Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins is pretty funny in addition to being kinda woofy.

He’s also a prolific blogger who has experienced a few unique faux pas’ in his time. He’s both a favorite of sports reporters and has served time as a reporter himself. It turns out he’s also a potter in his spare time too.

There don’t seem to be many Washington Nationals baseball players who fit the bill as ‘woofy’ this year, with the possible exception of an off-season-bearded Adam Dunn. I still haven’t been to a game yet but I need to some time soon.

Jayson Werth of the Philadelphia Phillies is definitely woofy:


  1. jimbo says:

    That is not the best picture of him ever, but it’s a nice fish. He’s sort of more adorkable at times rather than ‘woofy’.

  2. Pittsburgh Jeff says:

    Chris Cooley is definitely one hot cub!

  3. cb says:

    i am also a bit of a Chase Utley fan. Yum!

  4. janice says:

    I would like to use your picture of Jayson Werth as a profile pic on Facebook? Am I allowed or not?

  5. » Blog Archive » Red Rocks says:

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