So we all got plenty of rugby time out on the pitch last weekend and it was possibly the most photographed rugby match in our team’s history. There were like three Flickr fiends there taking pictures, including the photographer who took the picture below, M.V. Jantzen:
me, running
Lots more pictures here and here. The photo sequence below was taken by Nicholas and his amazing camera:
The Kick
I played well but threw my back out a bit which caused other muscles to tense up elsewhere. While the severity of these spasms seems to decrease every time I do it, I’m still going to NOVA Pain and Rehab Center tonight to get adjusted, and hopefully get some good muscle relaxants prescribed that will then have me sent to drug rehab.

After my adjustment I’m having dinner with Fitz at Freddie’s Beach Bar, the location of The Mesmers’ CD Release party on Thursday, May 6 at 8pm.

I’ve been remiss in posting random geek and woofy news, so here is a digest of everything by topic to help you waste your day away:


  1. brent says:

    That is not dead which can eternal lie
    And with strange aeons even death may die.

  2. SeanMT says:

    Oh my god Luke Richesson is ridiculously hot. I really want him to be gay. And naked. In my bed. Too much to ask for??

  3. first mom says:

    There was a recent meteor explosion to the south of us. Do you remember driving home on Sand Lake Road when you were a kid and we saw a meteor streaking across the sky? From east to west and crashing in the Dakotas, I learned later. You were so scared you crawled under the dash. I felt fortunate to see something like that in my lifetime. Not everyone does.

  4. jimbo says:

    I do remember that meteor we saw, and have seen the footage of the recent Midwest meteor. Cool stuff!

  5. brettcajun says:

    These are VERY WOOFY pics Jimbo. You are SO WOOFY. Grrr… I especially love the rugby pic where it looks like you just kicked an opposing player in the butt with your foot. HA HA. :)

  6. HSimpson says:

    Why are you kicking that poor #16? What did he ever do to you? :)

  7. Derek says:

    You evil, evil man. Publishing a link to carrot top.