the average guy. My gaydar is so feeble that I can't really tell...maybe they're just workout partners? Come work out with me and you be the judge.

Want to know what true torment is? I stopped at the 7-11 and made the most artistic red cherry/blue raspberry layered slurpee. It looked like a fabulous Martian sunset oil painting. I took a sip of my awesome creation, feeling the tart sweetness flow down my throat. I brought my slurpee to the counter to pay for it, and realized I hadn't brought my wallet. I had to THROW AWAY the greatest Slurpee I had ever made.

Later that evening I was trolling the Internet, and some hottie from L.A. chimed in. Now I rarely talk politics with people I've just met, but somehow we got to chatting about Iraq and the possible upcoming war. I spewed some of my pro-war beliefs on him, and he asked me if I was Aryan and into White Power. While I suppose I do look Aryan, I do my best to strive for racial understanding and peace whenever possible. It kind of bothered me that he assumed I was racist just because I was pro-war and anti-terrorist. My guess is that he has a very granola-crunchy outlook on current global issues, like many from the West Coast who were not really affected by the terrorist attacks on or after 9/11. To them it was something on TV, and to a few of the very radical, a possible set-up by Bush himself just to keep himself popular. Hogwash, of course, but I've actually heard it said and read such beliefs in print.

Two of my friends from my hometown are coming to visit this week. One of them is from a bleeding-heart liberal hippie college town in Montana, and my hope is that we will not discuss politics surrounding 9/11. I am very afraid I will become absolutely enraged at the fluffy, idealistic beliefs that she will have to share with me, beliefs based on facts less credible than information from the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition Monster Manual. God grant me the patience...

I'm picking up the other friend at the airport tonight. Her name is Tina. Tina is a real person, and lives in Wisconsin but is in town this week for a conference.

Is it a suprise to anyone that my sexual Modus Operandi turned out to be "Princess"?
is this any suprise?You love to be pampered and romanced by your men and things like cuddling by a fire, having an intimate meal, or having a long, deep conversation can always put you in the mood. Sex to you is usually more about the man you're with than the act itself. Not a one-night stand kind of girl, newness and disconnectedness just don't do it for you. The mature, stable men you prefer to date appreciate your loyalty and big heart, but they especially love the way you inspire their more aggressive, protective masculine side.
What's Your Sexual MO?

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August 6, 2002

tourney pics

The webmaster of the Renegurls site finally posted the photo gallery from the San Francisco tourney trip that I created. Enjoy! This one is my favorite, because of the nice smiles on the nice guys in the picture.

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sour dreams are made of this

When I get sufficient amounts of sleep, I have a greater chance of having a very memorable, symbolic dream. Past dreams include the Technicolor House of Zombies where I was running away from the undead in a house filled with vividly painted rooms, and the classic Jimbo Lays Colored Goose Eggs dream.

Last night I went to bed at 10pm to finally catch up on some much needed sleep, and awoke at about 3am to the fading sound of piano keys being struck randomly.

In the dream I was bathing my neice and nephew, who were about 5 and 3 years of age in the scenario. The water was sudsy and warm, and they were having a fun time splashing and goofing around. I took a few cute pictures with my digital camera, pulled the plug in the tub, dried off the kids and put them to bed. After putting them to bed, I reviewed the pictures on my digital camera. In the pictures there was a third creature in the bathtub with them, peeking out from the suds. It was ugly, hairless and its eyes were shut, much like a newborn puppy or bear cub.

Alarmed, I went back to the bathtub, which by now was empty. There at the bottom of the tub amongst the residual suds was this fetal animal cub, perhaps a bear. It wasn't cute in the least, wrinkly with a snout and making funny noises. My first thought was to dry it off and find some milk for it, and then I woke up.

So this morning I did a dream analysis of the symbols I remembered from the dream, and find that it was probably a reflection of me stressing out about an interaction I had with a coworker and the director of my division at APA during a post-work cocktail hour last week. This particular coworker I was chatting with about soccer, the gym and gay rugby pretty much outed me to the director when he integrated himself into our little conversation. I don't think my coworker was being malicious, as a little homework on her reveals that she has classic 'foot-in-mouth' disease. I guess it bugged me that she was so careless with my personal information, but luckily APA is a pretty open place to work.

