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August 31, 2001


Go Dan Savage. This week he makes a brutal commentary on the lax standards of today's HIV educators. It also alludes to a growing trend amongst gay youngsters (that's what I call 20-year olds these days) to have unprotected sex, and to even glorify it in "bareback" chatrooms, Web sites, and parties. Dan equates a partner of unknown HIV status insisting to have unprotected sex to an abuser. I agree totally.

Back when I was in my early 20's, we were barraged by HIV education at college. They went so far to try and scare the bejeezus out of us. When I arrived in DC five years ago, I would see HIV educators out at the dance clubs trying to scare the bejeezus out of us. I don't see much of either these days, and kids are back to barebacking.

Today, I appreciate the efforts of educators who scared the bejeezus out of me. It took that and a near miss with a partner in Wisconsin who later admitted his positive HIV status for me to wake up. Well, that and a case of crabs, which I got a couple times since. I was lucky to only have gotten the little fuckers, and not anything else since.

And don't forget, kids, but there's plenty of other nasty things you can catch while messing around. Here's Jimbo's attempt to scare the bejeezus out of you. Please comment if I missed something, or was inaccurate:

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August 26, 2001


Friday I worked out with Brian, and then we went shopping for slutty club clothes. I got a nice button-down and a tee that accentuate the important parts.

Did a lot of housekeep at home Saturday morning, with some needed Jimbo Time as Bobby was at work. That evening I went out to Nation with Seamus to experience the Cryogenic Freeze system. It's a setup at the club where they blast a thick fog of nitrogen on the people throughout the night, which is fun. I left at a decent hour to get some sleep.

Sunday Jon, Myra and I went fishing. They painted a few watercolors too, which turned out nice. I caught two nice bass which should have been brought home for dinner, and about a dozen small, but feisty sunfish.

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August 24, 2001

Woof, where's my car?

I would comment on the infamous Gary Condit interview, but the Today Show beat the issue to a pathetic, bloody pulp this morning. I'll spare you. I wanted to check and see if he's still got an opening for an internship, but his Website seems to be experiencing lots of traffic today.

As for my own rants, let me add that the cost of suppressing neohippie violence and destruction in the District of Columbia for the upcoming IMF/World Bank protests will cost District taxpayers 1 30 million dollars. The District's finest are asking for Federal assistance for this cost. I just needed to let y'all know how much a neohippie party costs.

Parachuting on to the Statue of Liberty: art, or asinine? Jimbo feels the latter to be true. Kudos to Lovely Lady Liberty for almost skewering him up the hiney - you go gurl. Jeez Louise - you don't go pissing in the kiddie pool you gave to your neighbor, and you don't go sporting about on a respected national symbol. Jimbo has spoken.

If you select certain portions of my journal, it may appear that I am a righteous, judgmental bastard. This is partially true. However, I'd like to urge those who send out portions of my rantings to their mailing list of friends to please balance their friends' perception of me by distributing the following whimsical documentation of my life:

There was a delightful cleansing rain last night. This morning I checked on our goldfish pond out in the backyard. To my joy, the baby goldfish's bronze coloring is starting to mottle into the brilliant gold of their progenitors. To witness the genesis of this beauty is rewarding. Our morning glories are flourishing, and the zinnias provide candy-cane coloured cuttings daily. Soon I will be able to provide my entire workplace with fresh jalapeño peppers as well. Nature's bounty truly is amazing, especially in the approaching autumn season. I look expectantly to September and October, my favorite time of year in this area.

Enough about me. I just watched an interview with Seann William Scott on Conan O'Brian. He's the cutie from "American Pie" and "Dude, Where's My Car?" Woof. Jimbo detected a slight Minnesota accent, as that's where he's from. Why didn't we meet at a track meet in high school? Because he was in middle school at the time, I guess. Grrrr...

