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March 31, 2002

back to my roots

The jimbo Back to My Roots tour is nearing an end. Tomorrow I return to DC and get back to the grind.

While driving around Central Wisconsin I managed to spot several pairs of sandhill cranes, a northern harrier, and a cute porcupine up in a tree nibbling buds. Lots of old fieldstone homes and barns too. Wish I had the bucks to buy a 40 acre plot and fix one of them up.

Christina and Paul live in a teensy town somewhere east of Wausau. Again, their home has a fieldstone foundation, most likely built from the glacial till of the moraine area nearby. I also stopped to visit Tim and Cindy and their two kids, who gave me a vision of what my niece and nephew will be like in a few years.

I also drove by several of the places I lived and drank as a college student, and it was good to see where I came from. This trip gave me a much needed perspective and will help out when I get back to DC.

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back to my roots

The jimbo Back to My Roots tour is nearing an end. Tomorrow I return to DC and get back to the grind.

While driving around Central Wisconsin I managed to spot several pairs of sandhill cranes, a northern harrier, and a cute porcupine up in a tree nibbling buds. Lots of old fieldstone homes and barns too. Wish I had the bucks to buy a 40 acre plot and fix one of them up.

Christina and Paul live in a teensy town somewhere east of Wausau. Again, their home has a fieldstone foundation, most likely built from the glacial till of the moraine area nearby. I also stopped to visit Tim and Cindy and their two kids, who gave me a vision of what my niece and nephew will be like in a few years.

I also drove by several of the places I lived and drank as a college student, and it was good to see where I came from. This trip gave me a much needed perspective and will help out when I get back to DC.

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resurrection day

Happy resurrection day! Today, the spells Raise Dead, Reincarnation and Resurrection are all cast at +1 caster level. All Craft checks related to painting eggs receive a +4 divine competency bonus, as do all Search checks made for finding candy and eggs in the grass.

I managed to find the gay bar in LaCrosse last night. It was a lot more lively than last time, and the music wasn't bad either. However, it was hard to shake off this guy that latched on to me early in the evening, so I left after only one beer.

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March 30, 2002

let's go peenting

Tomorrow I drive through the treacherous swamps of Central Wisconsin, where herds of suicidal deer throw themselves at your car. I'll be visiting several sets of friends there, and will most likely drive around my alma mater campus, UW-Stevens Point. Sadly, the Point Beer gift shoppe will be closed, but I already have my LaCrosse Lager tee-shirt. Where I come from, LaCrosse is a city, not a sport.

I'm hoping to coerce my friends Tim and Cindy to go peenting. Peenting is sort of like the legendary Snipe Hunt, except you actually see snipes. Well, woodcocks to be exact, the close cousin to the snipe. In the early spring, male woodcocks find an open clearing, usually near a log or other outcropping as a staging area. Then the rotund bird lets out a 'peent'. Plug your nose and say 'peent', and you've just made a woodcock call. Then, the male will suddlenly fly upward in a horizontal spiral, up to heights of 200'. All the while it makes a melodious tweeting. On its way down, it does acrobatic loop d'loops while making gurgly whistles. During its ascent, you can run to the nearest bush where the bird last was and hide behind it. The woodcock is terribly myopic, and can only see movement or a foot in front of its face. So, if you get to the bush before the woodcock begins its descent, you get a nice spot to watch it resume its peenting. And if you're close enough, you can hear a brief hiccup, an intake of air that fuels the mighty 'peent'. At that distance, the peent becomes a 'hic-peent'. I am not kidding.

The spring peepers and wood frogs may also be doing their spring thing at the nearby reserve, so hopefully I'll get my fill of the Wisconsin Spring Concert Series.

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March 29, 2002

my precious

I have a geek confession to make: "The Hobbit" is the only Tolkien book I've ever read since this weekend. All I know about the rest of the books is through Rankin-Bass cartoons and geeky conversation.