Wow, they hauled up the turret from the historic Monitor ironclad unit. Wish I had caught that on TV, hopefully they will have some kind of special on PBS.

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August 5, 2002

ironclad unit

Here's a nifty infographic about the Monitor, the very first ironclad unit, built during the Civil War.

Geek Note: Jimbo is interested in this as the Ironclad units are one of the first naval units you can produce in CivIII upon discovering the Industrialization scientific advance.

Kiri...why do you have to bleach your hair and then dye it? Are you supposed to do it that way?

Woof Note: my honey pot is quenched.

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August 4, 2002

Homo erectus

Yee-haw! For some reason the company I ordered extra memory from sent me 128KB instead of 64, so now I have more than expected. Still have to mess around with some of my larger applications to see if there's any difference.

It was one of those weekends where I feel I had too much fun. Friday I met up with some new friends, with whom I met for breakfast this morning.

Nation was OK, but I'm proud to say I managed to have a very cheap night. My free pass was still valid, and I managed to find a somewhat safe place to park for free. Danced until 4am, only having spent $5 for drinks. The DJ's style was tribal, and I didn't much care for it. I prefer my happy dance music with lyrics and screaming divas. The floor was too crowded, but it was the boys on the floor that kept me there anyway. Some friends of mine introduced me to a few dozen other people whose names I sadly can't remember, but it was fun dancin' with y'all! I should be able to have an equally cheap night a few more times within my budget due to a few extra passes that I have left.

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August 3, 2002

Jane Goodall Dance Party

Last night I met up with some friends at the reincarnated Cobalt club. Pretty fun, cute crowd, but too damn crowded. Oddly enough, it was coolest on the dance floor, as the main AC unit is located there. Guess I haven't been out in a while, as it seemed like I was percieved as fresh meat by several patrons. It was a much needed ego boost.

Tonight I am going to try something new. By necessity and design, I'm going to try to walk amongst the others at Nation in an unaltered state. Well, maybe a cocktail or two, but that's about it. Will these intelligent primates, Homo etardicus, accept me as one of their own? Will I be able to join their ceremonial Love Congas? Will I be able to shake my booty as a resident of my own plane, instead of a higher one? I think so, as I haven't been able to get out much lately, and I have an intense need to shake it, regardless of lack of party favors. Hopefully the free passes I've saved for a rainy day will still be accepted, and there will be room to dance.

Just finished doing my monthly bills, and it's rather depressing. I'm going to resume my job search in earnest again. Keep your eyes and ears open for me, as contacts and connections seem to be the only way to get in for an interview in today's job market. APA isn't going to pay the bills, and their contract salary doesn't cover benefits. They're gettin' a good deal with Jimbo, but Jimbo needs to pay the bills. My short-term cheapo health insurance will run out by September, and rugby commands I have better coverage.

I am still looking for Web-based work, as a content manager or designer for a small firm or association's Web site in the DC area. However, I'm willing to consider other possibilities, as job forecasters recommend flexibility in the job search these days. Please drop me a line or forward any leads to me that you think may work out. I have a few leads at present, but the USDA gig is being abyssimally slow in processing, and I don't have high hopes for the Web job at APA. Better to gather more eggs and put them in more than one basket.

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August 2, 2002

las Islas Frias

July and August in DC consists of rushing to one island of air conditioning to another. I have identified the few comfort zones in all the Metro stations where the air conditioning actually works. It's just too hot outside to derive any pleasure from being in the hot, sticky, sweaty environment.

Plus, it sorta saps the energy out of you, and when you get home, all you want to do is veg out in the A/C. It's much like January and February in Wisconsin, as you get the same cabin fever due to confinement. People get grumpy at that time, as they do now in DC. Grrr.

