Sheesh…it took a day off and a full Labor Day weekend to recover and finish small chores after my long trip away. Aside from a very dusty home, most of it is done and I’m ready for fall, should it ever arrive. Hurricane Earl swished by without even saying hello to DC, aside from some breezy weather later last week. But in his wake he left glorious temperatures with no humidity. I managed to get out a few times and sun myself to keep some of my fast-disappearing color from the Provincetown beaches.

Well, well, well…the Green Bay Packers are trying very hard to win me back with a team chock full ‘o woofiness (shown at left), as seen at left with interviews with Daryn Colledge, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn, respectively.

Although they don’t post funny videos like Chris “Carrots” Cooley of the Redskins.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s lumberjack beard has been spotted in Colorado, and other locales.

And here’s a video of Boston Red Sox scruffer Dustin Pedroia, hat tip to Boobob.

Nice photos of bullriders from San Diego Dan!

I don’t know which team I’d root for in the Middle Earth Hockey Association (MEHA), but I like their team logos.

Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman (“Wendy and Lisa” from Prince’s Revolution) were honored for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for the Emmy®-nominated comedy series Nurse Jackie. They are the first women to be nominated for and win an Emmy for this category ever! I was watching the awards but must have missed the presentation. Here’s a radio interview after their win on the Tavis Smiley show. They have been doing musical scores and theme music for years, including music for Heroes on NBC. Here’s a silly picture from the Red Carpet.

Scissor Sisters are set to open for Lady Gaga on her spring 2011 tour leg. But $200 for Verizon Center seats? I’ll have to think about that. I think I prefer having seen the Scissor Sisters so many times in more intimate venues, but they’re a good fit for The Ga. Ana Matronic, vocalist for Scissor Sisters, recently shared some thoughts about her gay dad on Joe.My.God.


  1. Julius Seizure says:

    Daryn and Matt getting changed post-game, maybe slipping into a hot-tub to ease out the aches.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  2. brettcajun says:

    Matt Flynn is a former LSU QB that lead the LSU Tigers to a BCS Championship. He was soooo good. He reminds me of Drew Brees.

  3. cb says:

    Aaron Rogers if fucking HOT.

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