‘Tis the season for gingers. I didn’t partake in any St. Patty’s Day [observed] events this weekend other than going out to the Green Lantern for a few. But I was out and about on the Orange Line on Saturday and saw lots of drunk people going to and from the Shamrock Festival over at RFK Stadum. It was clear that straight people have circuit parties too, there’s just less shirtlessness and more beer consumption at the hetero version of the circuit party.

I was quoted in a Miami news blog about the conjunction of Avatar and gay dance parties. Sadly we haven’t had a Na’vi-themed dance party here in DC yet.

From Don, a view of the ultimate D&D gaming room, which includes a complete archive of D&D books from previous game versions. For the record my gaming group plays using 4th edition rules. I must also note that we have a bearded leprechaun in our gaming group. Woof.

This Friday at National Geographic Live! here in DC Expedition Wild, woofy bearcub naturalist Casey Anderson will speak about his experience getting knee-deep in grizzly life on Alaska’s Kodiak Island, where he teaches Brutus, an 800-pound grizzly bear, the ways of his wild relatives. I hope he doesn’t get eaten like that other guy.

Speaking of delicious treats, Easter is still a ways off but you can celebrate our favorite marshmallow delights at Peeps Happy Hour on March 23 from 6-8pm at The WaPo HQ 1150 15th St NW DC. Admission $20.

I wonder if you could just float a marshmallow Peep on top of a Cosmopolitan and call it a Peeptini? Would Mad Men’s woofy Jon Hamm (NSFW naughty title, put the pics are G-rated) try it on the show? Rumor has it he has to shave twice a day on set to maintain that stylish look for the show. According to those in the know, he has to shave twice a day on the set because “Jon Hamm can grow a beard in two hours. … He doesn’t get a five o’clock shadow, he gets a five o’clock beard.”

The emerald ash borer, an invasive insect that can kill yer trees, has been detected in Southwest Wisconsin and near Minneapolis. It turns out my hometown is under surveillance for the pest, and my mom’s favorite ash tree in the backyard is in peril. She likes it for the shade and cicadas that hang out near it, which are not as harmful to the tree as the borer is.

From Joe, the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” track copied almost shot-for-shot to Battlestar Galactica footage. I didn’t realize the genius behind the video until Joe pointed it out.

Mental health break: scenic spring photos from San Diego Dan.


  1. Brohm says:

    the galactica/beastieboys video is great.

  2. Ohio Tom says:

    We’ve lost a number of Ash trees.

  3. first mom says:

    87 inches around. That’s about 2 1/4 quarts of insecticide. Doesn’t sound too expensive and worth a try for the EAB battle.

  4. DougT says:

    I enjoyed the San Diego photos, especially the ones from Anza Borrego. Years ago I unexpectedly ran into a beautiful man hiking naked through the desert there. Sigh.

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  6. northierthanthou says:

    That gaming room is amazing!