There is a disturbance in the DC Bearforce – what to do on Friday nights without the ‘Woof’ venue at the now defunct Titan’s Ramrod? In deciding this new venue, there has never been a more profound schism since the sparking of the Protestant Reformation in 1546. Are the Bears now forced to migrate to the ‘GRRR!’ venue at Green Lantern?
Whatever. We are going to Cobalt on Friday nights,” was the answer from one side of the breach.
THIS JUST IN: a full-page advertisement on page 36 of the fabulous new glossy MetroWeekly says ‘WOOF’ is at Omega with Bartender Mike! The schism is now tripartite!!! Only time will tell where the Bears will go on Friday nights…will it be cheap cocktails with the bearded bloggeratti at Cobalt, lascivious fingerings in the darkened rescesses of The Green Lantern, or videos with a dash of fur and an extra inch at the waistline at Omega? Or, will the Bears go Old School and return to Windows? I’m on pins and needles here…
Other vital questions were overheard at the 7-Eleven today: “Is this Slurpee taxed?”
Interesting new blog: The New Gay, with content defined as Post-Gay, New Gay, Pomosexual, Alterna-Queer or WTF in Washington DC.
In liveblogging the return of Conan O’Brien, a familiar comparison is made.
In rugby, if your shorts come off, just keep playing. Also, how to pop open a beer at a 3rd half rugby social.


  1. Shawn says:

    Holy Crisis in Beardom Batman! I was kinda hopin’ that they would move the Friday night Bear Happy Hour even more westward, like to Omega. But then again parking would have been a dilemma…

  2. Travis says:

    Hey Jim,
    Never been to Titan’s, didn’t know it was closing down – gosh, I should know that huh? Where do the bears go on Saturdays?

  3. Don says:

    Love that rugger sans shorts. Hot!
    Hey Jimbo, I nominated u 4 a bloggie, Hairy Nuts category..

  4. Herb says:

    Can’t they just move Bear Happy Hour to my place? Cheaper beer, better music, friendly furry dogs and I can pass out at 9:00 pm in my own bed without a drunken walk home.

  5. cb says:

    What EVER are you gonna do?? I think it would be fun to be a fly on the wall and watch all the bears milling about wondering which place will become the new Jellystone Park.

  6. Rob, says:

    I’m definitely too slim and naturally non-hirsute to qualify as a bear, but as someone who does prefer normal guys to the overly-plucked and Prada-addled: Why shouldn’t the ursine crowd migrate to Nellie’s on Friday nights? I’d think bears would prefer that to Cobalt, and I’m guessing nowadays that a lot of them live closer to Shaw than to 17th Street (not to mention Omega; that side of the Circle might as well be Georgetown as far as a lot of gays I know are concerned).
    Aside to Jimbo: The Protestant Reformation began on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed (at least, according to tradition; only one contemporary historian’s account says that the posting of the document actually took place in the manner traditionally accorded) what later became known as the “95 Theses” to the castle church door in Wittenberg. Dunno where you got the 1546 figure.

  7. atari_age says:

    I’m not quite sure what this schism is all about. I take it some DC bars are fighting with each other?
    All I *can* say is I popped wood with the Rugby guy video. Technically “safe-for-work” and yet for some reason…

  8. Boo Augustus says:

    Um, Omega smells like the Elephant House at the zoo.

  9. Rugby-boy says:

    How could anyone hate rugby when you have these to watch and look forward to:
    And the French referee may have been a bit of a poor sport, but the French players certainly aren’t:

  10. Bob says:

    30 Degrees was near capacity on January 4 – triple the number of people from the week prior. There’s a few bugs to work out (coat check, a better beer special), and the venue is more than willing to work with the needs of the new patrons. It reminds me of BHH at D.I.K. circa 2004 – very social. Lots of familiar faces. Can’t vouch for how the other bars fared, but it’s nice to have variety. Sundays in NYC, you have Dugout and / or Eagle. It doesn’t have to be only one happy hour on Fridays in DC.
    More importantly: who would have thought that in 2008, DC bars would be fighting for older guys with beards? Who’s your Daddy, indeed.

  11. Ohio Tom says:

    Oh, bear schism … I had to read that twice.

  12. stebbins says:

    Yep, another vote for a successful BHH at Cobalt. Had a blast there. Don’t know if anybody went to Omega, but that’s really on the wrong side of town; nobody really goes to that side of P Street anymore.
    As for Nellies – can be lots of fun, but it’s kinda small, and I doubt if they could handle an infusion of 250 big guys in addition to the normal crowd they might have there. Cobalt is (would be) empty at 7pm on a Friday, so we had the place to ourselves.
    Beer specials might need some work, but $3 martinis are good, and I don’t even drink hard liquor that much.

  13. Raybob says:

    Well, as long as all you beautiful DC bears decide en masse and I know where to manhandle me some bebearded men when I visit, I’m fine. I’ve been through the Windows/Titan transition, so I (hope I) can handle this one, too … 😉