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Photogeek tip from FlickrFreak Gurl: The Prints & Photographs Division of the U.S. Library of Congress has begun to post photos to Flickr, starting with collections of News in the 1910s and 1930s-40s in Color.

“Offering historical photo collections through Flickr is a welcome opportunity to share some of our most popular images more widely. We’ve been acquiring photos since the mid-1800s when photography was the hot new technology. Because images represent life and the world so vividly, people have long enjoyed exploring our visual collections. Looking at pictures opens new windows to understanding both the past and the present.”

The Library of Congress also has a blog and a prints & photographs online catalog.
The quality of the images are amazing, the descriptions very detailed. Some of my favorites include this street scene from Houston, Texas in 1943, and North American’s P-51 Mustang Fighter in service with Britain’s Royal Air Force from 1942. Flickr members are already starting to add interesting photo comments to hundreds of the images.
On the way to work I noted a possible model for our streetside treebox:
treebox 1
The relatively inexpensive treebox option as seen on 6th St., NW DC. I’d only make mine two tiers of 4" X 4" instead of three. Can’t get to a decent source of soil in DC though – most of the garden centers in DC basically sell nothing more than ground up peat, which is only a portion of what good soil should be – you also need proportions of mineral clay, sand and silt in your soil for the record. I’ve planted daylillies in our box out front, but they’ve already been trampled by pedestrians and motorists getting out of their cars. No point in planting anything new until I get a box put up.
Also: rednecks with big guns “noodling” for river catfish, and hot bearded Vikings celebrating Norse heritage Up Helly Aa – Britain’s biggest fire festival and torchlight procession – held in Lerwick, Shetland, on the last Tuesday in January.
Laura Roslin for President – So Say We All.