So I picked up a copy of "Fellowship" here at Mom's and I'll probably be done by tonight. Damn, he can't write concisely, but I sure know all there is to know about hobbits. Gollum's more than just a slimy guy in a hole too...he used to be a hobbit! Can't do the whole "My preciousss..." routine around my nephew Bryce though...it scares him too much. I know exactly where my precious is: safe at home at DC in the naughty box under the bed. Mine's a bit bigger than the one Sauron made, I might add.

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ducks, geese, swans

FYI...the jimbo.info server is being moved, so all you get is the blog for now.

Today I drove to the capitol of Wisconsin...Madison! I didn't do much Madisonish types of things like eat brats with sauerkraut on State Street, but I did spend a long time with my high school friend Travis, his wife Marcie and their cute little redheaded toddler Eric. We went to the Josephine Heffleberger (or something like that) conservatory, where there were all sorts of plants, the air was humid and warm, and there were birdies in it. The outdoor part of the botanical conservatory wasn't too lively, but things are coming up all over. It was good to see them and their fabulous big house.

It was my intention to stop by the infamous Shoe Box in Black Earth, Wisconsin to buy a pair of something, but after some thought Imelda decided to pass, and kept driving by. I wanted to catch the sunset as it set over the Western shore of the Mississippi River, so I drove due West from Madison.

I'm glad I made it in time, as I was treated to a long golden sunset over the sparkling pewter waters of the Big River. Not only did I see yet more bald eagles, but I managed to catch the peak migration of waterfowl up the Mississippi flyway. Tundra Swans, Canadian Geese and thousands of other birds were settling down for the night. I even saw diving ducks like bufflehead and mergansers. Pop Geography Quiz: if Jimbo watched the sun set from the Wisconsin shore just north of Ferryville, over which state did Jimbo see the sun drop over the horizon?

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March 27, 2002

11 rungs, geekgoks

When I was around 8, I tried to see how high I could nail wooden rungs into a tree trunk down at the creek near my home. I think I got about 40' high before I stopped and realized I coulda died...little Jimbo wasn't using any gear to keep himself from falling. Plus, there was still so much more tree trunk to go before I could get a foundation down for a treehouse that I quit nailing them in.

I just took Jed for a walk down to the creek, and managed to find the same tree. Someone (a smart adult, no doubt) removed the lower rungs, but 11 rungs remained ascending 40' up into the canopy. I could not believe how high I was nailing those things in, and that 20 years later, they were still there.

I also found the gigantic storm sewer drainage system that we used to play in. We caled them "The Tubes", and we would run around in them pretending we were being chased by evil little subterranean beings called "Geekgoks". We were the Geekgoks, no doubt. Once, my friend Jamie and I found a pile of old deer bones, and we took them into The Tubes and arranged them at one of the drainage intersections. We coated the bones with fake blood, and then lured a bunch of other kids into the Tubes, and feigned panic when we discovered the "Geekgok kill". The other kids ran out of the storm sewers in real panic, and Jamie and I got a good kick out of it.

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9 rugby players

Yet more snapshots in Metro Weekly of the bachelor auction.

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7 bridges

Yesterday Jimbo, Jed and Jill went down the hill to the Seven Bridges Road for a long walk. Todd was not one of the bridges, but this series of state and federally-recognized and architecturally unique structures is a fun hike. Jed is an obese black lab, and Jill is an incontinent Jack Russell Terrier.

Sunny but a bit nippy, it was fun to watch Jed plow through the bottomland streams and ponds, swamp water being no more a barrier to him than land. Didn't see any unique wildlife, but it was absolutely silent when I stopped to listen. It can get so quiet that you can hear your heart beat or listen to the flutter of a cardinal's wings in the brush.

Later that day the niece and nephew came over for a bit. We started coloring the newspaper with markers and crayons. Ellen decided to draw my new home - a cardboard box. I almost dropped my lutefisk and cheese curd sandwitch in my lap, since that may not be far from the truth some day. I asked her to make sure it was up to code, with a fire exit and access for the disabled. It's a deluxe cardboard home, with extra storage space for all my boogers, and plastic on top. The mums will be planted between the booger storage unit and box proper, so they don't get stolen.

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March 26, 2002

5 pounds

I don't think I'll have to worry about keeping my weight on here. The cheese curds, meat and beer should keep me plump. I think I gained five pounds simply by flying into Wisconsin airspace.

Gonna visit grandma today, and possibly my aunt. The niece and nephew will be here tonight as well, so I better rest up before the varmints arrive.

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March 25, 2002


When the fur-trading Voyageurs made their way up the Mississippi River to where my family lives now, they named the limestone outcroppings overlooking the river coulees. For you non-Jocko French speakers, dat's Frog for valley. They're really purdy on a sunny day, them coulee bluffs. I can actually see the stars at night here too.

Upon arrival, I was able to spot over thirty bald eagles roosting along the river. Gee, I guess they're making a comeback. Then saw the requisite deer at the base of the bluffs, but no turkeys spotted yet.

Went out to da tavern for a bit to play some pool with my brother which might be fun later in the week. Still kinda bushed from the flight though, which was remarkably delay-free today.

Upon my return, I will have to begin working immediately. Still no Web-related PR/marketing job for Jimbo yet, so I gotta bring the dough in somehow. I'll bartend, hammer nails, paint nails, or whatever. If you know someone who has such an opening...let me know! No more clubs, no more rugby, no more movies, no more Pentagurl City, etc., etc., etc. until I get some cash flow.

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March 23, 2002

philly trip

After a long drive up to Philly I got to meet Bubba (a.k.a. Rob) for the first time. Let me just say that regular electronic correspondence and digital pics don't do the man justice, especially when he's wearing a pair of tight Wranglers and black cowboy boots. Makes a Jimbo wish he was born a Southern Belle instead of a Dairy Queen. I'm inspired to add a pair of size Jimbo Wranglers to my closet, as they add a special charm to the behind. Anyhoo, it was fun to meet Rob after two and a half years of bitchin' to each other by e-mail about our relationships, troublemaking, and jobs.

Speakin' of meeting bloggers...I forgot to mention that Fitz, My'ra, Jon and myself were all under one roof at the same time at the bachelor auction...a mini jimbo.info blogger convention! Now all I have to do is meet Jason, my evil twin Jocko Jimbo and Richard. Hmm...keep in touch guys, it may be a while before my travel budget becomes that flexible. Speakin' of Fitz, some of the gurls and even some of the girls were swooning over him at auction.

Anyway, back to the Philly trip...I also met up with my hometown pal Kari and her husband Mike. We caught up on tragic Holmen, Wisconsin gossip, and I've been assigned to gather intelligence information on who's working at Skogen's Grocery Store now (the nadir of career paths in my hometown).

I'll be in God's Country the last week of March, so if you don't see any blog entriess, it's because I can't get to a computer, or there isn't much to talk about. Crap...I'll miss the opportunity to take my niece to the Holmen Barbie Fashion Party. I hope to get pics of me in front of the Sunfish Capitol of the World statue, and me next to King Cambrinas, the Patron Saint of Brewing. I'm also hoping trout fishing season is underway, and go fishing with my brother.

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March 21, 2002

shameless hussy

Shameless pandering of flesh and jockstrap to help pay for match and field fees. Thank the Recently Single & Unemployed Thus Finding Food Tasteless Diet for my ripped abs.

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peeps in the post

"Peep me, baby,
like you've never Peeped before.
Ohh, give it to me
cuz I just can't take no more

- "Peep Me, Baby" by Prince

Peeps made yesterday's Washington Post. There's some interesting Peep recipies too.

Ugh...I hope my head clears up from last night. I went to the rugby bachelor auction, and then off to Cobalt to shake it to the tunes of Sailorboy7. Rob can spin, and will be a great DJ in a huge club one day. It doesn't hurt that he's extremely woofy too. He's got his own remix of Stevie Nick's 'Planets of the Universe' combined with Madonna's 'Music'. Since Wednesday night isn't a busy night, Jimbo had plenty of room for interpretive dance, as did his friends. Anyhoo...I'm loading up on coffee to get ready for my interview this afternoon.

