So the polar vortex was lots of fun. It caused the pipes to burst in both neighbor’s houses. With the neighbor to the north of my house, pipes burst on their 3rd floor, causing water to flow between our houses and bubbled up one one side of my bedroom. That didn’t explain the water leaking through the walls on the other side of my bedroom. That was caused by a leak in the house to the south of mine. So I spent much of yesterday mopping and wringing out things in my room. Luckily the water was not very deep – less than 1/4″. So only my cheap-ass old computer desk got wet. We shall see how the mold progresses in the spring, however. Basement units suck and are nothing but drama. But it was the best I could do upon my quick arrival in DC. To add to it all, for some reason our water heater capacity has dropped, making for only about 3 minutes of hot water for a shower. The landlord is on it and I’m in touch with my renter’s insurance agency for a desk replacement. Fortunately my furniture is crap so there wasn’t much of value lost.

In better news, I have an interview with the institute of higher learning where I worked about 6 years ago. It’s a lot of the same of what I used to do there – communications for an academic department – and wouldn’t be a step up in my career path. But after a year and three months out of the job market I need to take what comes in this bad economy. I also have an acquaintance who has pushed my resume aggressively in another organization downtown. We’ll see how this develops. Sadly, I’ll have to trim down my big lumberjack beard I’ve grown out for the winter. I’ll try to get a decent photo of befur and after for documentation.


  1. Blobby says:

    a heavily bearded Jimbo. Yes please.

  2. brettcajun says:

    No. Trim that shit down! You’ll look younger and less Old Man Winter.

  3. Mari says:

    Dammit Jim! If you go back to work at the learning institution then the Help and I won’t be able to tell our gay Jims* apart in conversation. I guess we could call the other Jim baldly, but that seems cruel.

    *There are way too many James and Jims in the world, gay, straight, and asexual. Just like Mikes and Michaels, Johns and Jons, too many of you. Or maybe we just know a whole bunch of Jims.

  4. mark says:


    …you mentioned ‘photos’?…

    …..with before and after…

    …I, um, always found it easier if I shaved in the shower, just a suggestion….