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On Saturday I went to see Mongol at the lovely E Street Cinemas. It was a great movie showing the early days of Genghis Kahn (Temujin) and his constant efforts to get back his chosen bride. Genghis was apparently a bit of a slut, but you don’t see any evidence of his whoring around in this film. But Eric tells me there are more films to come, possibly a trilogy. Perhaps when his horde starts building up he starts whordeing around more in future films.
I didn’t make it to see any of the fireworks on the 4th, although we had enough on the block as it was. I’m guessing somebody blew their entire economic stimulus check on fireworks this year, as I swear they went on for at least four hours. Remarkably, whoever set them off cleaned up any trace of ordnance off the streets.
“Kung Fu Panda” prompts soul-searching on creative freedom in China.
Kylie Minogue and Kermit the Frog – Especially for You:

Debbie Harry and Kermit the Frog – The Rainbow Connection
On Sunday, Renshi, Milo, Zamboni and Rilec battled a zombie owlbear while Aren the warlock flanks from behind (even though undead can’t be flanked, fyi).
Zombie Owlbear
From the Dungeon Crawl Classics #17 module: Legacy of the Savage Kings, by Harley Stroh. An adventure for character levels 4-6.