1. Taxpaying residents of the District of Columbia, a small area nested between the Potomac River and the states of Maryland and Virginia, do not have representation in the House or the Senate. However, they are taxed Federally without this representation.

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August 21, 2001


Do not adjust your browser settings for this trippy site. I suspect it was done by a Japanese Flashmaster. Inspiring what you can do with old Corel gallery images and Macromedia's Flash. Bonus points if you find my favorite, the panda. Don't forget to turn up your speakers when you click on the animals!

In other happy news, it is rumoured that longtime Senator Jesse Helms will not run for another term. Sen. Helms (R) is over 600 years old and responsible for most opression in America today. Ding-Dong, the Wicked Witch is dead! I was horrified one evening to see the honorable senator going into my friend's apartment complex one evening with a lovely lady that could have been his great-granddaughter. ~shudder~

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August 20, 2001

damn hippies

I had a nice weekend. About the wildest thing I did was have one too many rum-and-coke cocktails at a party dedicated to Leos. I wasn't too bad the next day, so the rum must have been of good quality. I was able to work out at least, but spent the rest of the day watching Andromeda, Beastmaster and Lost World in bed with Bobby. Either that or I was playing Baldur's Gate on the computer. We had a lovely brunch/gaming session on Saturday. Except everyone had food coma during game play, but with seven players, I can appreciate having a few players out cold from too many waffles.

The IMF/World Bank "protesters" are coming to town again in September. I find them to be annoying. First of all, it is simply the issue du jour for the neo-hippie set. In five years when they are paying the bills, their worldly concerns will be tossed by the roadside. I also have a problem with privileged white kids making decisions for underprivileged people in third world countries. What does a pampered suburbanite know about living in the third world? It is the people of the third world who should be making these decisions, not a bunch of hippies on summer break. And frankly, what they really do here before, during and after the protests is smoke tremendous amounts of pot (I have friends who have hosted them, and I know this to be true). At least gay boys have no pretenses when they get together for circuit parties. I also resent having the city I live in vandalized with every bare space on a lamppost or transformer box plastered with liberista posters. I also don't like it when they threaten the employees of the World Bank and IMF, some of whom happen to be my friends. Another flaw in their methods is that the time for activism is over: people are aware of the issues. They should be spending their energies on educating, rather than screaming. You scream when you catch someone dumping toxic waste red-handed, you educate when the process is already under way. Granted, DC is a protest town, but rumour has it that over 100,000 suburbanites reeking of Cloves cigarettes and patchouli are to arrive for a week. And that's a long time for Jimbo's eyes and throat to burn from the stench. Last year, when I went to the neighborhood police station a week after the protests with my brother to get a parking permit, the DC cops were still hyped up over the good job they did. Through brute force and intimidation, they were able to prevent a lot of violence from ever happening in the first place. It sounds like they are already preparing for the next wave of "non-violent" protesters.

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August 17, 2001


I'm sorry, I have to break my vow not to mention Madonna again. First of all, it was her 43rd birthday yesterday. Second, last night I got a call from Raimundo's sister, who asked me if I wanted to go see Janet Jackson for free. Naturally, I graciously accepted her offer with a spine-rending screech of delight. And as a bigger Madonna fan, I hate to admit that Miss Jackson was better. Overall, she had a warmer stage presence and her concert was more fun. I've provided you with a handy comparison chart of Janet vs. Madonna, which breaks down the differences between the two Divas of Pop. It will spare you another extensive Jimbo Concert Review.

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August 16, 2001


Here's one of the fish me and My'ra caught on our last trip to West Virginia. I think it's a bass. We let it go though, having not caught enough to warrant a cleaning. Take note that it's a modified deep-sea rod with a kiddie reel attached, and we were still slayin' em.

