seeds of springDandelions are in bloom, there’s a mosquito in the house, and the purple grackles have returned. In the DC area, robins aren’t the best indicators of spring’s arrival since many stay here over the winter.

I started gardening today, planting elephant ears out back and red okra, castor beans, dwarf red sorghum and sunflowers there and also in our neighborhood tree boxes. We’ll see if they remain over the summer out in the tree boxes or if they get removed by city crews or do-gooders. It should be an explosion of reddish hues come fall if they are allowed to grow. They’re all drought-resistant species so they shouldn’t need much watering.

Entering the second month of my job and it’s going all right. There’s been a steep learning curve with new apps and processes but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Lots of writing and editing all over the place.

Also passing through The Week of Pain with rugby. It’s that week after your first real match where your body is adjusting to the new workout and tackling on a dirt field, fitness-wise and with muscle-building. It’s a big time commitment though, which is my biggest complaint about it. I like how it gets me in shape though. We have a big gay rugby tournament in Nashville over Memorial Day weekend. We’ll see how it goes and decide to continue rugby after that. But what would I do? Bowling?


  1. rusty57 says:

    A little blood, a little mud
    And a whole lotta hot.
    Carpal tunnel and ugly shoes.

    I’m just sayin’. Hope your garden thrives and this summer is your best yet.

  2. brettcajun says:

    May the sport of Rugby make you butch… again… (crossing fingers)

  3. NIFP says:

    Post pics of that Apollo’s Belt once you get it back!

  4. Tim Mc says:

    i took your advice in our garden and used sand to break up the clay soil and mulch, it turned out pretty nice. thanks for the tip.