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They can’t seem to turn the air on at my metro station, it’s been this way for a couple of weeks now in record-breaking hot weather. There used to be air circulation at that station, but they haven’t bothered turning it on or fixing whatever the problem is. Meanwhile the station manager woke up from his nap in his air conditioned office for a moment to listen to my complaint.

(And before anyone from New York says anything, I’m aware that y’all never had any air circulation in your system and that we’re all big wussies here. But we once did have that technology working, but now it doesn’t work. That’s the point I’m trying to make – our system is crumbling. Plus, we’re further south and it’s hotter here…we need air circulation in our stations.)

The mass transit system in DC has really gotten worse the past couple of years. There’s nothing but arrogance and contempt for the rider from both MetroRail management and their employee’s union. Their union once defended employees who were fired from their job for talking on their cell phones while driving. The excuse was, “the employees weren’t told they shouldn’t do that.” It’s fucking common sense, greatly lacking in WMATA and it’s employees.

You know what outraged riders and taxpayers need to do? Wait for another hot week and cut off the fucking air conditioning for the station managers and at WMATA administrative offices. How do you like that, bitches? You take your time waiting to fix problems at the stations, so I’m a ball of sweat by the time I get to work, maybe you guys should see what it’s like.

Apparently I’m not alone in how I feel about our degrading mass transit experience. It’s been one year since the horrifying crash on our system and they’ve only gotten worse. There are a lot of talented, hard-working people out there who could do a better job than you guys, you all need to be fired and ushered out of the building.