This Saturday we will undertake the greatest fusion of homosexuality and geekdom known: we will be having brunch on Saturday before playing Dungeons and Dragons. Nobody will ever say I was pretentious. I actually have a more difficult time "coming out" about my hobby than I do with my orientation. People still think you dress up in costumes and go kill people in the sewers, a la Tom Hanks' first film "Rona Jaffe's 'Mazes and Monsters'". We are more like a bitchy bridge club on crack. Much of our time is spent gossiping, talking about the weekend's conquests, and talking about the other people in the group who couldn't make it for that session. It's fun though, although we've moved on from the hack and slash approach to better role-playing (on paper!). I like to describe the game like Monopoly, except your little miniatures gather more than property and hotels, and have more personality.

AOL's laying off more people, and several Webmasters I know are out of work. I guess I'll keep my job at the airport and be happy.

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August 13, 2001

the post

Here's what the Post had to say about Madonna's concert. They agree with what a lot of my friends said about the lack of spontanaety in her otherwise flawless performance. I will now stop talking about Madonna.

The airbags in Bobby's truck blew out after a mere tap on another vehicle. He's OK though. It rained a lot this weekend. I went out to Nation Saturday night and had more fun than a human should have in order to have a good outlook on the rest of the more mundane work-week.

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August 11, 2001

Madonna Review

Madonna took me and Bobby on a 90-minute trip around the world Friday night. The flight was delayed by almost two hours, but in the end it was well worth it. Our seats were a mere four rows from the jet stream, but luckily we brought our oxygen tanks.

First we flew to post-apocalyptic Scotland. Madonna and her crew were in kilts, many with mohawks and other punk garb. She opened with "Substitute for Love", which I had predicted as an appropriate opening song. Then she added elements of the Mummenchanz performance art style for "Impressive Instant", with dancers animating large black tubes, wearing funky spelunker lights on their heads. It kinda reminded me of a combination of the Duran Duran video "Union of the Snake" and Cirque du Soleil as she covered "Candy Perfume Girl". She brought the passengers up above the clouds for "Ray of Light", and then back down to land.

Then a layover in the Orient, where Madonna and her dancers fought a rival ninja clan in an impressive battle during "Sky Fits Heaven". Madonna not only sang, but fought the evil ninjas while on cables a la "Crouching Tiger", defeating them with only her fists, charisma and flying kicks. She was joined by a samurai warrior making perfect kabuki art faces for "Nobody's Perfect". He symbolically took her head off with a katana at the end of the number. Dancers suspended from the ceiling interpreted "Paradise (Not for Me)" during a costume change, emerging from cocoons to her performance of "Frozen" inspired by the performance art of RKM. During these sets, a tai-chi master interpreted the songs with graceful movement. She then pulled a shotgun out of of the driftwood scenery and blew away the martial artist, transitioning to a Western theme in the spirit of her recent obsession with graphic violence.

Dancers donned denim and cowboy hats, and our gurl pulled out a six-string and performed "I Deserve It" while sitting on bales of hay encased in shrink wrap. Then it was time for the dancers to shine their booty tightly wrapped in denim for "Don't Tell Me". The dance wasn't complex, but looked good with cowboy hats and boots. A mechanical bull rose to the stage, appropriately mounted by our favorite Disco Cowgirl. Austin Powers on the video screen helped introduce a very fun "Beautiful Stranger."

Then off to the islands, where the dancers got to relax as the band covered an acoustic version of "La Isla Bonita" which was warm and intimate. A few of the dancers showed off their flamenco skills as Madonna played guitar again. Another costume change where the dancers paired up to dance the instrumental of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina". Madonna arose to perform an androgynous "What it Feels Like for a Girl" on stylish suede furniture, toying with skinhead dancers vaguely male and female. On the video screen was a graphically violent anime short that somehow complemented the performance.

Then back to America, where the same backup singers from her past tours joined her for an appropriately multicultural urban rendition of "Holiday". Dancers and band waved good-bye, leaving us wanting more from the in-flight performance. She returned for "Music", which made the people come together and leave entertained.

