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I saw something really unusual at Titan’s RAMROD last night: a container of free condoms. It was unusual because I haven’t seen that sort of thing offered since like the late ’90s. Back inna day, it was a frequent phenomenon in gay bars in the early 90’s when I came out – when people seemed to give a shit about prevention rather than putting all our eggs in the cure/meds basket as we do these days. In the past 5-10 years I’ve actually had to go out and BUY condoms.

It’s not that I’m against a cure, but the reality is at this moment there is no cure, and meds are no cakewalk either. So in the mean time you can do well to keep from getting HIV.

So I am glad to see the return of the condom – because from what I see around me today young and old gays alike seem to have given up on simply trying to avoid HIV infection. It seems like it’s been far easier for the community as a whole to just throw up their hands and take the infection – and the pharmecutical companies appreciate that attitude by the way. “Barebacking is cool! I’m not giving up barebacking!” Remember: certain industries like it when they can get us to buy more meds. So if you don’t want Tha Man to get even richer, stay Negative if possible.

Crocs + UggsI don’t know what happened to the funds or the will to continue promoting HIV prevention, but it has decreased in the past decade. Perhaps conservative or liberal politics may be part of the problem, I don’t know. Krazy Konservative Kristians (KKK) don’t want to talk about buttsex, and extreme liberals in San Francisco would rather insist it’s a person’s RIGHT to get infected – after a healing drum circle of course.

In other HIV/AIDS news, I was surprised to read about the Patient Zero story about the infected flight attendant from San Francisco is wrong, and that HIV may have entered the country far earlier than previously thought.

And then there’s this plague on humanity – some evil geneticist crossbred Crocs with Uggs for the new fall fashion lineup. When will the madness stop? Believe me – people will be wearing them on K Street during a snowstorm this winter, even though the holes let the slush through to your toes.