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canberry sauceI guess I do have one tiny expectation from the holiday season: when presenting brand-name jellied cranberry sauce on the holiday table presentation, one must keep it can-shaped and without fancy slicing. No need to make it with organic cranberries or anything like that – just remove the lid and let it slide out onto the plate with that glorious sucking sound. Maintaining the cylindrical shape with side ridge texturing is vital.
OMG despite the opening of Town just a block away, Blowoff was still packed last night at the 9:30 Club. I predicted the Blowoff crowd would be minimal but it was only more concentrated with hairy bears or those who like them, like Josh and Wonkette. Wonkette’s honey pot was on fire for some beef and fur but I’m guessing she only got some good visuals for her time walking amongst the Bears.
I think since Blowoff is only a once a month venue it will continue to attract a crowd that wants something a little different. I would like to check out Town some day but I don’t want to stand in a line that goes around the block just to get in for a few cocktails. If it’s open during the week I might check it out, or over the holiday weekend. Nellie’s is across the street from both of the above, and will only benefit as a staging area for later-night partying. I think the 9th and U area is now definitely where it’s at.
I ran with the Skwurl yesterday, far longer than I expected or believed I could go – all the way from 4th and Q down Rhode Island, through DuPont Circle and down into Rock Creek Park. We ran up the bike trail to Adam’s Morgan, over the bridge and back towards home via 17th Street. Running is important for your health but it’s also important to be seen being athletic in all the right places.
Over the holiday break I want to see Beowulf at the Imax, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Justin Timberlake and Seann Willam Scott in Southland Tales:
Seann Scott