Well that was a surprise, wasn’t it? I’m still reeling. We’re going to have an Orange Cheeto Jeesus CombOverlord for president. We shall overcomb.

My gay friends are reeling, and worried, as are like all my other friends who aren’t white and straight. What the fuck, U.S.? I think my biggest disappointment is that all those people voted for him, more than I’m disappointed that he’s actually going to be the president. You voted for him, then you deserve what’s coming. As in more of the usual.

I think it hurt a lot because we were also so hopeful for our first female president. I was perfectly fine with her politics and was sure Hillary would have done a great job. And the gays had gotten used to feeling secure for 8 years. It is good to know when someone has your back, and a very shitty feeling when you are suddenly aware some rights you gained may be taken away.
Obama doesn’t get a 100% on his report card from me, but he exceeded my expectations in some areas. I never imagined it would be legal for gays to marry across the nation by the time I was 40. I did not think Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell would be repealed.

And once you get those privileges that straight white people take for granted, it’s real hard to take them back. But let them try.

It’s the first week in and we seem to be experiencing an uptick in violence and vandalism targeted at minorities. The supremacists Trump emboldened during his campaign are out of the closet and ready to share their thoughts with anyone now. We’ll see how that goes over when they bring their supremacy with them to DC in January.

In 2001 when George W. Bush’s administration took office things seemed pretty bleak in DC. But there is a limit to what a president can accomplish. Checks and balances and all that. Not all campaign rhetoric survives the journey to policy. We may never know the extent of damage done by Dick Cheney behind the scenes, and there certainly was a lot of mess to clean up after W’s term. But we survived and did a lot better later.

I can tell you Trump’s best appointees will not be prepared to contend with the behemoth bureaucracies of some of the larger government agencies. Their ability to affect change will be limited, as it was for Obama’s appointees. And even if the Republicans control the House and Senate, there are deep internal differences within their party that will slow the lawmaking process as well. Are you a Tea Party Republican or a Lincolnian Republican? They are as different as Republicans and Democrats. Hopefully.

I don’t want to see our country go through damaging populist phases other countries like Germany, Turkey and Venezuela have gone through. But we are a young country, and that possibility will rise again if it doesn’t in the next four years. But I don’t think it will. “The Government” is a massive, bloated beast that is not easily beaten into submission, even by noisy orange monsters.

This isn’t my best piece of writing but I think it was more important that I wrote it to feel better. I remain somewhat optimistic sometimes, but more often filled with dread about the next four years. I am afraid America made a terribly bad choice.


  1. Mari Inshaw (@TruxtonTwit) says:

    You got my number right? I need to take you out for a drink.

  2. Jim MacDougall says:

    As a Canuck, I’m not sure which group I find more confusing: the people who voted for Trump or the people who didn’t vote at all because “their conscience wouldn’t let them vote for Clinton.” I think they both deserve what they get.

    As for the emboldened morons emerging from under rocks – I’ve always said I’d rather deal with a homophobe to my face than one who smiles, glad-hands and stabs me in the back.

    I had to close my LinkedIn account today – the only “social” network I belong to. Their daily digests have been filled with women (women! WOMEN!) professionals saying this is a positive thing for women and his regime will cure the fucking common cold. It was either close the account or start posting “So, you’re OK with pussy-grabbing, right? Is that what you’re saying?”

  3. Tim Mc says:

    Thanks for writing, i needed to hear other gays express some hope while dealing realistically with the present.

  4. Chris says:

    Set-up: Who do you reckon Brett voted for? (if that’s not too toxic to think about)