While on my work trip I got to see Scissor Sisters at the House of Blues in Boston, MA on Sunday, August 29, 2010. It was a great concert where they played their new stuff and material from their last album as well.
Scissor Sisters Boston 1
Their performance was really tight and it was a great show, but I continue to be surprised at the low attendance at their U.S. shows. I guess we don’t get it here in the Land of the Free.
Scissor Sisters Boston 2
More stuff about what I do: these are bark chips taken from a tree infested with the Asian longhorned beetle. Those marks you see are where an adult beetle has laid eggs on the bark. The eggs hatch and the larvae scar the bark before they bore deeper into the wood.
Egg-laying sites
When you know what to look for, signs of infestation are pretty easy to spot. Here an adult beetle emerged from the tree. As you can see with the hole, the pest riddles the heartwood with burrows about the diameter of a pencil:
Asian longhorned beetle escape hole
Eventually infestation will kill the tree. Why is this bad for you? If this critter spreads it could affect the maple syrup and lumber industries, as well as the urban treescape. Planting, care, and removal of trees can be costly to the city and to you if you include maintenance, labor, and how much you value shade and aesthetics.

Good times. I fly back home to DC tomorrow, thankfully before Hurricane Earl graces us with his presence. And it’s gonna be hot in town again before that. Weren’t you people supposed to take care of that before I got back?


  1. Jeffrey says:

    I imagine extra air conditioning was used this weekend to counter all the TP hyperventilating on the Mall.

  2. DougT says:

    I’m sure I’m geeking out over this post more than most of your readers.

  3. jimbo.info » Blog Archive » Celebrating Our Invisible Light says:

    […] going and I’m sure they won’t disappoint. I had a great time the last time I saw them in Boston. One of my favorite Scissor Sisters song is “Invisible Light,” which I think is about […]

  4. Vernice says:

    The Scissor Sisters has great concert where they played their new stuff and material from their last album. I’m looking forward to watch personally their concert! Thanks for sharing this photos above all are perfectly captured!


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