Sad news: Gary Gygax, one of the founders of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing games, passed away at age 69 today, finally failing his saving throw vs. Death.
The dire naked mole rat animal companion of my multiclass ranger/psychic warrior grimlock mourns plaintively:
Rufus the Dire Naked Mole Rat

In other sad departures, Brett Favre announced his retirement from football after 17 seasons.
old man Favre


  1. Drew says:

    It’s like you read my mind. Naked mole rat companion? Nice touch…

  2. Leo says:

    Having written RPG’s for a while, and having been a avid gamer for many years.
    I think I’m actually kinda saddened by this.
    Not crying all over the place. But I think the dork down deep inside just died a little.

  3. atari_age says:

    OMG you are such a geek!
    (PS: I was sad, too)

  4. Sarah Jean says:

    That rat really scared me as I scrolled down. Luckily Brett’s smile soothed me. But it sucks he is retiring. Actually I’m pissed. I was hoping he’d retire on a high note.

  5. Jake says:

    I seriously just came here to break the news about “Make my pants wet” Brett. This is why people come to you. Always ahead of the game…
    You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers on this mournful day, Jimbo. Losing a mentor and a frequent flier in your spank bank must be devastating…

  6. cb says:

    My half-orc, drow palladin assassin cleric was the one who assassinated him.