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Click to embiggen Joe FlaniganHere is a gratuitous scruff shot of super-hot Joe Flanigan who plays Lt. Col. John Sheppard on Stargate: Atlantis. Pic probably taken at a fan convention, you may click on the image to embiggen. It was sent to me by BooBob from the Internets.
I’m posting this image because next I’m going to share my geeky thoughts from a conversation with Kevin-Andrew about recent developments on Battlestar Galactica. We apparently now know who the final Cylon is…or do we? I’m not so sure. I can’t figure out to do an extended entry so you’ll have to just NOT READ the rest of this entry if you haven’t seen the season premiere of BSG and don’t want a SPOILER. So stop reading if you’re going to get all pissy about me revealing ssssecrets and theories, mmmkay?
I am not sure Ellen Tigh is actually the final Cylon. I think the Cylons we do see are copies of past Cylons from Earth, so the 5th Cylon could really be anyone. She’s just one particular model of millions that Saul Tigh can remember, so his flashback doesn’t really mean anything if that makes any sense.
But I don’t get how the Cylons from Earth got clones out to the presumably disparate group of Cylons made by the 12 colonies. Technological advancement can parallel between two groups but…
Maybe the Earth Cylons joined up with the toaster models after the toaster (Centurion) models left the 12 colonies. It is possible that the 12 colonies’ Cylons did develop the skinjob models themselves, but it always bothered me how they advanced so far along to be able to develop such an advanced model so quickly (nearly indistinguishable from humans even on a cellular level – no way!). I think my theory is correct that somehow these wandering skinjob models from Earth somehow joined up with the 12 Colonies toaster models and led them to blow up our favorite colonies of humans.
So that begs the question – why and how did these Earth Cylons decide to convince the 12 colonies’ Cylons to do that? Maybe the 12 colonies Cylons found Earth, or they found these skinjob models in stasis or something. For some reason the skinjobs don’t quite remember where they came from. Or maybe the skinjob models came to the 12 colonies embittered after being blown up by humans on Earth, so it was like a preemptive strike?
Regardless, it is now clear the humans and Cylons have a shared destiny, or at the very least a shared past. Who’s gonna win? Or will we learn to live happily together and make the best toast ever?

Jesus is coming to take your soulWhere exactly does the extra money people are expecting from me this time of year come from? I’m just sayin’…with all these donation drives and charity drives this time of year in addition to buying presents leaves me too broke to do anything over the holidays. Happy frikkin’ holidays, I’m broke. I am supposed to shop but don’t have the money for it. Nice combo.
I refuse to go deeper into credit card debt just for that warm holiday feeling. I will stay within my budget.
By the way I need a new iPod Nano for Christmas…
Jesus is coming for your soul. Does that idea frighten anyone?

Wendy & Lisa: The Closing Of The Year from the Toys motion picture soundtrack.

Kate Bush: December Will Be Magic Again – Snowtime Special

Gwen Stefani + Wendy & Lisa: The Real Thing a little a cappella version

Mr. Bartender and his Big Bad Woof are leaving us – here’s me pursing lips and sinking ships with TJ at Remington’s last week. Casey, over my shoulder to my right, is lookin’ smokin’ hot:
Remington's Nov. 2007

Skinjob alertSocialist realism propaganda posters for Battlestar Galactica troop recruitment. I love it.
Another blog bites the dust. Goddammit, Carl! And yet fake blogs are still on the rise. Darin exposes yet again the multiple layers of deceit weaved by someone who delights in deceiving people through his fake, made-up blog(s). I’ve been through this crap already, yet the guy persists even though he’s been long-busted. Sad, weird stuff – I don’t know what drives this person to use other people’s names, photos, and identities to continue to maintain his various personae, but it’s always kinda sick.
All of this has happened before, all of it will happen again, so say we all. The skinjob Cylon will be exposed, sooner or later.
Vintage noir rough trade, California prison style:
vintage noir rough trade
Matthew Foxxy-Foxx as Racer X in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Speed Racer. He is not scruffy in this role, sadly. But the movie looks interesting as Speed Racer will be played by my new favorite, Emile Hirsch, with his parents played by Susan Sarandon and John Goodman. Interesting casting.

The writer’s strike hits the Twelve Colonies: Battlestar Galactica producer Ron Moore talks about why he’s striking and how that will affect the final season (delayed, of course). Until now I didn’t fully understand the reason for the strike.

“Fundamentally this is about the internet, and this is about whether writers get paid for material that is made for the internet or if they’re paid for material that is broadcast on the internet that was developed for TV or movies.”

So some writers, producers and even actors aren’t getting paid for ‘webisodes,’ as the executives claim that this whole Internets thing is all so new and we should just chip in without pay. I don’t watch television on the ‘net, but I think people should get paid for the work they do. I’m willing to wait a little longer for more BS:G knowing they’re demanding pay for work. Thanks to Jack for the news.
I managed to catch tonight’s episode of Heroes, and it’s good to see things are finally picking up again. How many people are gonna get shot, beheaded or eviscerated and still come back to life? As far as I know only two characters have regeneration powers, but they all seem to have as many lives as a cat. Yaay: Niki/Jessica/Gina has more personalities!
This morning my senses were overloaded with a visual barrage of scruff in the morning paper. I don’t follow soccer much, but the Houston Dynamo is one scruffy bunch. I loves me some Wade Barrett (nice last name):
Wade Barrett

Notes taken in class tonight about How to Eat Snacks During a Lecture or at a Meeting:

  • Choose snack packaging with maximum crinkle noise;
  • Take as much time as possible opening a 1/4″ hole in packaging:
  • Choose snack that smells like catfish bait but is crunchier than gravel;
  • Chew snack bites one at a time with mouth open, lips smacking, with maximum gnashing;
  • Extend consumption of 1/4 cup worth of Gravel Snax for two hours.