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This was a juvenile rat, probably trying to make a home before winter sets in. He was feeding on birdseed and from trashcans that didn’t have a lid on them. These issues will be addressed with the household, since he started digging his tunnels (and shitting stinky rat shit) near my front door.
jimbo: 1, varmints 0

Uma Thurman picks her dead foe up from the earth, and removes the golden arrow. Then with the rat in her hand, she looks up to her teacher.
PAI MEI: "How does victory taste?"
THE BRIDE: "Bitter."

It’s not a Chronic Problem yet, and I probably cut off the colony leader before he had a chance to establish a warren, but here are a few tips in preventing or stopping a rat infestation in the city:

  • A single pair of rats can multiply more than 15,000 descendants in 1 year;
  • Garbage-fed city rats are considerably larger than their rural cousins;
  • Rats can survive for 14 days without food;
  • Rats love cracked corn and can easily hop into an unsealed trash can;
  • If you like birds, try planting sunflowers, which attract goldfinches but not house sparrows and rats in the fall;
  • Rats have poor eyesight and rely heavily on their whiskers to feel their way around. Set traps near walls or known pathways;
  • Pack size can range from 15 to 220 individuals;
  • One dominant male rat lives with a harem of several female rats;
  • 5 to 25% of all unknown-cause fires are caused by rats;
  • A rat can gain entrance through any hole larger than a half-inch in diameter.