No, I haven’t been despondent, I’ve just been adjusting to the new job. I’m 2 1/2 months into it and I’m in that phase of a new job where all the new info is frying my brain and when I get home all I wanna do is stare at the wall and drool. But hey, at least I’m busy, gettin’ paid, and have responsibility at work.

Winter was forever this year. It started freezing much earlier in November, and didn’t quit until this week. Even the birds are late. When I heard woodcock could be spotted at Kenilworth Park in DC I didn’t believe it. I thought the bird was more of a northern species. But yesterday when I was walking to work this guy just landed right in front of me:
I think he was just taking a break. They’re not used to being seen, as their camouflage is so good in their usual environment. And they are generally of the wrong shape to be flying such long distances. It’s hard out there for a woodcock. Anyway, it’s funny because me and Dana had planned on going to Kenilworth to hear their peent and watch their sky dance that evening. Our timing was perfect. We heard at least 6 birds doing their unique spring mating call after sunset.
Anacostia Front
Rugby had started weeks ago when it was still snowing. I wasn’t up for it and now I’m a bit behind. Plus I never know when I’m going to get out of work, and am simply mentally not up for it after a mentally trying day. I’m getting my exercise in, but I think I’m out for the spring. I need some me time at this point with my new job.


  1. Blobby says:

    hehehe. woodcock.

    what? Everyone else was thinking it. I just said it first.

  2. Kevin M says:

    Woodcocks are common permanent residents in most of the southeast, though over in south Louisiana they don’t show up until winter usually. They should be residents in the DC area as well, although obviously habitat is limited.

    Good to see you’re getting out birding even with the weather and the pressure from the new job!

  3. brettcajun says:

    Even though you won’t have the street cred (Groooowl… I’m a rugby player!) this Spring, you are being responsible taking care of your job and doing something about the Squish. Bravo Jimbo. Bravo.

  4. Amy E says:

    Cute bird. Glad you’re still out there. Madison would have been great, we could have actually seen each other! Get back to me, miss the old UWSP times and contact with you. Glad you have a new job you like. Amy

  5. northierthanthou says:

    Beautiful bird.