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After clearing my desk on Friday I thought it was time to leave the city, if only for 24 hours, so I headed up to NYC to do a drive-by of all the holiday decor and madness, then to Blowoff that evening. But I was so worn out from the trip and tour I left before Cyndi Lauper stopped by for a visit. At least I got to see Eric before I left somewhere after 1am or so.Stephen gave me a nice walkabout of midtown Manhattan, including Grand Central Station:
Grand Central Station
I looked up at one point as the sun was setting and there was the Empire State Building:
Empire State Building
Stephen and Rex had some holiday shopping to do, but I was not able to find holiday designer Command Strips to help them solve their mantle/stocking issue:
We weren’t in Rockefeller Plaza for long, and I was unwilling to fight the crowd to get any closer than this:
Rock Plaza
It was a fun trip but man, I am beat.