So apparently the background check has cleared, and I start my new job tomorrow! It’ll be good to get back to work. But getting up at an hour most of you other people will be a challenge. Two sets of alarms are set, and I woke up early today and yesterday to start to get in the habit again.


  1. Tim Mc says:

    Hope you have a great first day!! congrats on getting thru

  2. Mike says:

    Yay Jim!

  3. jimbo says:

    It was good thanks. Mostly meeting coworkers and lots of forms.

  4. Mari Inshaw (@TruxtonTwit) says:

    Good for you. Now get to work.

  5. mike/ says:

    Congratulations! hope the wait turns out to be worth it!

  6. swtcurran says:


  7. Jon Wagner says:

    Happy days are here again! Congratulations!