Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Grace JonesThis past weekend was Skwurl’s birthday, and Darth Jersey and his husband were in town for a visit as well, so on Saturday night we went out to Alero for some yummy food and overpriced margaritas. Later on we went to Blowoff’s 5th anniversary blowout which was a lot of fun. I was working very hard to be the Arbiter of Shirtlessness, issuing citations to the clothed and all that, but the 930 Club gets kind of cold in the winter if there’s not enough people in it. It never really warmed up in there that night, which I guess is the case during most winter events. I assume most people had spent all their party points the weekend before during all the Mid-Atlantic Leather events as the crowd was kind of sparse. That meant more room for me to dance, and I was delighted to hear Rich Morel spin some Kate Bush or maybe it was Utah Saints sampling Kate Bush in “Something Good*”. I managed to chat with an adorable bearcub from the Forest Moon of Endor, who I later found out had a partner, dammit.
As I left the club I swear I heard “Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones“, so I finally got my wish with hearing some Grace Jones out at the club.
Photo by Jeff, taken in late December at a birthday gathering at Halo, wherein somebody stole my umbrella-ella-ellah, eh-eh-eh:
cocktail queensOther than that, I haven’t had much to write about, or I’m uninspired or simply busy across the board.
Work has been stressful, as it always is and it’s time to move on. When your boss is writing you grumpy e-mails sent at Midnight and 1am, it’s time to move away from such scrutiny and behavior. I’d like to stay at the university where I work as I enjoy the tuition remission as a side benefit in pursuit of my M.B.A. which I should get by the summer of 2009. But I think it’s really more important to move on at this point, so I’ll deal with tuition issues later. I’m looking for a director or coordinator of communications or public affairs position for a small academic department or organization, preferrably related to the life sciences, environment or nature. Salary $50K and higher in order to survive in the expensive District of Columbia. Nice plusses would be a short commute (Green Line) or downtown, chill workplace (no workaholics!), and good benefits.
I’m glad y’all like the new banner. I have more new banners that I want to have rotate by visit to the page, but I haven’t had a moment to deal with the code.
*from the song “Cloudbusting” off the album Hounds Of Love.


  1. homer says:

    That Utah Saints song is one of my favorites.

  2. Sean says:

    “Cloudbusting” always makes me cry, and I’m never quite sure why. Great song, though.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Check the job listings for association positions here as there usually are quite a few in the spirit of what you are looking for:

  4. Ohio Tom says:

    We love Grace Jones! And we’re old enough to have her on vinyl.