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March 20, 2002

rugby meat

I'll be making a Princess Appearance at tonight's Renegades Rugby bachelor auction, as I want to go shake it later at Cobalt the rest of the evening to the groovin' tunes of DJ Sailorboy7. I'm only going because Fitz is gonna be there, as I spend too damn much time with rugby people.

Yee-haw...another interview tomorrow, this time with the World Bank Clean Air Initiative. Like yesterday's interview, I'm flattered to have been chosen for a personal interview out of over 200 applicants. It would be a good fusion of my environmental education degree and my tech skills.

This weekend I go visit Bubba and Kari up in Philly, which will be fun. EVERYBODY's going to the Black Party in NYC, but I just don't have that spring in my step to make it. Plus, I need to save money.

There'll also be a phone interview tomorrow for front desk position at Sports Club LA. I'll take the job if it's offered, as I gotta start making money soon. I'm not gonna lose my new car! Bobby thinks I don't have it in me to put up with the elite membership of the club, but I have years of visitor center work under my belt from being a park ranger. If I can put up with pushy German tourists ("VHERE ARE ZEE BEARS?! SHOW ME ZEE BEARS!") I can put up with anyone.

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March 19, 2002

happy, happy, joy, joy

Jimbo, why are you so happy in this picture?

I think the photo was taken some time in January at the rugby clinic in Manchester.

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After my morning job interview on Water Street in Georgetown, I have to go put more change in the meter before I go get some lunch. Finding I have none to spare, I go to a nearby hot dog vendor and buy a Green Apple Charms Blo-Pop for $.25. This buzzcut blue collar lookin' guy (woofy to Jimbo, if you can imagine) waiting in line looks at me and says "MSG"? I look down at my Blo-Pop and ponder how many licks it takes to get a daily serving of monosodium glutamate, and look back up at Woofer quizzically.

"MSG. Marine Security Guard?" he asks again. I shake my head and smile, my expanding ego threatening to collapse the K Street overpass above me. Thank you Diego's Barber Shop for makin' me so fly.

I thought the interview went good, and I think I answered her queries well. We shall see!

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March 17, 2002


Had a long chat with long-lost Paul last night at the Eagle. He's also given up on Prince, and had recently sold all his rare 12" singles for about $2.50 each. I guess it's my time to give up the Gemini too.

Roomate Rick treated me to see comedienne Judy Gold this evening, and she had me in more stiches. A friend of Rosie, her sketch was oddly free of lesbian content. She had a few anti-Florida comments that a few folks in the audience caught, but I think her performance was targeted for a breeder audience.

Sorry Mark, Bubba, Jocko, and all you scruff fans, the beard has to go for the interviews. Gotta present that clean-cut professional look to pay for coffee and Fruit Roll-ups.

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March 16, 2002


Grrr...I'm cranky today because I was forced to watch a rugby match when 99% of my body was perfectly ready to play. I'll miss the next two matches as I'll be outta town, and then if I don't have a job in April that means no insurance, and no play. I guess I'll work on my cardio in order to be ready to play when I am able.

On the brighter side, not one, but two interviews next week! Shave the beard off or no?

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March 15, 2002


Join the cult of EndoraToday my right eye looks like Agnes Moorehead did my makeup before a shooting of Bewitched. Cross your arms over each other, and bob your head against a doorway to get the same effect.

I have a job interview on Tuesday! It's interesting work, and within DC, so cross your fingers.

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March 14, 2002

tonya returns

Tonya Harding's true colors came out at the celebrity boxing match on TV last night. Didn't Paula know Tonya throws hubcaps at people for fun? That wussy little DC Hill Rat didn't have a chance. Tonya's the Queen of the Trailer Park, and has probably finally found her true calling in the ring. Also try throwing the book at Tonya.

