On Saturday we traveled west of DC to Warrenton, Virginia to play our first match of the season. We won 22-7! The team has an abundance of players this year, and although the remainder didn’t get to play much, we do have a few B-side matches set for the season. I managed to get some time in on the opposing side as they needed a few after a couple injuries.
Warrenton Scrum
That evening a bunch of us went to Town as the Freemasons were spinning. They didn’t play as many of their remixes as I had hoped. It was good to go out though. I spent much of Sunday doing chores and otherwise relaxing.

Here’s a mute swan in a pond at Great Meadow, Virginia, close to where we played the rugby match.
Mute Swan 06
Mute swans are not native to the United States and tend to tear up native aquatic plants more vigorously than native waterfowl. They’re pretty, but disruptive to some ecosystems.


  1. Jim (The Canuck One) says:

    What’s the numbered “collar” on the swan’s neck? I thought wildlife biologists used discrete ones on their legs.

  2. Homer says:

    I’m pretty and also disruptive to ecosystems.

  3. jimbo says:

    The leg band isn’t easily seen when the swan or goose is swimming. And the biologists who are tracking the bird want an obvious mark so the bird can be reported.