PeaCoat.jpgFashion Assistance Alert: I have needed a somewhat formal coat for many winters. My sporty, comfy snowboarding anorak just won’t cut it at the Kennedy Center or on a business trip. It’s time for me to get a grownup coat. But I want to avoid the boring DC fashion standard black wool pea coat. EVERYBODY has one of those, and the color palette in this town seems to be black, charcoal and grey. kermitreporter.jpg I used to have an oversize green khaki pea coat (kinda like this but greener) but I thought it looked ridiculous on me and got rid of it I’m open to ideas, especially non-monochrome color options. Since I’m almost continuously overheated, I tend to prefer lighter materials as well. Activate your homo genes and drop your advice in the comments section.
I want to give a shout out to the hot, dapper slim guy in the black leather jacket and nice beard who was at Macy’s on Sunday afternoon at about 3:30pm in the men’s department. He was carrying his motorcycle helmet and gave me several confirming glances as to his orientation. I think I saw him walking down Swann Street, NW one evening about a month ago. Dreamboat, drop me a line!
If you hadn’t heard, our weekly GLBTWhatever newspaper The Washington Blade folded last week after 40 years of reporting on the community. It is sad, but the staff quickly reincarnated into a new publication that admittedly I haven’t checked out yet. But I did read the Blade in addition to Metro Weekly every week. Washington’s City Paper news weekly wrote a cover story about the purported rivalry between the two publications, which was par for the course for City Paper. CP is always looking for black-and-white rivalries for any given issue, and this story was no exception. Naturally the author constructed a bullshit profile of each publication’s readership, replete with ridiculous stereotypes of older and younger gay in the city. Co-publisher Sean Bugg calls the article “terrible,” but I’ll go so far as to call it “retarded.” Comparing the two publications is like apples and oranges. I went to the Blade for good reporting and hard news, and I went to MW for the interesting interviews with our community’s leaders and for nightlife information. It’s dumb to conjure any kind of rivalry aside from competing for advertising revenue. The content in each publication was distinct.
scott-evans-instinct-magazine-cover-01Fantastic 4’s flaming hetero Chris Evans has an even hotter gay brother named Scott. He’s a little thicker (and furrier!) than his brother, which is fine by me. But of course I could never say that openly to another gay or they ultimately run away in tears, because if you say a guy is “husky” or “thick” they hear the word “fat.”
World AIDS Day is on Tuesday, December 1. The Long View Gallery in Northwest Washington, DC is featuring a series of public health campaign ads for HIV/AIDS support services. The ads span 25 years of safer sex “propaganda,” created mostly by ad hoc underground teams since established advertising agencies weren’t quite ready to embrace the then-tabboo issue on a corporate level. The exhibit runs through the end of December, and opens tomorrow night from 6-8pm at 1234 9th Street NW DC 20001.
I am currently digging a song by Cheryl Cole called Fight For This Love. 3 Words featuring isn’t bad either. Also currently digging this endearing video and cover of the 90’s dance hit “Finally.”
This weekend there was ANOTHER MetroRail train crash, while the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) insists on rehiring employees who were fired for texting or talking on their cell phones while on the job. Are you people running a public transportation service or a series of mobile death traps?


  1. Drew says:

    I’ll take Scott over Chris any day. I’m not ashamed to say I follow updates on his story line on One Life to Live and am always happy when he comes out of the shower or when he decides to run around in boxer briefs.

  2. Dax says:

    In regards to peacoats.. Standard Navy issued Peacoats only come in one particular style. If you are looking for a “Peacoat style Coat” I suggest trying one of the various outdoor or hunting websites. Like “Cabella’s” or even “fleet Farm” I have seen various colours and types of fabrics.
    I never liked the Blade or the Metro Weekly. Then again I dont like most gay publications to begin with.
    And yes the Evans brothers are both frackalicious :-)

  3. Neil says:

    Do you have a Zara in Washington yet? They have some really funky Winter coats that aren’t too heavy. Great stuff with a euro-latin twist!
    Same is true in Ottawa – fav colours in this town are black, grey, dark brown and (of course) blue…as in blue shirt. But no blue for jackets – God forbid you wear colour while outside!! lol! Must be the gov’t-assimilationist trend that dulls originality…

  4. John says:

    Remember, Soylent Green is pedestrians.

  5. Chad (yeah, the Army, nerdy Chad) says:

    Tar’get is your friend. Today I’m wearing the Merona Tweed military coat. Its balck/brown check tweed with a military cut. Dressy, Britishy and a bit of badassitude.

  6. Dennis says:

    I’ve been following you for some time, and thought I would give my regards.
    As far as coats are concerned, I have long despaired of finding a nice men’s coat in any but the standard colors. Such was my desperation that I even gave thought to raiding the hefty women’s section, but was rebuffed by a vigilant matron and her menacingly swung purse. Good luck in your search.

  7. henry says:

    Pea Coats are so over. Without a hunky sailor in them, what’s the point?
    Take a look at JCrew’s outerwear selection
    or how about this at Macy’s
    or this

  8. SeanMT says:

    Go here:
    Marc New York has great coats, and they’re on massive sale. There are a number of good wool coats that are still classy but break with the tired pea coat mold.
    And Scott Evans is hot, but Chris is still #1 in my book. Well, #2, after Jake. I would gladly give up the lives of at least 7-10 Fox News personalities to see those two get naked and bone each other. It would be a win win for everyone I think.

  9. Ohio Tom says:

    How about a top coat? I have a silk lined, wool top coat with a multitude of interior pockets. Thin, dressy, and warm …

  10. kevin says:

    I got a pic with Scott at a soap event in nyc not to long ago and put it in my profile…so eat me folks :) and i say that with love.

  11. GA Jcklvr says:

    Try this – something in Brown, a little different with brown instead of black, grey, or navy.

  12. TSheehanDC says:

    I’m so happy I kept my official U.S. Navy peacoat. 22 years and it’s still in great shape. I have the officer’s bridgecoat too from my NROTC days, but it requires a really formal occassion since it still has the fancy gold buttons on it.

  13. Don says:

    Camel hair or camel colored topcoat (or carcoat)! It looks great with every color and jeans. Pay to have it tailored so that it fits like a glove:
    Car coat:

  14. William says:

    Here’s yet another calendar of Rugby studs

  15. M. says:

    Re: “husky” or “thick” heard as “fat”
    I like the term “beefy,” but realize that some might read that as “fat” also. (Plus, it doesn’t really apply to Mr. Evans.) How about “brawny”? That has pretty good connotations all around.

  16. Russ says:

    I saw you in Starbucks earlier this week. You are hella attractive. I was with the big burly coworker… I swear I am not stalking you. :-)

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