We had a good day for rugby yesterday vs. the Georgetown Law school team. We won! While my fitness level and body kept up, my head was not in the game. I seem to play much better on Thursday practices when I’m full of angst and rage from the work week. By Saturday I seem to lose that focus. Or maybe I just play better at night than in the day.
vs Georgetown Law
I’ll try to work on bringing the rage to the weekends. Georgetown was short on players so I played hooker for them for a while and got to hug a ginger in the game:
Georgetown Law
Away match up in Pennsylvania next weekend. The night before is a Duran Duran concert in DC, featuring super-producer Nile Rodgers. I don’t want to miss that, but would be tired for a long road trip the next day. Plus it’s good to give this old body a break for a bit. Still a few months of rugby to go.


  1. brettcajun says:

    The hilarious part of your rugby pics is that you always look SHORT in them! LOL. You are not of short height, but the other guys must be giants. :) Glad you are playing rugby again. You are getting lots of butch cred right now.

  2. jimbo says:

    I will never be as short as you.

  3. Jim says:

    #10 has a nice arse – have him scrubbed down and sent to my chambers.

  4. Dumplin' Honeychild says:

    Who is the tall, ruggedly-handsome, tense man with the porn star mustache behind you?

  5. Jeffrey C says:

    Yeah. What Dumplin’ asked. I’ll take one of those please. Unless he comes with a twin.

  6. jimbo says:

    Of course the porn star’s name is Alex. Alex Woodrow.

  7. rusty57 says:

    “I played hooker for them for a while and got to hug a ginger in the game.”
    So that’s what the cool kids are calling it these days?

    And I appreciate how Rugby players have that sexy, beefy butt thing going on, unlike those skinny-hammed tennis players.

  8. FearsomeBeard says:

    Excuse me while I have a moment alone.

  9. brettcajun says:

    Excuse me, Rusty, but most Rugby players are gelatinous mounds of belly lard. They jiggle their fat when they run. It’s unseemly.

  10. jimbo says:

    Yes I am a gelatinous mound of lard, but at least I don’t have Cajun chicken legs.
    ~ B’GAWK! ~