I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 1998, having used the AOL homepage generator, Greymatter, Moveable Type and now WordPress as content management systems.

I have a career as a public affairs specialist with some dabbling in emergency management, and have work experience in marketing, Web site design, management and content writing. Before that in another life I was a park ranger and ranged far and wide teaching people about puffins, locks and dams and stuff.

The Blog: First and foremost my blog supplements my feeble memory. I have a bad long-term memory, and realized the value of keeping a journal a long time ago. All of my friends know this, and most of them remember more about my past than I do. I keep a book journal as well, where I can write things in it that I don’t normally write about on the blog. For the most part, I write the truth about my life and the things around me as I see it, so take what I write with a grain of salt, for it is translated through my brain, through my fingers onto your Internet browser. I pay little attention to server hit/visit statistics, and I enjoy the exercise of writing. I have noticed that writing daily blog entries helps me write in other areas of my life, such as in my job. I try not to write about work, my friends and family, those I’m dating or have dated, and my rugby team. I’ve found you’ll get in trouble if you write about one of the above.

The Rules: I think the blog medium’s best asset is the commentary and exchange of ideas in the comments section. If you have an opposing opinion, feel free to shoot me down, but be civil about it and support your argument. In general be civil and on-topic, and try to use good grammar be a good speller so we can understand what you’re saying. I tolerate comments by anonymous authors who meet the above criteria. Please do not leave personal messages to me in the comments area either, like “OK gurl let’s meet at Halo at 11 tonight, OK?” Just e-mail me with that kind of stuff. Anyone else will be deleted or blocked, since it’s my tavern and I’m the bodyguard, bartender, and proprietor. So far I have not had a problem with comment trolls, but it will be a sad day when I have to remove the comments feature.

I link to things I’m interested in and other bloggers of interest. Some of them I’ve met, some I will never meet, but I always like meeting people in real life. I am not very good at keeping my list of bloggers updated, so don’t take it personally if you’re not added – I may not have updated that list in months.



  1. Sham says:

    I used to play rugby with you in what seems like another life, when I lived in DC. I was just doing a random google image search (keyword:bearcub) and there you were. You are so distinct looking, I knew it was you! So I clicked the image, and there was your blog.

    Anyways, I love your blog! I like your writing style also. I think I read for about 20 minutes from your 2004 postings.