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August 10, 2001

deeds, not geeks

Geeks are often techies, but just as engineers think they can fix everything, techies think they are Webmasters. I get tired of hearing how some SQL database manager or network admin "knows HTML" and can "build Webpages". I have seen, fixed, and greatly improved such Webpages. Perhaps with the use of MS Word's Save to HTML option they can, but when it comes to fine tuning and tweaking the code, making their text readable, creating sites that are viewed the same on all browsers, and creating quickly downloaded graphics, nothing beats the skill of the Jack-of-all-Trades, Webmaster of Nothing skillset. In the end, when you let techies build Websites, you will ultimately have to get a Webmaster to come in and clean up the code, make the text pretty, and add usability to the site. Not to mention writing skill. Websites are not just an amalgamation of code, text and pixels, they are a form of media that adhere to rules of human visualization. Jimbo has spoken. techies and other Webmaster Wannabes: Fear My Power.

This rant was inspired by how job announcements in the D.C. Metro area have changed in a year's time. Employers are now looking for Web specialists with social and writing skills. They're tired of the asocial geek that hides in the cubicle, coming out only to confuse the manager with his or her babble about the pros and cons of DHTML versus JavaScript. You have to be able to translate to your manager or client what their options are, and how you can meet their needs. They probably don't need to know how you're doing it, they just need to know how long it will take. One job announcement required that you send an example of your code, in addition to the requisite URL's of your sites. Competent interviewers are now seeing if you wrote your own code, or if Word did.

On a lighter note: MADONNA, MADONNA, MADONNA!!!!! Madonna makes the Jimbo, be a big queen, yeah. Madonna, makes his arms go up in the air!!! Madonna. Tonight. 8pm. MCI Center Arena. Even if you are on the West Coast, you will hear me squealing from there. Perhaps because I post things like this, none of the companies I send resumes to call me back?

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August 9, 2001


Yaaay! Rugby practice has been cancelled tonight, due to a heat index of at least 120 degrees. I guess since our coach is in the Navy and heard that the Marines have cancelled all PT exercises, that we probably should as well. Not that I dislike practice, but I do dislike practicing in heat conditions that tend to kill football players.

Happy Anniversary to Jimbo and Bobby: we have been together for two years as of today. That's about 30 years in Jimbo time, by the way. I met him at the dance club, having previously chatted with him on AOL. It was only intended to be a one night stand, but things quickly went out of control, and I suddenly found myself domesticated. He cooks well and lured me in with promises of fine suppers, which many of my friends have experienced. Plus, he's cute, VERY goal-oriented and motivated, and is secretly very smart. Like me, he is a stubborn, pig-headed princess, which makes for difficult times. We somehow manage to get through those times via communication and lots of remote controls thrown into the walls.

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August 8, 2001

Hobbitt separatists

This story is an example of how oppression of one group can extend into other groups. In this case, Tolkien-lovers are bunched together with religious separatists, homosexuals and other deviants. It is an example of how things that are different are often percieved as bad:

Police get tough with the hobbit-lovers of Kazakhstan
By Patrick Cockburn in Moscow
29 July 2001

People who dress up as hobbits have become the latest victims of a police crackdown on unconventional lifestyles in the Central Asian state of Kazakhstan.

J R R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is very popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union, where thousands of fans dress up and re-enact scenes from the book. But this innocent if dotty pursuit is seen as subversive by the notoriously brutal police in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan.

It is part of a wider drive against those whom the police suspect of enjoying "bohemian" lifestyles.

"We are perfectly legal," said Vitaly, a so-called "Tolkienist". "In fact we spend most of our time in the mountains. We only hold conventions in the city twice a year. It's our lifestyle. The police don't like it, but we aren't going to stop. It's our entire life."

The London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) says that, besides Tolkienists, people detained include buskers, "alternative artists", gays and lesbians, anarchists, hippies, punks and members of dissident religious sects, many of whom complain that they have been systematically tortured.

