In 2012 I did a photoshoot with photographer Paul Specht. I happened to have a 12″ single of Prince’s “Partyman” from the Batman soundtrack handy and used it as a prop.

2016 you already suck quite a lot. Last night’s news about Prince’s demise was pretty bad. The 1999 double lp was the 2nd record I ever got. I couldn’t quite get into all the tracks but they grew on me, and I ended up buying all the albums before and most of them after. To be honest his recent work wasn’t my favorite, but I’ve always been a fan.

I grew up about two hours south of Minneapolis, where he lived until the end. You couldn’t ignore his regional influence – he was the local who made it big and never left (aside from a short stint in Los Angeles for a while). But he stuck it through the winters and stayed despite his fame.

I’ve tried to put together all the times I’ve seen Prince or his affiliates live, I think it started with the Lovesexy tour in 1988 in Minneapolis, then me and a high school friend went to the world premiere of the sequel to Purple Rain (Grafitti Bridge) in Minneapolis. We tried to sneak into his club Glam Slam but it was closed (and we were underage). Long break as I was poor, in college or in Peace Corps. Then when I moved to DC I saw him at the Capitol Ballroom with George Clinton and Larry Graham – Shaka Kahn was supposed to be there too but she was held up at the airport. That show was followed by a late-night after-party show at the 930 Club. Then I think I saw a show at an arena in Virginia somewhere and the acoustics were bad. One live show in Portland with his band 3rdEyeGirl. Meshell Ndegeocello’s stunning covers of his B-sides and wierdo tracks. I flew to Minneapolis to see the reunion of the Revolution at First Avenue with Sean, and then its follow up show a year later featuring Princess, Questlove and Andre Cymone. And also Sheila E, The Time, and The Family (fDeluxe) at several shows at the Howard Theatre a few blocks from my house.

Yesterday I counted at least 40 Prince tracks on my iPod, and I listen to at least one of them once a day. I still pop in the cassettes that are still viable into my boombox.


  1. Blobby says:

    I can’t say I enjoyed 3rdEyeGirl albums. And that song “Breakfast Can Wait” was just schlock. That said, he had some INCREDIBLE music. I still love “D.M.S.R.” – it is one of my faves. Oh, and I had the cassingle of “Kiss”. And the horribly underrated “anotherloverholenyohead”. Oh, and “Thieves in the Temple”. He was a fucking talent.

  2. FearsomeBeard says:

    Liking the photo…what a perfect prop.

  3. rusty57 says:

    Are there other photos in this set? I’m asking for a friend.

  4. napoleonva says:

    I second rusty. Nice picture. 😉

  5. Sean Dilley says:

    I’m so glad we got to see those shows together at First Ave. Not to mention “LoveSexy 88,” even though we didn’t know each other then. :-)