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I finally found out what was getting into my pond and messing up all my irises and lily pads:


Just kidding. That’s the Montauk Monster, the latest and best cryptozooic critter to hit the Hamptons. I love it and I Want to Believe.
What’s cracking me up are the LOLcatz images people are starting to create:


Montauk Monster endorses Barak Obama.
a cougarI want to collect ’em all! Please send any new ones to me at and I’ll post more to this entry.
There is a vile blog that is dedicated to debunking the Montauk Monster “myth.” All lies.
In other exciting crytpozoology news, a cougar was purportedly spotted last week at my former workplace, the University of Maryland. Most would discount the spotting as a coyote or someone’s dog, but it turns out the critter was a Savannah Cat, a hybrid of a domestic short hair cat and a Serval. Regardless, who let loose their pet Savannah Cat on a campus?