Recent polar surges have pushed snowy owls southward in the last month. The mammals they feed on burrow in and enter a torpid state when it’s freezing out, so snowy owls are forced to fly to where they can find food. A few snowy owls have been spotted in the DC area the past few weeks, and I was finally able to see one downtown at 15th & L Streets NW:
Snowy Owl
He was there for a few hours, not 30′ above the street. He seemed unfazed by the crowds watching him. I was glad city folk got to see this unusual sighting. It’s interesting that I saw a whole parliament of snowy owls almost a year ago in Oregon.

I was on my way to the community clinic to get my nasty sinuses taken care of. I got a cold around New Year’s Eve which persisted and turned into a sinus infection and possibly bronchitis. Having no income nor health insurance, I avoided getting it taken care of as long as possible. But it got so painful and just malingering I finally broke down and went to the community clinic. Turns out the experience wasn’t so bad, nor expensive and I got some antibiotics. I’m also signed up for “Obamacare,” we’ll see how affordable that actually is. Anyway, I got a snowy owl selfie pic taken of me. I am grimacing because my molars and sinuses hurt:
Snowy Owl Selfie
It was also really cold out so that might account for some of the grimace as well.


  1. NIFP says:

    Oh, man, cold weather + sinus infection = unfun. Altho I think your pic looks good, if a little bit like Guy Pearce in Ravenous (and that’s not a bad thing, as long as you don’t go all cannibal on us).

    Did you use one of the Federally Qualified Health Centers? They’ve been my go to for the past couple of years. ~20-30 dollars per visit, but you get a lot with that visit. Now with Obamacare I’m on ObamaMedicaid. Haven’t used it yet because it turns out my PCP (at the FQHP) won’t take the MCO I signed up with, so I am in the process of switching. Had no problem signing up; here’s hoping the switch is just as painless.

    Cool pix of the snowy owl. If I believed in reincarnation, I think that’s what I’d like to come back as.

  2. brettcajun says:

    Have you gotten a new beard tint? Or does the bushiness make it appear so?

  3. jimbo says:

    There is some grey there, the poor lighting makes me look JFM.