Some of you may recall an entry I posted here a while back, where Homer, me and TJ finally got to the bottom of the wierdo from Baltimore who has been posting a fake blog and multiple fake personalities online.
Thanks to the investigative work of a blog reader, we’ve finally found where "Steve" from the Defying Despondency blog gets all those handsome profile pics he uses on his blog. Do a Google search for children’s book author Ard Hoyt, of Texas (not Baltimore). Hot guy, but certainly not "Steve", who is actually a person named Mark Whitecotton of Baltimore.
Anyway, the pics that “Steve” uses on his fake blog were probably lifted from here, here and here where author Ard Hoyt had been photographed. Compare those pics with what you’ve probably seen before, and on “Steve’s” profile pic as shown in the upper left corner of this screen shot taken on 2/29/2008:
We’ve learned to take screenshots of everything this fucker writes or posts, because there’s a tendency for his posts and various blogs to change according to how he interprets his own history, which is remarkably fluid. I’ll predict that his handsome dimpled photos will disappear from his blog and profile after today as well.
Some of you may have been approached by “Steve” under this persona, or perhaps under one of his other personae, far too many to link at the moment. His real name is Mark Whitecotton, and he’s batshit crazy with a lot of time on his hands, which is a bad combination. A long and exhaustive summary of all his lies and personae can be found here (love the banner), thanks to the efforts of a group of other bloggers who want to make sure the truth is out there. Mark Whitecotton and all his fake personae also have an official heckler named Toni, the Wife of Billy Boy Dee, who is actually kinda funny.
Mark Whitecotton has dissed quite a few of my real live physical actual people friends, including Darin and Homer – and he even called TJ fat! The other day he used photos BrettCajun sent to him in confidence and under a different guise, and posted them on his blog in order to get Brettie to rescind the questioning of his various personae. I think that’s called extortion but I’m not sure. And for the past month as Mark Whitecotton, under various blogs and guises, has been linking directly to my workplace website and personal information, threatening to contact my workplace if I didn’t take down my accusations that he is fake. I won’t. Ever. I do not respond to threats, my blog and I have always been about truth, and I will not rescind the truth.
Perhaps the real author Ard Hoyt would like to know that someone in Baltimore has been using his images under false pretense. In other words – a creepy Internet troll pretending to be other people for attention, or for I don’t know what. But it would be nice if he and all 295 of his personalities would just go away. It’s been getting far to easy to root them out and disprove all his lies. Sweetie, it’s all about the semicolon abuse!


  1. Toni says:

    Oh my, Jimbo… This is really enlightening… to say the VERY least. I’m speechless.
    This adds credence to all of my suspicions. I love it.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I wondered when someone would find out who the person in the photos really is.
    GREAT JOB to whoever it was.
    From this website:
    Ard lives in Arkansas with his wife and three daughters, oh yes– and a lovable mutt named Lickerish, who’s pictured with him here.
    The photo mentioned is the one with “Steve” and “his” dog.
    I wonder how Steve/Josh/Gary will spin this.

  3. Ladies' Man, Man's Man, Man About Town says:

    Looks like a real charmer. :( Good luck to you and Homer on dealing with this guy.

  4. rodgerdodger says:

    If he’d post a link to his employer’s website with a pic and phone number that we could call and have the receptionist put us through to him we might, might, begin to believe he exists.
    I have to admit though that I’m really enjoying this. I know it’s a pain in the ass for many of you but reading his comments/posts as he tries to dig himself out of this hole is a laugh a minute.

  5. Dax says:

    Someone should inform the author and the publisher of this. This Whitecotton person can get into a lot of trouble for what is technically copy right infringement and intellectual property theft.
    I read an article about how a few months back Virgin Mobile Australia got into trouble for using the image of a girl taken from an online site (flicker) without her permission.. The Girl found out (she was an american) when a friend of hers went to Australia for vacation and saw the girls face all over the place.
    FOX sports is current in a lawsuit for using a womans image of her pet dog with out her permission (she had images of her dogs and children on Flicker )
    So there is presidence for this guy to be in legal trouble for stealing the image

  6. Bubala says:

    OMG! He is so busted! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing…

  7. Lee says:

    See what you and Homer made me do?!? Made me channel Chris Cocker! 😉

  8. Shawn says:

    Good Lord! It’s a crime against humanity!

  9. Ohio Tom says:

    Why the fuck would anyone make up a fake online persona? G~d knows I have enough trouble living my so-called real life.

  10. cb says:

    What in Goddamn HELL was that fucker doing? What a troll.

  11. says:

    Good for you, Jimbo. I just got into a shouting match tonight with two troll lurkers on flickr (no profile, no pics, no contacts) who were publicly harassing a friend of mine. Got through that kerfuffle only to come across your piece. Grrrrr… As if you didn’t have better ways to spend your time besides tracking down trolls. Grrrrr…
    These internets …. I dunno ….