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February 28, 2002

a new bed

Yaay! No more back problems...I just got a new firm mattress and box spring from Phil. Thanks Phil! I'm gonna look for a frame soon.

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February 27, 2002


Hmm...evil comes in threes, and so to strange coincidences. I called mom last night, and she said last week all 3 of her sons were unemployed at the same time last week. Not suprising with the oldest, but the middle and the youngest are usually gainfully employed.

Panchesco and I are lookin' pretty scruffy these days.

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February 26, 2002

pigeonholes, needs

Some recent needs

Here's a telling comment from an article linked from andrewsullivan.com:
„Gay community? What¼s that? We are completely across every spectrum. I think we have been forced, by segregation, into narrower experiences.¾
I've said that myself in different ways many times. I believe it's how we end up with Bitter Queens. They sold out to subscribe to a community that wasn't necessarily what they were made of, and in the end, lost who they were beforehand. Sheesh...there was no way jimbo could have ever cast off Dungeons and Dragons and picked up a sense of style. Both are impossible. Better to be a geek wearing both tie-dye and plaid on the same outfit, then to be bitchy, smoking, in a bar, sipping a poorly-mixed Manhattan. I just can't concern myself with looking absolutely perfect 24/7.

On the same vein, I think that's why so many small dogs are insane. Fit a big doggie soul into a tiny foo-foo-tzu body, and you end up with Jason Voorhees of the canine world. Big pegs don't go into small, predefined holes.

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February 25, 2002


Aside from a bit of curling, I did not catch any substantive amount of the olympics due to my chaotic schedule. Last night I did get to see some of the closing ceremonies. Of course, I started bawling, since that opening/closing stuff always gets to me. The whole sappy 'children of light', international peace and love, and the atletic ideal really twangs my heartstrings for some reason.

Did a bit of job searching this morning, and I'm out to wash my car. Then do some laundry, and work out. Ow - I sprained my finger at a cold rugby practice on Saturday, so the workout should be challenging. I've got the unemployed scruff going on, to be shorn when/if I get an interview.

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February 24, 2002


Finally, completely moved into the place at 5th and T. I'll need some shelves and possibly a TV stand, but otherwise I'm all set! Lookin' for work in earnest starting tomorrow.

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February 23, 2002

turkish delights

I'm blogging from Brian's at the moment...lying in wait for his return, to request his help moving my last mound of stuff from Rai's to the new place. I just got back from there, and it should be a rather cheery room. The closet is HUGE, and lined with cedar. Just gotta work on a bed, dresser, computer desk, but I'll be fine for a while as Rick's letting me use his futon and wardrobe. The wardrobe is currently filled with fur coats, and I think I smell pine needles and snow in the back of it...I wonder what's back there? Is that the jingling of a sleigh I hear...?

Went to rugby practice, and it was cold as hell...I'm way over this windy, dry, cold spring. We're currently in another drought condition, one of many I've experienced since moving here. For a swamp-town, it's pretty drought prone to me. Spraining the last digit on my left ring finger reminded me that I'll be on limited health insurance for a while. Rugby may have to wait until I get it together. Last night I found out that if you whine about being unemployed in a bar, people will buy you drinks! And then I met a tech headhunter too, which counts as networking, so I can put that on my unemployment log. I'm going out tonight too, so I can network at club whatever as well.

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February 22, 2002

saturn return

No, I needen't return my Saturn to the dealer, I must deal with my Saturn Return. It's a little late, but perhaps my Norwegian stoicism put it off for a year or so. The description of this difficult period in my astrological charts is accurate.

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February 21, 2002


Despite all my stresses, I feel remarkably OK. Except for the Ms. Pac-Man theme song going through my head all day...and the theme song for "Facts of Life":

You take the bad, you take the good, you put it all together and get the facts of life...the facts of life!

Yes, I am stressed out. I went to the unemployment office today, and like the DC DMV office, it was remarkably efficient and friendly. They have really made some strides in public service in the past 5 years or so.

Kiri mentioned something about Saturn, and a period of time where you life shuffles and upheaves like mine is right now...care to explain that in detail, Kiri?

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February 20, 2002


I know this is putting my privacy on a limb, but here's my resume in PDF format. I'd like to move on to a PR/marketing firm, but can go back to being just a plain 'ol Webmaster if that pays the bills. Not the best time to be unemployed as a Webmaster, but hey, it was time to go.

My communications arrays throughout the galaxy have spread the word and the job hunt already begins in earnest. With both the breakup and firing, my friends have been STELLAR with support. Yesterday, Bubba jokingly said "come do Nashville". My reply was, "but all my friends are here!"

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February 19, 2002

air jimbo

You know you're a blogging geek when...you get fired and all you can think is "How should I put this as a post to my Web log?". What and how long you surf the Internet can and will be used against you, especially when you don't get along with the MacCarthyist network security manager. I couldn't really argue against the five day record of my surfing...apparently I was 'randomly' chosen to have my 'net surfing monitored. Sure, some of it was not work related, but when work gets slow, the Webmaster will explore the 'net. Oh well, I was pretty miserable there anyway, and now I have more time to look for a new job.