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March 12, 2002

in stiches

I got my stiches out today, and a good tounge-lashing from the doctor, who recommends taking up golf. Yeah, like I wanna get struck by lightning instead of a guy. Glad they're out though, they were starting to itch. Now my black eye is turning red and that lovely greenish/yellowish color, and the white of my eye is now red. Pretty.

Sent a resume to the first job I was actually interested in, to a horticultural publishing association. Apparently they host horticultural Web sites as well. Cross your fingers!

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March 9, 2002


Nose already bloody from a previous slam, this Woofer's comin' at me cuz I'm goin' for the ball. In slo-mo I see his Dick Tracy jawline comin' at my head, then crunch, I know it's not gonna be pretty. Chins can be sharp, even when closed (see May injury, 10 stiches to chin from the other Jim on the team).

Then I'm on my hands and knees, wondering when my chi will stop flowing all over my hands. It felt like they were under the tap, left on lukewarm. I get up, and everyone wants to see it, but all I can say is "Get me some gauze".

I get trucked away to Three Stooges Hospital in Richmond with broken collarbone Brian. I'm under the tender care of the love child of Mike Tyson and Stephen Hawking. Dude's gotta learn some grace with the suture technique. Excuse me...I have a modeling career to consider! Found out you get an eyelid tuck for every four stiches to the face, so I'm set for another ten years.

Said Woofer's in the emergency room too, two stiches to my eight. Heh heh. Momma raised a hard-headed boy. My jersey and tee look like they were at a tie-dye party. I hope somebody crass took some pictures.

Aww shit...the black eye's either gonna gain butch points with the brunch date tomorrow morning, or he'll say 'eww!'.

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March 8, 2002

things to do

Oh jeez I gotta vacuum up those damn cedar bits from the litter box before Sunday cuz it'll gross out the geeks...Glenn's gonna play an elven paladin of Corellon Larethian, already got that done though with the character generator program, and 18 Charisma is nothing to scoff at...and then set up that TV stand so I can play Pokemon Stadium II and watch Enterprise, I think my Ariados is 51st level so I can play it in the expert tournament level...lovely mix of Tang and Gatorade last night for rugby practice, I'll have to do that for Saturday's match in Richmond, hope I don't play scared due to no insurance, is it worth playing? Hell yeah, I'm all pissed off right now, and still on fire from that workout yesterday, I'm fucking HUGE! Gotta make sure I wear my sleeveless gym shirt today, since it's bi's and tri's and shoulder day, raaagh - gotta see the pump...an den...an den? Make sure I call Mom and let her know I'm coming home in late March...better have a job then, PetSmart is hiring...hmm - my 'to do' list ain't so bad after all.

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March 6, 2002

paas 'n peeps

I got my Paas on, I got my Peeps on, I got my plastic grass on. 14 happy eggs are currently boiling on the stove, soon to be colored the hues of spring ephemeral wildflowers. Let the rebirth begin.

I will be going home to Wisconsin the last week of March for a little more R&R (Reflection and Regeneration). It should be a somewhat nice time of year to go back to America's Dairyland.

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March 5, 2002

Barbarella, the musical

Eurythmics to Write Barbarella the Musical. YES! That's one I surely can't miss.

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vampire benefits package

Went to see Queen of the Damned last night. Discovered that movie theatres are deserted on Monday nights. I had to wake the popcorn stand dude to get some food.

Anyway, they did a pretty good job at adapting the book to screen, considering Anne Rice went her deepest into the vampire pantheon in that particular book. I suspect there's a lot of stuff in the movie that anyone who hadn't read the book won't get. Anyhoo, Townsend was the sexy Lestat to Cruise's trickster Lestat. Aaliyah had the slinky sexy evil vampire mama walk down pat. It must be fun to play evil and sexy, and it shows. The movie made it obvious that there are several side-benefits to being a vampire, aside from the usual undead perks: