back deckHere’s a photo of my back deck planter project. When I moved in in September, I found bags of soil on the roof* (?!?) and thought it would be good to use it all. This weekend I planted sunflowers, purple cherry tomatoes and night-blooming datura plants. It only gets half a day of sun, and when it does shine back there in the sargasso-like backyard/alley area, it gets awful hot. We’ll see how they do. Perhaps it will be a mild summer that is merciful for such conditions. I’ve made a squirrel repellant potion made of peppers, garlic and rotten egg. We’ll see how it works out. I spotted a squirrel eyeing the pots eagerly this morning, just waiting for a chance to bury random shit in the soil and mess everything up.

OMFG: Olivia Newton-John (O.N-J, or O-to-tha-mothafokkin’ N to tha J) is going to guest star on Glee next week. The confluence of the star and the show will surely have me spontaneously combusting before then.

Music videos are back, they’re just not on MTV anymore. I’ve been stunned by the quality of music videos these days and it’s good to see the medium is not dead. Long-form and traditional length are available for viewing almost anywhere. And it looks like they can be made faster and cheaper too, but still with hi-def image quality that makes many of them visually stunning.

I like this new Black-Eyed Peas video for the song “Meet Me Halfway [Printz Board Remix]” It’s very Al-Quadim/PlaneScape if you were into that sort of thing with the former edition of D&D. That video bears a resemblance to “Shark’s Tooth” by Archie Bronson Outfit. It doesn’t hurt that they’re beardy in the video either. And Buffawhat reviews a disturbing M.I.A. music video depicting military oppression of a certain group of people. Sort of what they’re going to do in Arizona, but with gingers instead of Mexicans.

On that note, I don’t travel to Arizona as much as I used to, but I will certainly think twice about visiting the racist, homophobic state ever again. And I think I will give the governor’s office a call soon to explain why I don’t want to bring my tourism dollars to a state governed by mean, ignorant people.

There’s a new Sports Illustrated article about Gareth Thomas – the only openly gay male athlete [rugby] still playing pro sports. All the other gay professional athletes came out after their careers, while there’s been more than a few lesbian leaders in athletic outness. I’ve wondered before, why can’t a guy in a U.S. sport come out? Thomas has a wonderful attitude about it, and his teammates respect him. It’s a long and riveting article and I highly recommend you read it. The article comes out in the May 3 print edition of Sports Illustrated.

* I believe the previous tenant was “growing tomatoes” on the roof. What I mean is that I think he was trying to grow weed. But roof environments are very harsh and I doubt it would be of good quality anyway.


  1. first mom says:

    Don’t forget the power of your human hair to reject critters. Or maybe you should pee in the pots like you did as a kid and produced really good tomatoes.

  2. henry says:

    are you partially German? That is quite the orderly arrangement there, including the mousetrap at all right angles.

    If you combust at the ONJ/glee mash-up, what results would a glee kylie tribute show yield? The great 2010 fire of DC?

  3. swampgrizzly says:

    You may want to check your roof singles where the bags of soil were. They might have been placed there to hold down loose shingles until a permanent repair would be made. Living in a hurricane prone area I have seen things like that done to hold down loose shingles temporarily.

  4. Et tu Brute? says:

    Deck? I thought you had a basement apartment?