I didn’t watch the first Clinton/Trump debate last night, but I did scan the articles, reviews and snarky posts the next day. I still can’t believe this is happening. But then again, the RNC chose Sarah Palin as their VP in 2008. And they are aghast that the Democrats keep winning the Presidential races. I sense a severe lack of leadership in the party due to their inability to offer challenging candidates. And 13 people running for the Republican choice starting off didn’t help either. I’m very unlikely to vote for a Republican president, but I would at least prefer a viable choice. I think it’s good for our democracy to have a realistic Republican candidate too. I will be voting for the competent, experienced one for the record.

I am waiting for my background check to start for a security clearance for a government job. I don’t think any of my contacts listed have been called yet. It’s quite a frustrating wait. But it’s back at my former pay grade in an agency I’ve wanted to work for doing what I’ve wanted to get back to for some time. I’ve applied to hundreds of government jobs since I moved out to Portland and back with only about 4 interview calls. I finally got this one and they’re eager for me to start too. But we must all wait for this security theater to go through. It will be nice to get back to work and I’m ready now.

In the mean time I’m going to Provincetown this weekend. The weather won’t be great. In fact the ferry service messaged me to tell me we’ll be taking a bus up the cape due to foul seas. But it will be a great getaway, and a cheap one too. My flight back from my last trip was a mess due to the global Delta breakdown so I got a nice fat voucher for future travels.


  1. mike/ says:

    hope it works quickly for you. i had a call for a security check on someone for a position with USAID. told them i was going to let her know they called; man said no problem. Carolyn told me she’s been working in the position (in Ethiopia!) since February! seems like security checks are contracted out. if you gave them names, maybe you should have one of the people let you know when they get a call. so, if you don’t hear from them – maybe you’ll need to bug them! good luck. you’ll be great!

  2. John says:

    Have you been collecting unemployment this whole time?

  3. Jim MacDougall says:

    What great news – the job checks all the boxes!

  4. Trey Rhiddlehoover says:

    Hopefully our paths will cross. Flew up to Ptown today. The bus isn’t that bad.

  5. Tim Mc says:

    Congrats on the job offer, good luck!

  6. john veermeer says:

    What has happened to BRETT?