Thank you so much for the donations so far! I’m flabbergasted. Even the most stingy southern swamp creatures (YOU KNOW WHO) have lent a helping hand and contributed. Here’s our interaction:

Suzanne Sugarbakker: “Those of us who are fortunate enough to be in relationships, should always show kindness and generosity to quirky single peoples who always make us feel blessed. :) Don’t do crack with this money. No, seriously! Eat something.”

Me: “You are always such a ray of joy in my life. And for your bitchy comments, I’m going to burn your money and snort the ashes. Even though I won’t get a buzz from it or any value from the donation, the satisfaction will be intoxicating enough. XXXOOO, KISSES.”

One Comment

  1. brettcajun says:

    Muah. Crack may help you lose some weight, but I would recommend eating healthier if you are going to land a BF (crossing fingers). Perhaps your sales pitch should go something like this: “Dating someone like me is a sure-fire way of getting to heaven!” :) Big Hug. You know I luv you and all your squishy squish.