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Whole Foods CompostWhen I hear the phrase “carbon footprint” thrown around on The Today Show and start seeing compost for sale at Whole Foods, I start to cringe and think, “Oh dear, here we go again.” You can poop in a bucket and add some grass clippings, and that’s compost too. But I suppose paying for compost makes people feel better.
I saw this renewed interest in a “green movement” coming a few years ago, and stand by the comparisons to the environmental movements of the 70s and 90s, and points I made back then.

Together, we can make an unbelievably negligible difference.”

Seriously though, it’s important not to make Chicken Little claims or people will throw their hands up in the air and give up. Don’t ovewhelm the public with too many things they MUST do to save the environment. It’s important to try to make changes, but they must be achievable as well. And scaring the public with unrealistic claims that the earth is going to blow up tomorrow will reduce the impact of the importance of trying to do something at all. And people will always have a greater interest in trying to fix local problems over problems they can’t directly experience. But with the media as sensationalistic as it is today, declaring our doom on the news almost every day for a variety of reasons, I’m afraid this decade’s environmental movement will merely be another blip on the radar.
If you start telling people to stop travelling by plane, they’ll start to buck the idea of trying to change their lifestyle to improve the environment. Granted, we can now telecommute easier, and telecommuting is a wonderful idea in many ways. I’m guessing there’s a lot of people who could travel less and work more from home or a home office. But there are a lot of people who won’t want to stop flying, and making no-fly demands on these people will only result in a backlash.
This issue reminds me of a Star Trek: Next Generation episode where the crew of the Enterprise came across a group of aliens who claimed warp travel through the same area of space in their system over prolonged periods was creating a weakening of space-time continuum. This “warp pollution” was causing dangerous rifts in time and space to open up, sucking in unwary space travellers. The Enterprise crew found the aliens’ claim to be valid, and for a short time the Federation banned warp travel above warp 5 unless it was absolutely necessary in an emergency. However, the development of a safer variable geometry engine allowed space travel beyond warp 5 to be safer to time and space.
In Battlestar Galactica, can also assign multiple uses for a sewage treatment ship, like re-using it to find Earth. But my question here is, if the poop ship is off looking for Earth, is untreated sewage being jettisoned into space instead of being reused on the food processing ship? I love it that the fleet‘s (no pun intended) poop ship is a major part of the storyline.
This is interesting: Green Porno, staring Isalbella Rossellini.
Anyway, things can be fixed, and behavior can change, but usually only gradually. With focus, a more positive outlook, doing what you can and birth control, things can get better. I’m doing my part by being a nonbreeding homo, for starters.