On a brighter note, later that day I was working out at Sports Club LA, and was checking out this beefy Italian personal trainer, who was helping out some black guy I didn't pay much attention to. I went towards the ab crunch machines, and realized the guy with the trainer was MICHAEL JORDAN! He was a mere 10' away from Jimbo, also doing abs. He's not as big as I imagined him to be, so I guess the PR for His Airness has been working.

Right after my firing, I thought I saw a bald eagle off of Gravelly Point. Turns out it was a gull. I was hoping for a good omen after this life change, but I think Air Jordan will have to do. Resume soon to be posted for your distribution! Air Jimbo: I believe I can fly...

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February 18, 2002


I've finally consolidated all my stuff from three different locations in DC under one roof. What a relief! I have a lot to go into the 'yard sale box'. I hope to really simplify what I own...it's amazing how much crap you gather over the course of a few years. One more week at Rai's place, and then I move in with a roomate south of Howard University. SECURE PARKING....aaaah! Then I'll get back to a social life and make sure I get out of DC more often. On the agenda are more backpacking and road trips.

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February 16, 2002

bs accents

I just heard a soundbyte from the interview they got from John Walker...he had one of those bullshit annoying I've-been-overseas-for-a-year picked up accents like Madonna, Tina Turner and John Daily. If he doesn't go to jail for the whole Taliban thing, he should be put away for the faux Islam accent at the very least.

Almost halfway done moving and consolidating stuff. I realized I'll have moved 6 times in the last 6 years. Now I understand why people buy houses.

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February 15, 2002


Wow, I can actually post from Rai's feeble Internet connection today.

I survived VD-day, as I was kinda too sick to care. I went to the Dr.s and got some medicine, so as long as I chill a lot this weekend I should do well. A short move of stuff from one place to another tomorrow morning, and a similarly small move on Monday. I suspect most of the stuff I need to live is in storage, the 3rd cache of my stuff in DC. I should check the city sewers, lost historic sites, and at several of the clubs in town, where I may find the rest of my stuff.

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February 14, 2002

no jimbo.info

Grrr...now I can't blog from work, so you may notice a significant decrease in entries, as my connection at my current host's is far from adequate. In about a week we'll see about updates from home. However, I'll have to apologize in advance if they lack inspiration...when I get home I'm traditionally pooped. Better to blog on lots of coffee in the morning.

I'm feelin' a flu or something coming on...I'm all sore and tired. Time to go to bed.

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February 12, 2002


Hmm...even though Manchester United's David Beckham lives in a foggy, drippy town, he's pushing a new line of sunglasses. He started growing on me when I went over to Manchester, and found a coffee table book about him. Not only is he kinda cute, but he's Posh Spice's husband. Sadly, the Spice Girls are no longer with us.

Brits can't make Web pages, so I would do well over there.

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February 11, 2002

spank that monkey

Spank it...spank it as fast as you can.

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cats and dogs

Oh yeah...kiri's first Web page. My first one had blinking stars in the background, and had something to do with "Welcome to Jimbo's Space". It is mercifully gone from any browser caches or servers of note. But here's a peek at my first spoof of USA Today...albeit a broken page. Oh yeah, and some old geek pages that I made too. Aww-yeah, back in da day, 1998 y'all!

We went to see Brotherhood of the Wolf this weekend, and it was everything I had hoped it would be. In a nutshell, it was over-the-top French Wuxia, set in a pre-revolutionary French province plagued by the predations of a mysterious beast. A hunky naturalist and his Iroquois blood brother are sent to investigate. It was a fairly complex plot involving a struggle between Rome and the King of France, which made it interesting. What I loved is the plot points that made it so very Wuxia: outrageous martial arts, unlikely weaponry (a bone longsword made of vertebrae that extend into chain links), Chicks That Kick Ass (papal intelligence asassin/prostitute with bladed fan), scary villans (and the beast!) and even a good guy that dies and comes back to life to avenge his brother! A very jimbo film.

I got much of my life in order this weekend. For the next two weeks I'll be staying at Rai's at DC's Queer Ground Zero, ever wary of the parking pitfalls. Then I'll move in with a former coworker near the 930 Club. I got lots of storage there, with secure parking and a sunny room. Rick and I get along pretty well.

As I fell asleep last night I was thinking about travel...the thoughts must have been spurred by Rai's packing earlier that evening. I remember driving through a remote part of Arizona in 1995 with my little red Ford Festiva. A half hour had passed since the last rest stop, so naturally I had to go to the bathroom again. I had chosen to stay off the Interstate system so I could experience the states I was driving through, rather than just passing them by. The road I pulled off of had a few trees for me to hide behind and do my thing. But lo, behind the thickets was a hexagonal structure of some sort, three of its walls arched entries. I went inside to investigate, and found it was a small temple of some sort, with an open roof. Small shrines to various feminine demigods and deities were scattered around. My guess was that it was some sort of ecofeminist spiritual outpost. The only one I could recognize was that of Bast, the Egyptian Cat goddess. I didn't want to leave what I had immediately to offer with Bast, so I went back to my car and grabbed some stones that I had found while driving through Death Valley, and left it at her feet. Hopefully I have some leftover Bast karma to grant me time to chill out and bask in the sun, even though I was born in the year of the Dog.

