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Kilts 1Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland, which included the Highland Games, where people of Scottish descent throw heavy things around for fun. I did overhear that one contestant was Jewish, and his nickname was “The Jewish Viking.” He did a good job of throwing heavy things around too. They threw heavy things at great heights, and across distances, and also threw logs around too. There were lots of men and women running around in kilts, which must have been uncomfortable in the heat, but I think everyone was too drunk to care.
I was struck by the fact that Norwegians don’t have fun festivals, throw heavy things around, or get together other than to eat pickled herring or oyster stew. I guess we’re not a jolly people. However, the 17th of May is just around the corner, where the Norwegians celebrate their independence from the Danes. Get ready to party.
I played in more matches than I expected, first as a scrumhalf, and then as a winger in the final matches where we ended up playing with a lot of “old boys,” which means rugby players above 34 or something. So I guess I’m officially an “old boy” now. However, the old boys are canny and have lots of tricks up their sleeve, and I learned a lot playing with the “crusty old buggers,” as our coach calls them.
I also ate several roasted turkey legs immediately after the matches, and my face was all greasy and sweaty and dirty from all the Celticness. I felt barbaric in a nice way. Here is a person in a kilt throwing a heavy object at other people in kilts:
weight for distance throw-5
Not all the bagpipers were woofy, but this one was. Apparently there is only a single selection of bagpipe music to choose from, which they played all day. As one person said during the day, “OMG the DJ sucks!”
Pipers 3
After the matches, the team hung around and ate Celtic things and watched people throw heavy objects around. Here’s Lee, James, D’Andre, Aaron, Eric and Matt eating some non-Celtic food after a hard day of throwing people around:
Banana Feast
We played on a field overlooking the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay.
Many thanks to the Pax River team for a fun day of rugby, turkey legs and revelry.