The annual Peace Corps Leo Party is this Saturday. At least five of my friends from Peace Corps are Leos, so they just have one party and pool their funds to throw a big bash. They all have the same friends anyway. Eventually, any discussion between RPCV's (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) from any country devolves into stories about drinking or diarrhea. Every time, I'm not kidding. I feel blessed that I'm both from Wisconsin and an RPCV, as I have a wide circle of friends and family with whom I can discuss bowel movements with absolute comfort and candor. If you want to talk about your bowel movements, just call me or drop me an e-mail. Jimbo shares, and so should you.

There was a social last night in honor of several of my departing coworkers at the APA. I was chatting about soccer and gay rugby with my coworker Shirley, who's the president of the DC Bar Association. The head honcho of our division came over to chat as well, and Shriley just outed me right then and there as someone who's "on a gay rugby team". Normally I might be pissed off about being outed, but obviously this organization is a bit more liberal than most, and Shirley wasn't being malicious or insensitive. Still, it was strange being in a situation where it wasn't really an issue. Still not used to that I guess.

YET MORE RUGBY EVENTS: Next Thrursday 8th, the Washington Renegades Rugby Football Club will be having a season kick-off party and social from 7-10pm at Hamburger Mary's, on 14th and Rhode Island, NW. There will be food and beer. Afterwards me and Fitz will head out in time to catch Shirtless Men Drink Free at the Green Lantern. See you there!

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August 1, 2002

9/11/02 TV blackout

Hmm...I will be unplugging my TV the entire month of September. I went through it once, no need to go through it again. Rumour has it that there'll be tremendous amounts of bulemic media ejecta, and I want to stay clear of the spew.

And here's another Washington Post article about how web logs are keeping the media honest. However, I think the time has come to deliniate different types of bloggers and blogging, just like now there's all sorts of webmaster titles (content management, design, web programming, etc.), there needs to be different names for bloggers. For example, I'm not in the same category as Andrew Sullivan or Jocko. One is an accomplished writer and the other points out highlights in art, while I blather on and on about hotties and this season's gourd crop. I propose that there be possible blogger categorizations such as: political, art, personal, heart-on-my-sleeve, project progress, event coverage, etc.

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my honey pot is on fire

Disclaimer: blog entries are merely a single frame in the film reel that is my line of thinking and my life. I'm not vitrolic, bitter and angry all the time, just about 1/6 of the time.

After reading Fitz' entry about his goals for the rest of the summer, I decided to call him up and propose that we both go out to the Green Lantern for Shirtless Men Drink Free night to rub elbows, nipples, furry chests and other body parts of the DC pectoral crowd. He needs to get out, and my honey pot is on fire, I said. Fitz had never heard of the phrase "my honey pot is on fire". It means that I'm horny, riled up and and need an outlet SOON. We also discussed the trials, tribulations and rewards of pumpkin patches and gourd vines.

Rugged. Tough. Dependable. Strong. Who's Your Brawny Man? I already nominated Jason. Ignore the SPAM when it comes in, Jason, that is if you're not interested in winning a Dodge Durango. I always thought the lumberjack on the Brawny paper towel packaging was hot. I did the 'Create Your Own Brawny Man' survey and ended up with this:

The Strong Man
All those years of working on the family farm must have done your Brawny Man some good. Strong, tough, rugged...your Brawny Man is the ultimate muscle man. He loves staying active, and has no use for laziness in himself or others. He'll move furniture for you, he'll fix your car, and as a nice added bonus, he'll look good while he's doing it!

And for you New York blog stalkers, we will be playing the New York gay rugby team somewhere in your town on Saturday, November 16. Details to be announced, but for now Rob, Glenn, Dan, jimbo, Jayke and whoever you are cutie better show up or I'm gonna git ornery on yer collective asses. I don't want to hear that tired old NYC excuse that you were too busy to watch jimbo reach his hands in between the muscular, hairy thighs of a bunch of men in a scrum, feeling around for his ball, in order to pitch it to a lithe, swift lad in the back line.

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