Hey there – it’s been a while. I’ve been hangin’ out with my beardy bros from the Washington Nationals baseball team.
That’s Jayson Werth on the left and Bryce Harper on the right.

In June I went on a hike with a bud to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. It was where lots of ironwork machinery was made during the Civil War. Today lots of people like to go tubing in the summer:
Harper's Ferry
My latest contract ended, the work on a website migration complete. I had no jobs set up so I said “fuck it” and went to Provincetown for 9 days. Normally I’m ready to go home after about 5 days, but the plane ticket price was cheapest for that range of days and my housing was free, so I was there for quite a while. I hit the tail end of the “circuit week” theme days, and my roomates tended to not eat much during that time. But then we segued into “Bear Week” and the fridge was suddenly packed with food.

There were lots of beards. I was partial to the one on the left, for he made good quiche and wore only briefs for much of the time around the house:
Bear Week attendees
I did a lot of sunning on the beach, a nice bike ride, and lots of cocktails at the Boatslip. Bear Week was kind of crazy, and in the future should I go again I will choose a less popular week, despite the amount of fur.

My next trip at the end of July will be to head back to Wisconsin for my 25th class reunion. My brother will have a new garage built and it will be interesting to see what’s been done.


  1. brettcajun says:

    Was a request made to see everyone’s teeth or something? GRIN. :) Very nice white teeth fellas.

  2. David says:

    the guy on the left’s name is Brewster McCall.

  3. Blobby says:

    I’d probably let Blake do me – if he asked nicely. Or meanly.

  4. Fearsome Beard says:

    Being a baseball fan here I love the pic of you with the two Nats. Provincetown is a beautiful place but I’ve been on weeks when it was busy like that myself and I’ll pass, much rather have it quiet …or at least manageable. Those weeks are everything but restful.