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February 8, 2002


Added bubba's blog to my list of fellow known bloggers. Said link will remain as long as blog remains fresh...STALE BLOGS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Bubba has a goatee, by the way, and has repeatedly proven his status as evil.

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metropolis.jpgDang it...I'm busy and stressed out as hell, and there's all these cool movies I want to see. The aforementioned Brotherhood of the Wolf, and now the anime spectacular Metropolis. Perhaps I'll find a minit in there somewhere to go see it. I'm assuming Fitz has already seen it?

I just realized that the Evil Test is flawed. While it did ask about the important evil traits such as lying, stealing, and SUV ownership, it did not ask about having a goatee. Whenever anyone from Star Trek goes to the parallel universe where good is evil and vice verse, the evil counterparts ALWAYS have goatees. Satan has a goatee, and if you have one, you're evil too. I currently do not have one, which is why I was just shy of evil on the survey.

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February 7, 2002

are you evil?

Apparently I am 43% evil:
I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.
Are you evil?

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February 6, 2002

Separated at birth: Boss Nass

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a friendly reminder

I was just lamenting the lack of images of late. Luckily, a friend just sent me a friendly reminder.

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Dang it...just when Adam Vinatieri was startin' to look woofy with that beard during the Superbowl, he shaves it off. I guess it was one of those "good luck" growths.

Uh oh, Time has now written about blogging.

I like Moveable Type, it's purdy and easy to use. Still can't figger out how to make all my archives say 'jimbo' posted them, as opposed to 'kiri'. Just read her blog and you'll start to see the differences between us. I have a bit more hair on my legs, but she does play rugby, thus the confusion.

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February 5, 2002

movin' on

Hmm...something about that $100 parking ticket this morning tells me I won't be able to tolerate living and parking in the DuPont area, no matter how fabulous it is. Plus, it's no longer the gay mecca it once was. If I don't go to JRs anymore, or can't tolerate the screeching 20something girls at the restraunts I used to like going to, why bother living there? E-mail me at work if you have any leads on a new, affordable, quiet home for jimbo. A garden would be nice, or at least room for a marigold or two. I'm going to have to go back on the agony of a roomate. Princess must live with the provincials for a while.

I'd love to go see Brotherhood of the Wolf this weekend. What's better than Wuxia? French Wuxia! Kick-ass Iroquois ninjas! However, I may be moving boxes and other things. We'll see. I cannot bind myself to any appointments this weekend. But when a reviewer uses the phrase "over the top" to describe a film, I usually go see it.

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new blog

it's a brand new blog! you'll note that archived entries seem to be made by kiri, but that's not true. Hopefully I can change the colors soon.

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February 1, 2002

how to role-play

Ahh...I worked out for the first time in almost a week. It's been hard to find time to work out with house issues and stuff, but it felt good. Sore as hell today. I hope to get some iron in tonight too.

jimbo's comin' down from NYC to geek out with us! She may play one of her characters, or perhaps Blue, my psionic mutant goblin. I tend to play him with an amalgamated persona somewhere between Beavis and Paul Lynde. After you're 30 and still play the game, you really have to dig for ways to make it entertaining. Some people don't comprehend how to role-play a character, but it's really quite easy and formulaic:

  1. roll up your six attributes
  2. choose a race
  3. choose a sex
  4. choose a profession
  5. go shopping for gear and weapons
  6. describe the character's appearance; and finally
  7. choose a persona
At this point in the game, the final step should be the most fun. Just choose a famous actor or character and have your character act like that actor. For example, doug plays an Oriental female monk. He stated clearly that he wanted to play her like Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke - wise, protective, and a bit slutty. For an even greater role-playing challenge, take two personas and mix them into one character.

Oooh...the first of many pics from my trip to Manchester, England are coming in...here's a team shot taken after the match. I'm just to the right of the guy in the front row in blue. That's a mouthguard in my mouth. Above me is Phil, to my right is "Monkeybrains" Pete. Woofers include my host Sean (bottom row, 2nd from left, shaved head), Tim (bottom row, 4th from right), Neil (standing row, 2nd from right), and Ian MacWoof (standing row, 4th from right). Thanks guys, the trip was fantastic!

Interesting...last night while I was working out at Washington's most exclusive fitness center (where Michael Jordan lives and works out) I saw a guy proudly wearing a shirt that said "Survivor: WTO Seattle". Obviously he was one of the noble protesters present during the riots that destroyed some of Seattle's downtown during the WTO meetings in 1999. Today, he can somehow afford to work out at a club that demands over $100/mo. in membership fees, with down-payments exceeding $1,000. (FYI: Jimbo gets the membership FREE due to the liberal domestic partership benefits of the club). Globalization and capitolism has obviously scourged his life, and he's now living desitute due to the sins of our nation, and our oppression of the world. Jimbo raises his three middle fingers to the sky, in a catty W-E-M gesture to these people. Again, if you're going to gather to have a party, just have a party and be done with it. Cut the noble protest crap, I see right through you.

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