Been busy lately going to workshops on career mapping, optimizing federal resumes and of course, job hunting. I’m just about trained to the brim on how to conduct a job search every which way possible. Fortunately, I’ve landed a six-month assignment at a prestigious nonprofit mentioned frequently on NPR. The interiors of the place sort of look like scenes from the film Gattica, and I expect my DNA to get scrubbed every time I check in to work:
Just another day at work.
I landed the job through a creative temp agency, which was about as challenging as landing a job on your own. These days you apply for temp jobs through the temp agency website, rather than get interviewed and placed by an agency. It took me a while to get my head around this idea, as things have changed on how you do it. When you go through a temp agency – at least at my career level – it’s more like a headhunter service. In fact I think the lines have blurred between the two. Anyway, they’re hectic at the temp agency and you have to keep in touch with your agent, pestering them when things get slow. I wonder if I had known this if things would have been different in Portland, considering I was using the same temp agency there. Anyway, you live and learn, and here I am.

I will be serving as a senior web content producer for this nonprofit, helping them with a major website redesign and migration. They want to hire like a dozen more people at the associate level, but as I recall it didn’t take that many people to redesign and migrate pages. We’ll see what’s up. From my experience you can move a site with hundreds of pages with a few people. I guess I’ll have to show them I can do that, and save them money!

Career-wise, web content work is something I did a few jobs ago, and my career has moved on more towards public affairs. But web content (blogs, social media, website presence) is still an outward-facing aspect of public affairs.

Anyway, the workplace is very businesslike, and I was a little intimidated by the interiors. And they dress conservatively, even for DC. But the pay is good and I will dress well and keep my beard presentable to do the work. I start a week from today. After a year and 5 months without long-term employment I am excited to get back to work.


  1. Sarah says:

    Nice job!! I used to have a similar job. Even though I think websites aren’t as important anymore, it’s nice to know I could have something to fall back on to if needed (Hopefully not. I’ve learned first hand it’s horrid to be unemployed for over a year or more, and also from you.). My web dominatrix training is pretty well obsolete now. But good to know web content managing is still going strong. Congratulations!

  2. NIFP says:

    That is great news! So happy for you. And you could possibly pass for Ethan Hawke in that shot, if you were clean shaven.

  3. brettcajun says:

    I am VERY happy for you, Jimbo. :)

  4. Dwight says:

    Congratulations! It was about time things went your way.

  5. rusty, out on the factoryfloor says:

    Congratulations Jimbo. Here’s to moving forward.

  6. TED says:

    Congratulations on the gainful employment. You really do look better with the beard neatly trimmed.

  7. Steeve says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m happy for you!
    I just discovered thissite of yours, i will keep an eye on it now! :)
    Congrats again, Jimbo!

  8. cb says:

    well, I’m glad you found something! I hope it translates into something you really like