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The writer’s strike hits the Twelve Colonies: Battlestar Galactica producer Ron Moore talks about why he’s striking and how that will affect the final season (delayed, of course). Until now I didn’t fully understand the reason for the strike.

“Fundamentally this is about the internet, and this is about whether writers get paid for material that is made for the internet or if they’re paid for material that is broadcast on the internet that was developed for TV or movies.”

So some writers, producers and even actors aren’t getting paid for ‘webisodes,’ as the executives claim that this whole Internets thing is all so new and we should just chip in without pay. I don’t watch television on the ‘net, but I think people should get paid for the work they do. I’m willing to wait a little longer for more BS:G knowing they’re demanding pay for work. Thanks to Jack for the news.
I managed to catch tonight’s episode of Heroes, and it’s good to see things are finally picking up again. How many people are gonna get shot, beheaded or eviscerated and still come back to life? As far as I know only two characters have regeneration powers, but they all seem to have as many lives as a cat. Yaay: Niki/Jessica/Gina has more personalities!
This morning my senses were overloaded with a visual barrage of scruff in the morning paper. I don’t follow soccer much, but the Houston Dynamo is one scruffy bunch. I loves me some Wade Barrett (nice last name):
Wade Barrett

Notes taken in class tonight about How to Eat Snacks During a Lecture or at a Meeting:

  • Choose snack packaging with maximum crinkle noise;
  • Take as much time as possible opening a 1/4″ hole in packaging:
  • Choose snack that smells like catfish bait but is crunchier than gravel;
  • Chew snack bites one at a time with mouth open, lips smacking, with maximum gnashing;
  • Extend consumption of 1/4 cup worth of Gravel Snax for two hours.