Today was the last match of the season, thank Zod. My lower back has had about enough rugby for the year. Time for my Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays free again.
The Last Beer of the Season
Photo by OMG DJ TM™. I got to play 40 minutes as flanker today, and learned a few more things about the position.
Winter CrocsHere is another taste of this winter’s fashion lineup: chamois-lined CROCS! (Please don’t hate the woofy model – he’s really nice)
Crocs are only appropriate for those in coastal or wetland-related biological research, as sampling and research is conducted during warm weather near such wetlands. And even the most geeky of coastal wetland biologists shouldn’t wear Crocs to the office.
What should we call this obscene Ugg/Croc hybrid? Cruggs?
And yet, prepare to see them on K Street on the slushiest of winter days, even though they’re not really waterproof. We’re educated like that around here. You should see how many wear heels in several inches of snow. But then again maybe it won’t ever snow again in The District until the next Ice Age.
Lots of action around the ‘hood this weekend, starting with some kinda bust at P & New Jersey on Friday night, with helicopters all around. I hear tell a gun was found amongst the group that was busted. Then two quiet incidents at the end of the block with unmarked cop cars zooming in, counting heads and taking names on both Friday and Saturday night. I don’t know what exactly was being busted, but I’m guessing it had something to do with the All Hands On Deck effort by the DCMPD this weekend.


  1. homer says:

    Is that a can of twink-be-gone you are reaching for?

  2. einerlei says:

    Jimbo cheers as:
    “Crocs tumbled 27.01, or 36%, to 47.74, its largest fall ever and the Nasdaq’s biggest percentage decliner. Quarterly profit more than doubled on continued demand for the shoe company’s clunky, plastic, brightly colored clogs. But sales weren’t quite as stratospheric as some had hoped, nor was the company’s fourth-quarter profit outlook, sparking fear that fever for Crocs is cooling.”
    From the Wall St. Journal

  3. atari_age says:

    I’m sorry, but are these Crocs supposed to look crazy/stupid? I know I have zero fashion sense, but now that I’ve seen pictures, I can’t understand why these plastic deck shoes (or whatever) are so popular. Ugghs bother me also, but I can’t quite place why.

  4. cb says:

    I love the picture– has one of your legs been amputated below the knee? If so, that makes your rugby playing all the more impressive.

  5. Jim says:

    I used to read your blog.
    Then I stopped.
    I don’t know why.
    Your blog is dope. It is truly fantastic.
    I am now reading your blog again.
    Consider yourself a permanent subscription on my Google reader.
    Much love from St. Lou!

  6. TSheehanDC says:

    Crocs are also appropriate foot wear for nurses, ER techs, and others in an institutional setting where you might find the need to hose off your shoes after a nasty work incident.

  7. jeem says:

    /me arrives late to the party
    Cruggs? No. The appropriate term is “Ucks”. (Think “yuck” without the “y”.)

  8. BT says:

    WOOF. Those crocs are worn by everybody, but that doesn’t make it great or sensible footwear.
    Give me a pair of tall black Dehner boots anytime. That’s what I call manly footwear.
    A super blog post as usual, stud.
    Big hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing