Getting back to rugby has been fun, a great way to socialize, and it restores a much-needed sense of normalcy to my life after these past two years of upheaval. However me olde body does not recover like it used to. Even a mere practice has me physically wrecked for days. After this season (yeah I keep saying that every year) I will certainly question my continued participation in the sport. Still, we managed to smile for a moment a few weeks ago during play:

This summer’s weather has been remarkably cool. With the exception of a week or two here and there, it’s been really pleasant. But cooler temps are on the way, as evidenced by that fall smell that we encountered on our hike in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia this past weekend. We didn’t see any bears, but there were plenty of otters on the trail:

It rained Saturday morning but that’s about it. They say it’s gonna be a cold winter this year.


  1. Jeffrey C says:

    Hey just saw this job listing (America Walks is Hiring) and it made me think of you. Have no idea about pay, etc. and you may already know about it, but I wanted to pass it on just to be sure:

  2. Brettcajun says:

    I support anything that makes you more manly appearing.

  3. cb says:

    Who wear’s short-shorts??

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  5. Fearsomebeard says:

    Yes that is a nice, nice beard.

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