Alexander, the leader of a punk-rock band in Almaty, said he was held for two days in a so-called "water tank". This is a method commonly used by the police to extract confessions. "They put the person arrested in a narrow cell about 4ft 6in high, and half fill it with cold water. You cannot stand up straight because the ceiling is too low, and you are unable to sit down because you will be under water so you have to crouch all the time."

Tolkien's writings have been widely read in the former Soviet Union ever since he was first translated in about 1988 during perestroika. They reached a peak of popularity in the mid-Nineties.

Several hundred Tolkienists gather in Moscow on Thursday evenings in summer in Neskuchny Park overlooking the Moskva river. One enthusiast, Askar Tuganbaev, a computer salesman, said: "In Yekaterinburg [in the Urals] they even built a fortress and fought a battle a couple of years ago with everybody dressed up."

Mr Tuganbaev says the police in Russia are tolerant of the Tolkienists and it is only in Kazakhstan that they are accused of "being Satanists and conducting dark rituals".

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August 7, 2001


Has anyone else living in Washington, DC noticed that both George W. and George Sr. both take vacations back home in Texas when our military bombs Iraq?

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nuggets & pearls

Jimbo say: better to share your pearls of wisdom than your nuggets of crap.

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August 6, 2001

baby goldfish

This weekend we discovered baby goldfish in our pond!!! It seems the goldfish were doing more than just frolicking in the partially submerged lotus pots this Spring...they were SPAWNING!! We now have dozens of cute little bronze fishies, which will soon develop gold or white coloring, depending on who the parents were.

On Friday I was to go to the Marine performance at the barracks of 8th and I. However, a small treat of gummi worms earlier in the day cursed me with stomach gurgles and resultant discomfort. I went home prematurely to be close to porcelean. It seems that now Jimbo is all grown up, he can't have jelly beans, gummi bears, or gummi worms. Must be something with the gelatin.

Saturday we played D&D, and then went out to dance, which was fun. This week will be a busy concert week, as I'm going to see Indigo Girls on Tuesday. We managed to get Madonna tickets for Friday, providing her laryngitis is cured by then.

Sunday I went to see my friend's art at Art in the Park up at Meridian Hill Park. I didn't stay long as there was a woman on the microphone who really enjoyed projecting her train of thought through the speakers, so I had to go. My bike had a flat so I took it to the bike shop to get a new tire and tune-up. Planted some myrtle my friend Brian gave me, subdued our wild tomatoes, and replanted some jalapeno peppers that were planted too closely. Then I played my new addictive computer game Baldur's Gate for a while before we went to bed.

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August 3, 2001


This woman has a very dry sense of humour in her blog, which is simple and fun to read.

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August 2, 2001

wild west

Planet of the Apes was fun, but no better than the original. The makeup and mannerisms on the ape characters were right-on. The plot was based on time-travel issues, something I think is a copout for writers. Star Trek producers abuse time travel far too often, and it's disappointing to see in a movie. Mark Wahlberg and Tim Roth maintain the same facial expression throughout the entire film; one is of dumbfound befuddlement, the other a continual snarl.

It seems like I should be very thankful of my current employment status. After some searching around for a new job, it is definitely not the Wild West feel that existed a year ago at this time. Many of my peers are no longer in the info tech field, and some are unemployed. Merely posting a resume on Monster or HotJobs doesn't seem sufficient for the tech worker. Oh well, back to the old standby of networking and schmoozing. Hopefully, housing and rental prices will go down in the same way in the area.

Speakin' of my job, the Code Red worm has passed over mwaa.com, thanks to the vigilance of our Super Server Admin Sonia doing constant upgrade patches to the server. The Pentagon and White House didn't fare as well.

Tonight is a recruitment and social for my rugby team. We seem to be losing a lot of players to injuries and burnout, so hopefully this will help. Here's a pic from the last tournament I was in. I'm the cute one in front.

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